Super Eddsworld

Edd, Tom & Matt are in for a shock when an old friend moves in!


7. The Plan

Zombie Matt & Edd were fighting as hard as they could (surprisingly) while Tord, Matt & Tom were destroying the zombie army. "Wait! Zombie Matt & Matt The Exact Same Person!" Stated Tom. As soon as Tom said that Zombie Matt & Matt were combinding. "Quickly in here!"Demanded Edd as they ran into a cave, leaving Matt/Zombie Matt behind. "Wait! Do you hear that?" Asked Tom. They ran to the entrance of the cave to see Lucifer, Santa, Zanta, Hillary & a Cow for some reason... "Finally! Our back-up!" Said Tord. Then the T-Rex ate the cow and threw it back up with Edds leg with it. "Doesn't it bother you that T-Rex just threw up your leg & now your wearing it again?" Asked Tom. "Not Really" Said Edd like nothing happened.

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