Still the one

I lost my parents , I have to move all the way to England to live with my aunt , my new school hates me , I keep on having nightmares about my parents , well isn't that normal for a 17 yr old girl until I meet one person that changes everything.


1. The storm

Natalie's POV:

It was pouring outside and the wind fiercely whipped the trees " looks like a tornado is heading our way" mom said with concern " what does the weather forecast say ? " I asked dad " well your moms right we do have a huge tornado heading towards us " " well what do we do " I asked the both of them " well we .... Ummm I actually have no idea " mom said " well for now let's just gather some food" I said " sure gathering food is a good idea " said dad , of course he would say that , so we started to gather some food and then we moved on to moving things around and then we waited for any updates on the tornando". Aren't they gonna give us any warnings or something that might help us a little" I said to mom " I guess maybe later it would come on for now let's just take a break " she answered " fine " I said in exhaustion and left to go to the kitchen " man I hate this tornado " I said to myself and then I heard a ripping sound and then all sudden the roof got ripped off I screamed , then tried to walk to see if my parents were ok , but all I saw was nothing " MOM!!! DAD!!!" I yelled but no answer and then the tornado passed and I just lay there , I feel directly to sleep.
The next I was in a helicopter " are you the rescue team" I asked one of the men " yes we are " " did you find my parents" I asked him " I'm sorry but you are the only person we found alive" he said " oh" then I started to cry , how did this happen? We reached to England and at the waiting I see a lady wearing a flower dress but that lady is my aunt daphne , when saw me she got up and gave me a hug " thanks for letting me live with you " I thanked her " no problem" , we got to her house and I started to take my stuff inside " welcome to London England " I whispered to myself .
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