Super Eddsworld

Edd, Tom & Matt are in for a shock when an old friend moves in!


6. Bring It On!!!

They run cowardly into a cave to find Matt build something out of stones. "Looks like we're safe here." said Tord. "Matt! What are you doing!?" asked Edd. "Well... If we're gonna find a way out of here we'll some weapons." said Matt as he pulls out a sword. "Guys. Matts gotta point! Everyone!... Lock 'n' Load!" demanded Tom. Tord gets an AK-47, Tom gets a Moss-12 & Edd grabs an Axe. As they walk out there's an army of zombies lead by... ZOMBIE MATT!!! "You again!" said Tord. "Indubidubly" said Zombie Matt. "Wanna piece o' me!?!?!? Come get it!!!" Taumented Edd.

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