Super Eddsworld

Edd, Tom & Matt are in for a shock when an old friend moves in!


1. Under The Couch

Once upon a sunday afternoon 'Edd', 'Tom' & 'Matt' were at Edds house looking for... Well... A thing I guess? "We're never gonna find it Tom!!!" Yelled Matt. "Besides! All this dust under the couch is making my complexion look bad!". "Ummm... Matt? That's sand." replied Tom. "What's under here?" asked Matt as he pushed aside the couch. "Looks like sinking sand." said Edd. "Who would be dumb enough to step in there?" asked Tom sarcastically. 5 SECONDS LATER... "Tom! Help!" Screamed Edd. "Edd, Your In A Bath Tub! Grow Up!" said Tom. "Are you gonna stand there and mock me or help me out?" asked Edd. "Dude, we better help Matt cauz he was kinda... Dumb enough to step in the sinking sand." said Tom.

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