Love Triangle

Serenity and Zayn has been together for a year now and things with his life was getting better Serenity's Best friend is Kennedy and she has eyes for Serenity's Boyfriend... Will Zayn and Serenity stay strong and be together or Will this love become a love triangle?


1. Chapter 1

"Hey sweetheart" Zayn says running up to me hugging me.

"Hey boo!" I said smiling hugging him back.

I really love Zayn! Today is our 1 year anniversary and We were planning on spending the whole day together just the two of us. 

"You ready to go." Zayn said 

"I've been ready." I said smiling.

Zayn takes me to this beautiful beach in Flordia. The sand was pure white like no one has stepped a foot on it before. The ocean was clear blue and the air spelled like tropical flowers.

"Oh my gosh Zayn this place is gorgeous." I said looking around me.

"Not as gorgeous as you are." Zayn said smiling.

We kissed for what seemed like hours then we went and played in the ocean. The water was warm and clean. There were little fish that swam between my toes and the water smelled salty but not to salty. It was absolutly perfect.

After awhile i got out the water and layed down in the sand. I checked my phone. I had 2 text messages from Kennedy.

"I wonder what she wants." I said to myself. The texts said 

I know it's your annivesary and everything but i am really bored can you come over

Hey girl it's me again please answer it's a emergency.

I rolled my eyes and answered her texts: I can't come i am busy and what is so important that you are interrupting me and Zayn's date.

She answered back

My boyfriend brad is here again and he is trying to kill me!!!!


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