When Fate Entwines

I guess this part is when the roller coaster will start and face a lot of loops... So hard to reach the top... So many obstacles I have to face... But maybe... With him on my hand we could make it through together... Life is really like a roller coaster..


3. Jealousy


We went to our house to relax. I opened my twitter to check it out. I haven’t open it for almost a month.What rumors will be out today? And I'm  very shocked when I saw the tweets of some fans of One Direction again. They  said :

“Go die!”

“I’m better than you!”

“Zayn has a bad taste when it comes to choosing girls”


“You are just using Zayn  for fame”


“I wish that you were dumped by a car and die!!You UGLY girl!”


“Your friends are fake cuz they don’t know how user you were”


“You are so ugly!You don’t have purposes in lif so go die!”


It breaks my heart . I wanted to cry because of this matter but I don’t want Zayn to be worried.Tears forming on my eyes.

“Vas Happening (Y/N)  Are you okay?” He smiled at me and he sat beside me. I hurriedly close my laptop and  I send him a fake smile so he won’t be worried.

“I need to go somewhere” I replied to him. He hold my hands and said “Where to? I’ll go with you!” he looked straight to my eyes.

I smiled sweetly at him “No Need”.  

“But I want to guard you! I want to protect you” He said childishly and doing the puppy eyes.

“So, I’ll kiss you on the cheek as a payment!” I said naughtily .

“Okay”. You kiss him on the cheek and Zayn smiled so big.

“Okay I need to go” I left and went somewhere to chill out.


I wanted to forget about what I saw today...I'll be quiet about this matter because it is not true... I shouldn't be affected... I shouldn't

It’s quite late and I didn’t  notice it’s past 7pm.I forgot my phone at the 1D’s house.I went home. I went straight to the dome of the house and I grabbed some glass of wine.I saw the nice view at the top it ws so breathtaking. I'm at the edge of the dome, thinking, reflecting and when I remembered the death threats, I started to cry. Someone hugged me from the back and he place his chin on my shoulder.

“I know you’re not alright ..When I opened your laptop I saw the fans dead threats.. I tried to follow you so I can comfort you, but our paths never crossed” I  heard familiar voice, it's Zayn’s voice.

“Oh..Zayn.. sorry I didn’t told you” I looked down.

“You don’t have to worry..You are the best girlfriend , (Y/N)” Zayn smiled.

“It’s quite cold here right?” I giggled.

“Are you saying that I need to hug you tighter so you won’t catch cold?” he embraces me tighter and he laughs.


“Zayn, thank you” I smiled while I tilt your head and his face is some centimeters away. I smiled at him.

He chuckled “Not used to it?”


. “They are just jealous of you cause you have a hottie, famous  and a perfect boyfriend!” He winked.

“You are so conceited about yourself.. but well I think it’s true!I don’t want you to have a big head because of praises” I scoffed.


“Seriously,They are just jealous and They’re just some objects to make us stronger.. They molds our humanity” He said a deep quote that he made.

“When Life gives you lemon…. Eat it!!” Niall laughed while he said it.

“They are right!They are jealous” Harry agreed.

“Still hugging in our front?we are jealous Eleanor and Danielle, my girl and Liam’s girl are not here” Louis jokingly said that with jealousy tune.

We broke the hug and  we laughed.

“Sorry!” I chuckled.

“To make you happy we will tweet about the persons who criticize you” Liam happily said. “

No need!” I smiled . The boys got their phones to tweet something :

 Niall tweeted  “ She doesn’t deserve hate..”

Liam tweeted “hating someone doesn’t make sense”

Louis tweeted “Criticizing someone doesn’t make you famous..”

Harry as usual tweeted “It’s cold here in our dome”

Finally Zayn tweeted his personalize quote “Thank someone who criticize you, Cause they are the ones who make you stronger than before”

He also tweeted “@(Y/TN) It doesn’t matter how they judge you.. It’s how you think of yourself matters aha! ;) x”


All of them organized a ‘Cheer Up party’ for me. All of us sang together. We also played monopoly too! Fortunately, I won. When I'm going to bed Zayn escorts me. I lay on my bed and he places a blanket on me.

“Have a pleasant dreams (y/n) good night!” He pressed his soft lips to my forehead and it made me really happy.


The Next Morning, I went to kitchen to get some food.Zayn is still sleeping .I saw Harry on the couch and I sat besids him.

“Have you ever saw Zayn’s  jealous face and attitude? It’s cute” Harry asked.

“Not yet” I said and I took a bite on the sandwhich.

“Want to see and trick him?” he said naughtily .

“Sounds interesting…It’s time to payback his trick last time” I agreed and giggled.

“ I’ll take a picture of the two of us ,I’ll kiss your cheek and we will give it to Zayn” he smirked.

.“Sounds mean but let’s try!” I laughed. I got closer to Harry and the two  ofus find our poses.

“At the count of three I’ll kiss your cheek! One….Two…” Harry said said as he fixes the right pose



.Slow Harry..Slowpoke! Very slow.

I looked at him because he is way too slow “he-“.thr-“ then his lips crashed to mine..It's soft...What am I thinking?! After 3 seconds I broke the kiss.Zayn saw the two of us, He looked very shocked. “Za- Zayn?...” I got really shocked too.Noo! He'll misunderstand!!What will I do?





Sorry it's short :))

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