Super Eddsworld

Edd, Tom & Matt are in for a shock when an old friend moves in!


4. He's Here

Then 2 hours of waiting later someone knocked on the door! When Tom started to walk to the door he was thinking "Who could it possibly be at this hour.". "This better be good cauz I almost bet my highscore on 'House Of Lead'!" yelled Edd while Tom opened the door. But when the door opened it was..... TORD!!! "I'm here to help with... The ummm... You didn't tell me what it was I was helping out with!" He said. "Oh yeah! Ummm... Well, Matt was being himself and fell into the sinking sand. Why did you put sinking sand under the couch?"Asked Edd. "Well, you know the zombies... Thats where I kept the leftover zombies... He he... Yeah..." Replied Tord.

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