Who is that boy? +13

The story is about Kelly. She 17 years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her best friend Kat. One night they went out to join det yearly, summer masquerade. All night she is dancing with this boy she doesn't even know. One thing she knows is that she is determined to find out who he is.


3. Moving on

I woke up lying on the couch with a blanket over me and my icecream on the coffee table. I must've fallen in sleep last night. I sat up and rubbed my face with my hands. I turned around and looked around in the living room and in the kitchen. So quiet. Maybe they're a sleep? No.. no they wouldn't have time for that.. Hmm I'd better get up. I looked at the clock: 14.53. I folded the blanket and leaved it on the couch and I threw the icecream out because it melted during the night. What a waste.

"Hello sleepyhead" I turned around and looked at Kat on the stairs. "Morning" I said with a sleepy voice. "Were's your little friend?" I asked. "Oh, he left hours ago" she smiled satisfied. "Do you even know his name?" I said accusing. "Does it matter? I wont see him again so no need for that kind of unnecessary information. Just that he's good in bed" She winked. "Aren't you going to work today?" I asked while slapping my cheeks to wake more up. "No it's sunday, dummy" She laughed. "I'm going to the mall" Wanna join me?" She asked. "No thanks. I need to relax and take a looooong bubblebath" I told her just before I yawned. "Alright then" She grabbed her purse and walked out.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the bubblebath. Aaaah so relaxing. But something was bugging me. I douldn't stop thinking about the boy from last night. I just need to thing about something else. I turned up the music on my Ipod and sang along: "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeah. I want you to hit the pedal, heavy metal show me you care!". Seriously?! I just sang along to the most inappropriate song! I feel even more shity now.. :( I pressed next. "Let me kiss you!" OMFG!?!? NEXT: "I knew you were trouble...!" ARGH?! I got out of the bathtub and put the towel around my body. I walked annoyed into my bedroom and turned my computer on. I typed www.Dating.com in an made my account: ReadyGirl23. Lovely name I know... When I was done with the description I Turned my computer of. Now I just have to wait. The best way to move on is to go on some dates and meet some new guys. But I can't forget his words: We'll meet again"... I mean wtf? Good luck with that. Just saying. *PLING* I looked at my IPhone: "You have a date!". Already? Well great. He want's to meet at the local bar i 30 minutes? Uhm okay. Just have to get ready fast, I guess.



I was on my way to the bar. I wore a grey crop T-shirt with a flower pattered cross on. Denim shorts my black Jeffrey Campbell and lots of silver jewellerys on. I straitened my hair and made smokey eyes and kept my lips neutral. I was now ready for my first blind date. How bad could this possably be?

I walked into the bar and looked around. I saw the guy who matched the description. "Excuse me. Are you Steve?" I looked at him with high expentation. He looked really cute. He looked at me "Yes, that would be me. And you are?". "I'm Kelly" I smiled. "Oh yes. Yes you are. Please sit" He pointed with his hand on the chair on the other side of the little table. I smiled and sat down.




"So? How was it?" Kat looked at me with high hopes. "How do you think it goes when the only thing he's talked about was himself?" "I barely said a word. I had to lie and say that I had an important appointment I couldn't miss". Kat laughed so hard that she rolled around on the ground (lol rofl..). "Hahah really funny" I looked at her with a bitchy face. "I- I'm s-sorr-y-y-yyyyyy BAHAHAHA" She couldn't even talk. Funny haha... not. "I'm ordering pizza. Do you what me to order for you?" I looked at Kat. She was still on the floor holding her hands on her stomach. "Aaahh... what a laugh. Yes please. Without pineapple!". "Kay" I replyed.

I walked up and into the bathroom. It was only 21.42 but I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep. I brushed my teeth and walked into my room. I changed to hello kitty shorts and a simple top and jumped into my bed. I could her the TV under my room. But I didn't mind. I fel asleep in no time. I was dreaming about the masquerade. Even when I'm asleep he's the only thing I think about! Jesus...






Sorry for the short chapter :(

I didn't have much time to write. I was shopping ma guuurls and came home late so yeah. But I really wanted to make the 3. chapter today.

And thanks for still reading my story ♥ ~

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