When Fate Entwines

I guess this part is when the roller coaster will start and face a lot of loops... So hard to reach the top... So many obstacles I have to face... But maybe... With him on my hand we could make it through together... Life is really like a roller coaster..


4. The Awaited Date


Today is the day I've been waiting for!because I'll have a date with my boyfie,Zayn.I'm half awake as I feel someone's prescence besides me.I didn't mind looking at this person cause I wanted to sleep more.

"Wake up now princess,you are very beautiful now.So there's no need to get some beauty rest"Zayn whispers it sweetly and it brings shiver down tomy spine because of the charming voice of Zayn.

I softly open my eyes and  saw Zayn's smiling face is so close to mine.Now, I can see closely the perfect face of my handsome boyfriend.His smile makes me smile.

"I'll serve for you this day and I' will make you the happiest girl in this world" He pulls me to get up on my bed.He grabbed my right hand and kissed the back of it.

"Really Zayn?I'll expect on that" I said it as I help myself for getting up.

"Come on!Let's go downstairs!I made a breakfast for you"He pulled me outside my room.

I never expect Zayn to wake up early and make a breakfast especially for me.I know for sure, that Zayn always wake up late.When  we're on our way to the dinning room, I can smell delicious foods that makes me starve.I saw the table set and it was really nice.An orange juice on the side of the plate.Two eggs,roasted bacon and some slices of bread are on the big plate.There are pancakes with viscous sweet syrup and strawberry toppings on top.Zayn pulled the chair backward and he offered a seat for me.A gentleman indeed.

"Thank you!" I happily eat the foods Zayn served.

Zayn just smiled and watched me every  bite I take.He let out a soft giggle whenever I said he cooks great.After  eating I took a nice warm bath and wear simple clothes so I won't stand out,like this :


I let my hair fall down on my shoulder.

Zayn took me to an amazing park.Refreshing air,flowers anywhere and I can see green everywhere.Very environmental.

"Wow Zayn this is a wonderful place!" I said while looking around.

"This is where I go whenever I'm sad because it cheers me up" He put his arm at the bench behind my back.


 We just goof around and Zayn comes up with a great idea.

"Do you know how to play 'I Spy'?"  he asked.


"You need to be observant..If I say 'I spy something Blue'...You'll look around carefully and find things that has something to do with color blue..example Skies or that man's shirt...So would you like to play?" He raised his one eyebrow and put a questioning look on his face.

 "I'd love to!But please give some examples" I properly sit on the bench and face Zayn.

"Okay" He looked around and he smiled at me. "I spy something perfect,hottie and handsome"

"Huh?! But no one is perfect!" I jokingly argue with him.

"Don't ya consider your perfect boyfriend as perfect?" He cheekily said.

We laughed hysterically, Zayn stops and he stares at me.

"I spy something makes my heart skip a bit.."

My guesses are all wrong..

"It is very easy..It's your captivating smile babe" he stare at my eyes to see my reaction.

I tryied to stop the blushing of my face and I smiled at him.

"Okay next example..." I smiled at the ground.

"Then,I spy something that sparkle and it put the stars into shame?"He again stare at my eyes and he smiles.

I want to  say 'my eyes' but I don't want to look assuming.As a result, my all guesses are wrong.

"Pfft! It's your eyes...why don't you realize it?" Zayn let out a soft giggle in his pinkish lips.

"okay Last one.." I looked calm outside but inside I'm squealing out loud because of his sweet words he said.

"The best thing that ever happened to me?..."

"But that's not even related in the game I spy!"

"Just answer it.."

"Your Birthday last year??When One Direction was formed?"  I tried to answer it but Zayn always say no.

"Then what is it?" I pouted because all of my answers are wrong.

"Being with you...you are the best thing that ever happen to me (Y/N)" He stare at me using his enchanting eyes.

We stared at each other for a while.I tried not to blush but it has reached ymy limit. I blushed as fresh a tomato.Zayn laughed hysterically.

"Like I thought so..you'll gonna blush!" He continued laughing.

I playfully punched him "Oh!so your sweet lines earlier was just a joke!"

He stopped and looked at me.He look very serious "That was true.."

I smiled at him and the two of us went to a clothes shop. 

"We need to disguise because we are going to a festival..there are lots of people there..They might discover us" He picked a cool shades and we strolled together.

In the end  we bought a couple shirt.For Zayn,It is red shirt with the print "She's Mine" and it's pointing that is pointing at me. For me,It is  red shirt saying "I'm His" pointing at Zayn. We left the shop with big sun glasses on your faces.

We stroll around while the two of us are holding hands and swaying it playfully.

I stop for a while and saw something, it seems it's a photo booth.

"Let's go there!" I pointed the booth and Zayn just tag-a-long.

We went in the photo booth.The both of us took of our shades and the lady, the photographer got shocked.The two of us posed in silly ways and for the last shot Zayn kissed my cheek and my face is so hilarious because of the surprise Zayn do.The photographer just got 4 autographs from Zayn as a exchange for the money paid.We goofed around and bought so many foods.It's dark, but the two of us keep strolling around.

"Mind if I fix my hair for a while?" Zayn touches his hair and tried to fix it.

"Sure.." I looked at the fancy key chains at the stall.

Zayn leaved. He went to the public washroom and after 5 minutes he didn't come back and it cause me to worry.

A cute kid went to me and pull down my clothes slowly.She is giving me a scrapbook that entitled "The Best Moments in my Life".

"Is that for me?" I asked and the child nodded after giving it to me the cute li'l girl run from her mother and I nodded as a sign of greetings.

I opened the book and see ar picture of me, there's a caption and some stories..It says:

"This is the girl I really love,her name is (Your Full Name)...She is very very beautiful in every way...She always stole my heart in every cute little things she had done..I don't know but a day without seeing her smile is a day wasted..There is no second I didn't think of her...I can't last a day without seeing her..Her smile is the reason why I smile.From the moment I saw her my mind and my heart stops for a while and fall for her enchanting beauty.That time I really want to hold her in my hands and make her mine.

I first saw her on the concert, she was holding a silly banner that caught my attention. She was holding 'Zayn!you forgot your mirror and your comb in my room last night.Mind getting it now?" It was quite long but it was convincing. Her charming beauty doesn't only caught my attention but it stole my heart too.Every song we performed I looked at her, my eyes just can't take off her.When I waited for meet and greet even I'm so exhausted seeing her smiles make my energy up again.

.I gave my number to her after a week I hang out  with her..But when I confessed to her she said 'Will you wait for me for a long time?' I said yes and she added 'Will you wait for a long time for someone you love even though you aren't sure if you'll gonna lose her at the end?' I stopped for a moment and said no..She leaved me and I shouted "No...Because I won't let her walk away and leave me alone..I won't let her go" She smiled at me after 6 months of waiting I send her a mail..but the postman waited for her to give the rose..The love letter had my scent..

I asked her to go to the flower shop and meet Charlotte.Charlotte gave the picture of me holding 3 roses.There's a map behind the picture leading Stuff toys store.Before leaving the flower shop Charlotte gave her the roses I held in the picture.At the stuff toys store I gave her a huggable bear and there's a picture of me and the teddy bear.There's a map again behind that picture and it lead her to the chocolates shop. There's a box of Ferero Rocher forming an 'I love you' word.There's a picture of me again with that chocolates the last one is At the Key chain stall the cashier there give her the other half of the heart key chain..It's couple's key chain..There's a picture of me holding the other half and at the back it says 'go to your house'

When she got home at the dome she saw me broiling some foods.I took of my apron and lend her a seat.We ate harmoniously and I played "Somewhere over the rainbow" It's musical..'May I have this dance?' she smiled sweetly and we dance, to break the silence I talk. 'Do you know what you always do to my heart whenever I see you?' She asked why and I lean her ear on my chest. 'You make my heart jumps with joy whenever I see you' I said and she smiles. 

'Why me?I'm not that beautiful..Not rich...not a brunette I'm not your type...but why did you choose me?' she looked at me and I smile 'Because I have all of it...I'm handsome,I'm rich...I have all that I want...You are the only one that I didn't have.. I love you (y/n)' she smiled 'I love you too' she finally said the words that I really want to hear.We made our first kiss and that's the end of my confession..

And today (the date today) I have a date with her....I really enjoyed it...and now she's reading it and I hope she's smiling xx... and we..."

_________________________end of the book_______________________

I saw that there's a small note in the book it says "Meet me at the  Ruffles Hotel at the rooftop"

I went there and I got really surprise what I saw...The rooftop is filled with pink and white teddy bear. There's a candlelit leading me to the picnic matt.  I'm very amazed ...Then I saw an unique big brown bear moving..I was horrified..Then Zayn peek and he smiled at me..He said that I should get the heart the gigantic bear is holding..I get it as Zayn said and Zayn said that I have to flip it...There is 'open me up' word in the heart but before I open it Zayn said "That necklace symbolizes my love for you" I opened it and there's an infinity necklace..

I'm very happy so I kissed him on the lips and the fireworks started. We lean at each others forehead and he said "And we live happily ever after" It seems that he continued the word that is lacking on the book he gaveme.When we lay on the picnic matt ,holding hands I said

"Describe me"

"I can't because you have many good things..."

"How many??"

"Sorry I can't count the stars.. " 

I smiled and I sat and said "Describe me in one word please"

He sit too and stare at my eyes "Mine.."

We attempted to kiss again..Zayn move closer to me...

He stared at my eyes and smiles...then he looked at my lips and  he bit his half lips...again he look at my eyes and he leans for the kiss but his phone rang...I make a sign to pick it up and he said "I won't make one call to ruin my perfect time with you.." he continue leaning and the phone rang again.....

He picked it annoyingly  but he answers it calmly..


"Zayn...It's your mom...Walhiya was bumped by a car with his boyfriend..Zayn we need you now please come at the hospital....."

 ++++++++++++++++END OF CHAPTER 4+++++++++++++++

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