Who is that boy? +13

The story is about Kelly. She 17 years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her best friend Kat. One night they went out to join det yearly, summer masquerade. All night she is dancing with this boy she doesn't even know. One thing she knows is that she is determined to find out who he is.


2. A magical night

We got out off my car (white Chevy Impala 64) And began walking against the ballroom. "It's beautiful" We said at the same time. All these people with masks on. I couldn't wait to dance! This is the best part og the masquerade, no commitment just fun. "lets go" I said with a big smile og my face. The drinks are free because it's all pree payed and orginised.

We walked out on the dancefloor and danced together. "I hope there's some cute boy here" Said Kat. "But how would you know? They have masks on?" I was confused. "Don't worry you'll know it when you see them. You just know it" She said with a smile. "...Ooookay.." Was the only thing I could say. You'll know it when you see them? What kind of crap is that? I looked around to see if I could spot one. No luck.. wonder why.. Hmm maybe because they have masks on? Pff... crap crap crap. Well lets at least have some fun while we're here. Me and Kat went on our own to hunt for some hunks in masks. I looked at a dark haired boy and he looked at me. We danced together for some time when he made the move for a kiss. But I just didn't feel it. So I pulled away and excused my self and walked away. Evil bitch I know but what the hell should I do. He could use some mint if you ask me.

Kat's POV

Oh god there he is!! A hot blonde fit man! probably about 20 years old. Things I wanna do with that body mmmm. Okay easy now tiger. I'll first dance and talk with him before I do anything. "Hey sexy girl" He said. I gave him flirty look and said "Hey you". We didn't dance much nor talked before we made out. Oh god his lips are amazing! I'm getting hot and I want him, NOW! But I'll have to wait for Kelly to find someone so that she won't be alone tonight. So We'll just go over the couches in the corner and continue our hot kiss.


Kelly's POV

6 guys and no one is the one. Forever alone... yep most definitely forever alone. I walking around like an idiot avoiding the "sticky ones". "Auch!" Stupid stilettos! (no sorry babies I love you) Well now I'm looking even more pathetic on the floor. And I'm not even drunk?! What the fuck is wrong with me??? *sigh* well maybe I'll just find Kat and go home. "Are you okay?" Said someone with a cute canadian accent. I looked up and strait into the most beautiful green eyes. I openden my mouth and he smiled. Omg awkward. "Uhm-uh- Yeah yea I'm fine" I mumbled and looked down shaking my head a little. "Here let me help you up" *drool* His voice is so cute. "Thank you" I looked him in the eyes and smiled. Wow he's taller when I'm standing up. "Would you like to dance?" He asked me. "Sure" I said a little to fast. We danced for- I don't know how long, but I didn't care. Our eyes didn't move away from eachother. He suddently stopped dancing and moved his head closer to mine and I moved mine closer to him. Our lips were close but I hesitated a little. What am I doing? I don't even know who he is or what he looks like? Argh FUCK IT!? Our lips met and seconds later our mouths opened and our tongues play with eachother. The best kiss EVER. I felt like we were the only two in the room. It was a magical night.

I really REALLY wanted to bring him home and just throw him in the bed and have hot sex with him! But it wouldn't feel right. I would rather get to know him over a few dates. But how could I ever find him again? I don't know what he looks like.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go home now" I looked him in the eyes. "It's okay" He said smiling. "I know that I we'll meet again someday. Don't know when. But we will" I began to smile like an idiot and kissed him goodbye. "Bye" and I walked away.

I found Kat and some dude making out in the couch at the corner. He was pretty hot. Nevermind. "Hey Kat are you ready to go home?". She stopped kissing and looked confused at me "What? Are you going home alone?". "Yeah.." I said and looked at the floor. "Didn't you find any one you liked?" She asked curiously. "Yes I did but...." I thought about her question and continued ".. You know what? We're not talking about it now. I'll tell you the whole story tomorrow. "Now come on lets go" I said a little harsh. "Yeah yeah. You're driving!" She said. "Fine with me" And we walked out to the car.

The whole way home, while I was driving I could hear moans. Kat and her hunk ate eachothers faces (not literally) on the back seats. Gosh this is going to be a loooooong night.

When we got home Kat didn'r even brush teeth or anything. She just ran up to her bedroom pulling the guy with her. Waow I'm glad that I'm not sharing the same room with her. I got into the bathroom a removed my make-up and brushed my teeth. I put on my pyjamas on and got into bed.

That night I couldn't sleep. And no not because the noices in the room next to me. Eventhough the were really anoying... No I could't stop thinking about the sweet boy I danced (and made out) with. So I got up and walked down in the kitchen and took some choclate ice cream. I sat down in the couch and watched a romantic comedy on the TV. Will I survive this stupid dramatic choice I made?



2. chapter in 1 hour!

I think this one is a little longer. Don't really know...

But yea if you have some ideas, feel free to put them in the comments below.

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