Still the one

I lost my parents , I have to move all the way to England to live with my aunt , my new school hates me , I keep on having nightmares about my parents , well isn't that normal for a 17 yr old girl until I meet one person that changes everything.


2. The new girl next door

Nialls POV:

I looked out the window to see who was the new girl but when he looked at her she caught him staring at her and she looked " wow she's pretty " he liked the way her wavy blondeish brownish hair fell over her shoulders and he also loved her sparkling deep blue eyes. Then he got down and went downstairs to be with his mum " hey mum" he said to her once he entered the kitchen " hey honey " she said sweetly " do you know we have a new neighbor " he told her " yeah ! And daphne told me she's Irish too" she sounded surprised " really " my face lit with happiness " you know we should go meet her " I said desperately " sounds like a great idea , we should go over this Saturday" she said happily *YESS* I thought to myself " can I bring the rest of the boys with us " I asked her " sure you can call them " . I was super excited for this Saturday and I just couldn't hold it in me at all and I'm sure to work my charms on her but what do I say to her ? What do I do to make her like me ? Now that's a big question maybe I could just get some advice from the boys , I mean sure they would laugh a little but hey it's worth a shot right .
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