Super Eddsworld

Edd, Tom & Matt are in for a shock when an old friend moves in!


5. So It Begins!

So Edd, Tord & Tom went into the sinking sand!

                                                3 hour later

"Well, this is kinda boring now isn't it?" Said Tom. Fwhoop! Bang! Crash! Donk! And down they went! When they fell down they saw... DINOSAURS!!! "Wow!!!" said Edd. "Can I pat 'em!?". "Fine... But don't hurt yourself!" Answered Tord. "OK!" Edd cheered as he ran to the T-Rex.

                                                4 minutes later

"OWWIE!!!! Tord! the T-Rex bit off my leg!" Cried Edd. "Did you say 'T-Rex'!?!?!?" Asked Tord

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