Under your Shadow

Talitha has been studying the arts in the US for 4 years, when she goes back to her hometown in Ireland, she finds that her brother's life has changed dramatically since she left. Talitha thought that being with her brother again would be amazing, that is until she met his friends, two in particular, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


2. The sister that never was...


As I grabbed my suit case and hurried off down the terminal, I was giddy with happiness! I was finally seeing my brother after four years! I  hope he was the same ol' younger brother. 

I walked quickly until I saw familiar tufts of blonde hair, speeding up I ran into my brother's arms, "Niall! It's been to long! I have missed you so much!" I exclaimed and hugged him tighter. I look up and Niall just smiled at me, "What? Why are you smiling so much you look like a Cheshire cat!" I laughed and hit him on the arm. 

"I just have some good news and people for you to meet" He explained, oh, I feel stupid. I messed up Niall's hair and he messed up my curls. Curiously I asked "What Ni?" He looked at me, saying "I will tell you in the car but can you put these on?" and hands me sunglasses and a beanie. Looking at him weirdly, I put them on and followed Niall outside. 

Walking to the car I see a ton of girls screaming Niall's name and doing other things. 

"Niall why are these girls here?" I ask 

"Well... I don't know maybe they think I'm someone else" he replies then looks away from me. Getting in the car Niall asks "Do you know who One Direction are?" I look at him and answer "Not really, I know that they are a British boy band that are big in the states but thats it". 

"Okay" he starts "Well 2/3 years ago I auditioned for the X factor and got put in a band..." 

"NO WAY! NO FLIPPIN' WAY!!! You never told me!! Why didn't you tell me that you were in the famous On Direction!?" I retort

"Well.....I...I don't know" He muttered


"Alright, alright don't need to get stressy" 

"I'm not I'm just sooo happy for you!" I hug him and poke him in his stomach "Lets get going then, your probably hungry" 

Niall smiles at me and steps on the accelerator. I know my brother sooo well....


Hi Guys!! 

I hope you liked my fanfic?! (: What do you think should happen next?!:) Don't worry I will post again in a bit!(: 


Jaybird x 

(instagram: little_1d_bird)

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