Love Triangle

Serenity and Zayn has been together for a year now and things with his life was getting better Serenity's Best friend is Kennedy and she has eyes for Serenity's Boyfriend... Will Zayn and Serenity stay strong and be together or Will this love become a love triangle?


2. Chapter 2


Kennedy's POV

"Oh my gosh what are you doing her Wayne." I said reaching for a knife.

"I'm her for you shawty look i'm sorry for hitting you and treatin you wrong you know you love me baby." Wayne said looking at me.

"Actually i'm not i'm in love wit someone else and he ain't you." I said knife in hand.

"Tisk tisk that was the wrong thang to say." Wayne said getting out a gun.

"What the fuck you think you doin." I heard  Serenity say.

"What i should have fuckin did two years ago." Wayne said pointing to gun at me finger on the trigger.

"Noooo!!" Zayn said jumping infront of the bullet as Wayne pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit Zayn and he fell to the floor blood pouring out of his chest.

"You stupid bitch." Serenity said pulling out her gun and shooting Wayne 22 times in the chest.

He fell to the ground dead. Serenity rushed to Zayn's side crying. 

"You are going to be fine babe i promise." Serenity said over and over again crying.

I ran to my phone and called the police. They were there in under 5 minutes and they put Zayn in a stretcher and drove him to the hospital. Me and Serenity followed behind the ambulance in my car. He was immediatly rushed to the emergency section in the hospital. Me and Serenity waited there for almost 5 hours then a doctor came out. 

"I have good news and bad news. Good news is Zayn is fine Bad news is that he lost so much blood that we have to do a blood transfusion if you want him to stay alive." The doctor said sympatheticly. He patted Serenity's shoulder and walked back into Zayn's room. 

Serenity started crying and screaming. I looked at her feeling really bad. Why did i ever have to date that jerk. She looked so torn up. Well after 10 long hours we finally got to see him. He looked way better.

"I love you so much baby." Serenity said kissing him.

"Mrs. Malik may i please see you for a moment." the doctor said.

Serenity started blushing and walked to the doctor. They shut the door.

"I've always loved you Zayn you are so fucking sexy and i cant stay away from you." I said kissing Zayn.

Call me a whore if you want to i dont give a fuck i deserve him more than that hoe Serenity anyways!

"What the hell do you think you're doing." I heard Serenity say.



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