Under your Shadow

Talitha has been studying the arts in the US for 4 years, when she goes back to her hometown in Ireland, she finds that her brother's life has changed dramatically since she left. Talitha thought that being with her brother again would be amazing, that is until she met his friends, two in particular, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


3. Meeting the pack of 5...

Looking around my old room I have realized how much I have changed, i was such a girl! So since I will be staying here till my career starts off I guess I will just have to do some re-decorating. I unpack all of my cloths and hang them in the wardrobe, then I unpacked my baby. My guitar, yes, is my baby, I love it to pieces. I begin to pluck at the strings and play my favorite song, A-team by Ed Sheeran, I begin to belt out the song; 


White lips, pale face

Breathing in snowflakes

Burnt lungs, sour taste

  Light's gone, day's end

Struggling to pay rent

Long nights, strange men


And they say She's in the Class A Team

Stuck in her daydream

Been this way since 18

But lately her face seems Slowly sinking,

wasting Crumbling like pastries

and they scream

The worst things in life come free to us

Cos we're just under the upperhand

Go mad for a couple grams

And she don't want to go outside tonight

And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland

Or sells love to another man 

It's too cold outside For angels to fly Angels to fly


  I was about to sing the second verse when I hear a knock at the door, "Come in" I yell and I see Niall standing there smiling like crazy.    "There are some people I would like you to meet!" Niall announced, I groan and put my guitar onto my bed, trudging downstairs.    I walk into our lounge to see 4 guys sitting on our sofa eating crisps by the dozen. I clear my throat obnoxiously and walk up to the first guy, hold out my hand and introduce myself "Talitha Hope Horan, Niall's big sister". The guy looks at me then shakes my hand "Liam, nice to meet you" and he smiles. Well he is nice. "Niall, Who's the girl?" I heard a guy with curly hair ask. 

"Harry if you were listening to Liam instead of the footy, then you would of realized that she is my sister" Niall explains and everyone stands up to greet me. I learn that the curly haired one was called Harry, the blue eyed, brown haired one was Louis and the dark haired one was Zayn. 

Liam walks out of the lounge to get more crisps and Louis quickly says "Liam can you get me some carrots", Liam agrees. I plop myself next to Niall and Liam, I suggest that we should watch a film and Liam comes back in quickly with the food and shouts "TOY STORY!". I laugh and hit Liam on the shoulder but he looked serious. "You weren't joking?" I question, "Never question Liam's love for Toy Story..." Niall whispers to me, so we sat down and watched all three toy stories. 

After the films, I got up off the sofa and looked around to see Harry sleeping on Niall, and Liam with Zayn. Giggling I look round to Louis, who looked ready to sleep, creeping up behind him I scare him "Boo". Louis looks behind himself and laughs "Better luck next time", I asked him if he was going to bed and he said yes so we hurried up to our rooms "Night Lou" I call, "Night Tally" he calls back. I think this going to be an awesome year... 



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