Life with Liam

This is about a girl named Jackie. Her and Liam have been best friends since day one. Once Liam goes on the X-Factor will they forget about each other or will they still be best friends? I guess you have to find out by reading it.

*Hey guys. I really hope you like this. If you do not like it please no hate. Thanks :)*


4. Late Night Talks

Jackie's P.O.V.

     I was go excited that Liam was on his way home. I wanted to know all about his day. He better tell me everything because I want to know everything. I knew it was going to be a couple of hours till he got home cause the studio is a while away. He also said that he needed to talk to me about something. I hope its nothing bad because I really did love him.

* 2 Hours Later*

     Liam finally got home around 10 oclock at night. I was really tired but really excited to see and talk to him. When he walked in the door I ran up and jumped on him to give him a hug because I really missed him. He was laughing because he was not expecting me to do that. Once we got up he hugged me as tightly as he could. Liam and I shared a room because I would always feel lonely at night without anyone with me. We walked up to our room and he told me everything that had happened that day. It was getting really late and I was getting really tired and I knew Liam could tell I was getting tired too. He said that he needed to tell me something before we went to bed. But first he told me to put my pajamas on so we could go bed right after we talked because we were both really tired.

Liam's P.O.V.

     I told Jackie to put her pajamas because I had to think of a way to tell her that I wanted her to be my girlfriend. How would I tell her? What is she doesn't like me back? I don't want to ruin our friendship. I want to know how she feels about me. I had to ask her.

Jackie came back and she was in her pajamas. I needed to talk to her now. I looked and her and said "Jackie youo really mean a lot to me. We have been bestfriends for a really long time. When out parents seperated I didn't know what to do with my life. Something just clicked between us when we got this apartment together. I trhink I am falling in love with you. Will you be my girlfriend?" After I said everything she just looked at me with tears in her eyes.

Jackie's P.O.V.

    Did this really just happen? Did Liam just ask me to be his girlfriend? Of coarse I was going to say yes because I felt the exact same way. I looked at him and said "Of coarse I will be your girlfriend Liam! I have felt the same way about you. I have and always will love you." With that he looked me in the eyes and kissed me. After that we both went to bed because it was really late and Liam had to meet up with the booys the next day. I think with will be a good life with Liam.




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