Who is that boy? +13

The story is about Kelly. She 17 years old and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her best friend Kat. One night they went out to join det yearly, summer masquerade. All night she is dancing with this boy she doesn't even know. One thing she knows is that she is determined to find out who he is.


1. Me and my best friend

My name is Kelly and my best friend is Kat. We live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We mooved in together when we were 14 years old (yes that is soon) But we didn't want to live with our alcoholic parents. No we don't have the same parents but yes we have the same problem.. And the funny part is that our parents hang out alot together. Woohoo. We mooved into a 2 floor house in the city. It's not a big deal but we'll live. And we have the cutest backyard. It's small and there are flowers and it's sooo preeettyyy. (♥) I'm 165cm tall, have blue/green eyes and my hair is long (goes down to my lower back) and it's chestnut. I have curves but still skinny. And I use a B-cup. Kat is 168cm tall and has brown eyes. Her hair is naturally light brown but she colored it blonde(it goes to the middle of her back). She has an hourglass shape and uses a C-cup.

"Come on Kelly you've been in there for 30 minutes! I have to get ready for work". "yeah yeah wait a second!" I answered. Omg she is so impatient. She knows my morning rutine: Pee, brush my teeth, Clean my face and pluck my brows. "All done" I said and walked out of the bathroom. "Finally!" she yelled and stormed in. Are you excited for the masquerade tonight?" I yelled trough the door. "Mhmm!" She answered while brushing her teeth. Every year at summer there's a masquerade and every year it's so much fun and want to cry when it's over.

12.46: Man I still have to wait 6 hours untill Kat gets home so we can get ready for tonight. *Sigh* Well I'll just sit in the couch in the livingroom and watch some movies and eat junkfood. It's now 17.54 and Kat should be home any any second now. I'll just go upsairs and take a bath while waiting. I got in the bathroom and took my laptop with me beause I love listining to music while taking a shower because you can dance and all that. "They don't know about the things we do, they don't know about that I love you" I sang with my angel voice (not) more like a horse sound if you ask me. I love I direction.. 5 hotties with lovely voices Mmmmm just saying. When I got out of the shower I put my towel around my body and began blowdrying my hair when suddentliy the door came up (not locked) and Kat came ind "Heeellooo". "AIRGHGHHGGAHAHI!!!! I COULD'VE KILLED ME!?!?!" I screamed while jumping in the air. "Sorry but I just had to do it. It was to tempting" She laughed. "Well it wasn't funny" I said and made a fake sad face. "I'll go get ready while you're taking a shower" I told her. "Kay" She said.

I walked in my room and put One Direction's new album CD in the DVD player and turned the music up. I found my red satin and black cocktail strapsless dress http://i01.i.aliimg.com/photo/v0/342787585/red_satin_black_tulle_elegant_cocktail_dress.jpg and put it on and my black platform stilettos. And my hair I lightly curled and put my black mask with silver details and black feathers on and was ready. Kat came in and pulled her blue silky-ish cocktail http://www.frenchnovelty.com/mm5/graphics/S10-MP-SR1603.jpg out off the closet and dressed up. She put on her shimmery silver platform stilletos http://images.esellerpro.com/2105/I/117/079/0/JORDAN-SILVER-SHIMMER-_3.jpg and her silver mask http://www.maskitalia.com/assets/images/masks/fulls/farfallinaluna.jpg and made her hair like my hair. Wee now we can go!

"Ready?" She asked me. "Of course!!" I yelled back. And off we go.


Yay! My first Movella :D

This Chaptor isn't that long but it's my first so what the hell. I have to try. I don't know if the next one will be longer or so, but if you read my story you're welcome to come with some ideas etc. Thank you ♥ ~

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