When Fate Entwines

I guess this part is when the roller coaster will start and face a lot of loops... So hard to reach the top... So many obstacles I have to face... But maybe... With him on my hand we could make it through together... Life is really like a roller coaster..


2. You + Me = Forever


Note : hey Beautiful! So this is my Zayn fanfic.... And I love you that much so whoever will be reading this will be the protagonist! See? (Y/N) means you have to insert your name Gets? Example: "you have to understand (Y/N)" meaning "You have to understand Stacey"... Thanks and enjoy! 


So now I'm in the living room with the boys and Eleanor and Danielle..We're celebrating for my and Zayn's month anniversary. It's actually tomorrow but Harry said we could celebrate it today. So we bought some wine, snacks and some movies to watch.  I'm so exhausted that night , I didn't know that I drifted to sleep on Zayn's arm.



I opened my eyes slowly.. My head hurts a little because of the alcohol. I forgot that I slept at the sofa with Zayn. He's on my side, his hand wrapped around my waist. I could hear him breathe at my ear.

"Good Morning!It's time to wake up!!" Liam said to all of us while waking Niall.

I just don't want to get up so I sleep furtively...

"Harreh!It's time to eat carrots you need to wake up!" Louis said naughtily,he pulled the blanket of Niall and Harry.

Niall sat and open his eyes slowly and after a few seconds he lay on the sofa to have a nap again.Harry wake up and went straight to the bathroom.

"Lou,look at Niall he fell asleep again!He really loves to sleep" Liam whispered and he comes up a great idea.He again whisper to Louis and Louis shouted:

"Niall!we bought your favorite foods at McDonald's so get up now and let's go outside!" Louis said with a high pitch voice.

Niall immediately woke up and he widened his eyes "What?!Did you just say food?"

Liam and Louis both laughed.Niall stand up and he fixed his clothes that are crumpled.

"Hey,I think it's time to wakey this two sweet lovers up!"Danielle suggested, she enters the living room with Eleanor. 


Yeah I can guess who's coming cause I recognized their voices..I think I'm good at that... I don't want to get up my body seems so heavy!

"That's right Let's wake them up" Niall agreed while eating one of the burgers bought by Louis.

"Zayn,(Y/N) it's time to get up!"Harry told us.Zayn opens his eyes because of the noisy chatting of the lads.Zayn look at them with sleepy eyes.

"Come on! wake up Zayn!We'll go to amusement park today, remember?"Liam told Zayn .He yawned and he get up slowly. His afraid to wake me up.

"Get up!Get up Get up on your bed!!" Louis jokingly sang it in the tune of " One Thing"

I peeked..

"Shhh!" Zayn look at them and place his pointing finger on his lips making a silent sign."You'll disturb my princess beauty sleep,I'll wake her later" He fixes his clothes.

The Lads,Danielle and Eleanor went to kitchen to eat breakfast.Zayn sat on the sofa and he looked at me I can feel it...He kisses my cheek and he whispered sweetly in to my ear "Wake up now princess we have lot things to do" with that I open my eyes and saw Zayn's face near to my and the gap between us is only 2 iches. I smiled at him.

Niall burst into laughter.It caught our attentions,Zayn looked at them jokingly and show a devilishly look.

"Sorry the scene is too mushy so we didn't disturb you" Louis said, He laughs.

"It's time to get up princess!" Harry imitated Zayn

 We laughed.Zayn throw a pillow at them and continued on laughing.

After finishing delicious breakfast I get ready:I took a bath. I grab my pants ,a fancy top, a sweater , a scarp and a flat boots.All of us went to an amusement park. I rode a roller coaster with them and it was my first time.


I'm really scareeeed! This is really bad idea. I knew it from the start but they dragged me here. I could feel my hand shaking.

"Zayn,I'm scared" I looked at Zayn.

Zayn hold my hands tight,he looks at me and smiled "Don't worry I'm here"

The roller coaster starts. Honestly, I enjoyed it.When we get off the roller coaster,Zayn said that I'll ride a roller coaster again with him and I agreed. The roller coaster will start in few minutes Zayn pranks me and leave me alone.When the roller coaster starts I'm very scared , I don't know what will I do. It ended,I'm very mad at Zayn.

"So how's the ride (Y/N)?"Zayn said while smiling at me innocently. Like nothing happened!

I ignored him and leave him cause I'm extremely mad at him.Eleanor and Danielle run after me.I didn't mind

"(Y/N) he is only making you face your phobia in roller coaster"Eleanor said while comforting me.

"But that's a bad idea!He knows that I'm scared at riding a roller coaster alone" My voice went high.

"Let's eat sweets it will cheer you up" Danielle said to cheer me up.

The three of us went to a store near to a stage.The stage is full of people screaming. I sat on the chair near me. I saw the boys are on the stage.

Zayn speaks "This song is for my girlfriend who got mad at me.Sorry (Y/N),Please forgive me"

I got shocked when I heard his message for me.The music starts. Liam sang

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Shut the door

Turn the light off 

I wanna be with you 

I wanna feel your love 

I wanna lay beside you 

I cannot hide this 

Even though I try

Heart beats harder 

Time escapes me 

Trembling hands 

Touch skin 

It makes this hard girl

And the tears stream down my face♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

It's Harry's turn

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬If we could only have this life For one more day If we could only turn back time♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

It made me stand up to where I were seating. I can't watch the cause the screaming fans blocks the stage.

The chorus starts.


♩ ♪ ♫ ♬You know I'll be

Your life 

Your voice 

Your reason to be 

My love 

My heart 

Is breathing for this 


In time 

I'll find the words to say

Before you leave me today♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

When it's Niall's turn I walked through the crowd.Then, Louis' turn I walked faster to get infront.The chorus starts again I run and tried to shove people that blocks in my way so I can see Zayn while singing his part.Finally, I get in front and Zayn saw me.He walk down through the stage while singing his part and pleading his hazelnut eye to me..

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬Flashing lights in my mind

Going back to the time 

Playing games in the street 

Kicking balls with my feet

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I run to go nearer to Zayn.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬There's a numb in my toes

Standing close to the edge

There's a pile of my clothes

At the end of your bed♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

I reached Zayn and he hugged me.

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬As I feel myself fall

Make a joke of it all♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

He sang it perfectly in high pitch tone. I whisper to him "Oh,Zayn this is the sweetest thing you ever do to me"

"Happy Monthsary!I tried to surprise you with a bouquet of red roses and chocolates when you get off the roller coaster and it ruined.Leaving you alone is really a bad a idea"Zayn kisses me in cheeks.

When the song ended I went home and have a dinner date with him...

- end of chapter 1-


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