It's Gotta Be You

Holly Mills. 17. Girlfriend of none other then Mr. Justin Drew Bieber. Rich.Smart. Popular. She's got it all! Except for one little detail, she's a mother.
Darcy Hays. 2. Daughter of Ms. Holly. Father? NOT Justin! Mr. Harry Styles.
What happens when Holly is afraid to tell Justin the truth..? As far as Justin knows Darcy is his. What happens when Harry walks back into Holly's life? Will Harry know that Darcy is his?


1. Prologue

     "Come here baby girl! Daddy loves you!" Justin expressed as he took Darcy into his strong, muscular arms. He started to toss her up into the air, with a touch of tickles that made her struggle to get out of his arms from laughter, but she failed. When she laughed the first thing you noticed was her huge dimples that out shined everything else in your clear sight. Her curly brown locks bounced around has she coming down from the toss that Justin had thrown her into, and let's not forget her piercing green eyes that just lit up the room when she walked in. She was all her dad, no not Justin. She is the daughter of a well known celebrity that is known for going partying, meeting a girl, sleeping with her, and then dumping her; Mr. Harry Styles.

   "Mommy ! Mommy! Come save me!" my two year old daughter shout in laughter as she reached out for me. "I don't know baby girl, daddy might take mommy too," Justin said as he flashed a evil grin. I rolled my eyes as I was chuckling and made an attempt to save my daughter, but Justin's plan succeeded, I was captured. "How Cute! The two most beautiful princesses are right here, in my arms." Justin said as I saw the happiness in his eyes, he loved Darcy as did I, but he just didn't come to the conclusion that she isn't his, and he is Harry's. I mean I played off the green eyes, and curly locks from my side of the family. My mother has piercing green eyes, and my father has curly locks, but as far as my appearance goes I have long brown straight hair with big brown eyes that helped complement my slightly tanned skin.

   Harry and I had never dated in the past. Harry, Justin, and I have always been best friends. We did everything together we would talk about school, relationships, family, and even personal issues or regrets. On my sixteenth birthday, Harry and Justin came over to help celebrate one of the best days of my life. That night Harry expressed his true feelings for me, as did Justin. Justin found out about Harry expressing his true feelings. It seemed that Justin wasn't too thrilled because that night Justin pulled me aside and asked me out. I accepted. I felt like a complete idiot because I knew that Harry loved me, and then not even twenty-four hours later I was dating Justin. I felt so bad that I made the next stupid mistake; I slept with Harry that night without letting Justin know. I also kept one more secret from Justin; I was secretly dating Harry as well until that night ruined it all...


"Hey Babe! Can you come over for a bit, I have major news," I whispered through my phone speaker.

"No problem babe. I have amazing news as well. I'll see you in five. I love you! mwuah." Harry let escape from his perfect lips as he whispered in the phone.

"Uhm..b-bye" I said while a few stutters went followed my voice. I immediately hung up on him, because  I knew that if I stayed on the phone, he would get suspicious with my worried tone that was attached to my normal tone of voice.

I threw my phone at the bathroom wall as I sat back down next to the toilet. I viewed the test once more to make sure that I was reading it correctly, sure enough I was. I thought to myself over and over again, at how stupid I was. I ruined my life as well as our three way friendship.

I continued to cry while I leaned against the toilet with my hands brushed against my face. I was crying. Before I knew it, I looked up and noticed Harry. He looked at me with a worried face, he rushed over to my side. "What's wrong? Are you ok? What's happening?" I grin a bit, just because a little bit of joy was over coming my sadness, he was worried about me. "I-I-m.."

"You're what?"

I whiped a tear that was falling from my cheek when I handed Harry the test. He looked at it in anger, and ran out the door way to fast for me to handle. I just held back the tears that were drowning out my vision, I'm not going to waste my time on him when I have Justin; he'll understand, I hope. I just need to figure out a good time to tell Justin that I'm pregnant, but with his best friend's baby.

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