Under your Shadow

Talitha has been studying the arts in the US for 4 years, when she goes back to her hometown in Ireland, she finds that her brother's life has changed dramatically since she left. Talitha thought that being with her brother again would be amazing, that is until she met his friends, two in particular, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


4. Drama followed by food...

Louis POV

When I woke up this morning I couldn't take the smile off my face, Talitha is super nice, funny, sweet, beautiful and that accent! I swung my legs over my bed and knocked on Talitha's door, I waited for a few seconds and turned the handle slowly to see Talitha sleeping soundly on her bed, awwww that won't be lasting. I smiled and went to my room grabbing my nerf gun. I silently went back into her room and shot her several times in the back, she stirred but didn't wake up so I stepped it up to the next level, automatic N-strike Rampage. Chuckling to myself I went back to Talitha's room and went full blast.

Talitha woke up soon after and wasn't very happy, she started to chase me around the house screaming "Tomlinson, I am gonna get you!". I chuckled the whole time and we probably  woke the whole house up. We stopped chasing each other and plopped onto the sofa, "I will have revenge Louis Tomlinson, revenge" she proclaimed and poked me in the stomach. I clicked my fingers in a sassy fashion "I have two nicknames girl, the sass masta from Doncasta and The poke masta from Doncasta!" I chuckled. Talitha just through a pillow at me and poked me again, oh no she didn't. I began to tickle her on her stomach and she was laughing very loud, it didn't help that Niall came in that very moment...


"Mate I was just tickling her cause she poked me!" I retorted.

"Niall, I am older than you! If anyone I should be protective over you!" Talitha sighed 

"Talitha don't give me that! You always use that, Why can't I be protective over you? They are my friends!" Niall replied. Wow this was hard to keep up with.

"Niall give it up, I was just messin' around with Lou! We are friends and nothing more! I have only been here for a day! I'm not some girl who sleeps around with everyone she meets! I'm your sister, give me some respect!" I swear Talitha looked purple with rage and Niall looked like a little kid getting told off by his teacher. 

Niall looked at Talitha for a second then at the floor then started to fiddle around with his hair. He ran up to Talitha and bear hugged her, "I'm so very sorry Talitha! I didn't mean to have ago at you and Lou, Do you forgive me?" Niall apologized and gave her puppy eyes. She looked at  Niall and gave in straight away, "Okay I forgive you, just don't do that again!" she smiled. 

Wow that was a lot of drama lets just hope the day gets better, I thought to myself and headed to the kitchen where I smelled Harry cooking, yum yum breakfast time! 


Talitha's POV

I can't believe that Niall just blew up like that, it was unbelievable! But of course I  forgive him he is my brother. I wanted to eat but I needed to get out of PJs... I will just eat the boys won't mind. 

I sat down at the table and got a handful of waffles "Yum" I mumbled shoving food into my mouth but the boys just looked at me like I was some freak. "What?" I muttered after I swallowed my waffles, Niall just looked around and smiled, "Have you never seen a girl eat?" I questioned innocently, "What do you expect I am Niall Horan's sister, when we were kids you had to learn to eat as much as you could before Niall got down and never steal Niall's food" I explained. I just shrugged my shoulder's and hurried up off upstairs to get changed...



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