Under your Shadow

Talitha has been studying the arts in the US for 4 years, when she goes back to her hometown in Ireland, she finds that her brother's life has changed dramatically since she left. Talitha thought that being with her brother again would be amazing, that is until she met his friends, two in particular, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.


5. A lovely day out...

Talitha's POV 

I hurried out of the bathroom and into my bedroom to get changed, I wore this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66193585.

Today was going to be good, I just knew it! I walked down the stairs to see the boys engrossed with the telly, I wanted to go out but I didn't have a car... I stood in front of the telly until I had all of their attention, followed by "Tally"s and "Move it"s but it wasn't going to work, "Boys I need to go out but I don't have a car.." I sighed and fluttered my eyelashes. As soon as everyone registered what I had said, Harry stood up and grabbed me by the waist growling "Let's go then", "Wait! Niall can I borrow some money?" I hollered waiting for an answer, "Sure" He yelled back and ran over to me shoved some money in my hands, running back to the football. "Bye then" I  yelled and slammed all the doors on the way out.

Looking around for Harry I see him by the garage waving at me, I jog over to him and get into the car. "Harry can we go to Homebase first cause I want to jazz up my room" I ask and he puts the keys into the ignition, "Onward to Homebase" he yells, he is such a child....

~In Homebase~

I picked out all the necessary needs to re-decorate my room, paints, pillows, brushes, covers, etc. And we went to go pay, well we were going to until two little girls came up to us to ask for Harry's autograph, "Hi Girls! What are your names?" Harry asks and the girls reply "Gemma and Jasmine". They were so sweet, Gemma had fiery red hair and dimples in her cheeks, looked about 11, where as Jasmine had dirty blonde hair and looked about 6. I speak up "Girls do you want to meet the rest of One Direction?", they look at me with glee in their eyes while nodding their heads, haha they were really cute. Harry looked at me and told the girls to wait a few seconds and we turned around "Tally we can't just tell people that willy nilly! Then we would never get anywhere.." he angrily whispers, "But Harry! They are adorable just look at their faces!" I whisper back. He gives in and calls the boys to tell them that after  our shopping trip we are going to have visitors. We finish up in Homebase and tell the girls that they can come to our house in 3 hours. 

After about 2 hours of clothes and food shopping, we make it home laughing our socks off. It was fun after all, I never knew Harry was so, so, so FUN!

~An hour later~

We finished tiding the house up, just as those little girls knocked at the door, "I'll get it" I shout and open the doors.

The little girls were standing there with a girl who looked about 18/19. The girl was really pretty and perfect for Niall! The girl introduces herself as Lacy and I let them out of the cold into the warmth of the house.

We all step into the living room to see that the boys had gotten their guitars and succh to perform a song, this was going to be a day those little girls won't forget.

I walk over to Niall who handed me my guitar asking "Will you play Little things with me?"

"I don't know how it goes though..." I shrug off the idea but Niall begins to play the chords, the sounded easy I just needed to hear them. I picked up my baby and began to pluck at the same strings as Niall, easy enough I thought. Niall looked up at me and smiled "You have it!".

We play for a bit, then we get serious, time for a performance!

We play their song Little Things first and they were pretty good at singing. I don't wanna outshine Niall now, it has always been my dream to be a singer but I guess...

When we finished the song, Gemma and Jasmine clapped their hands like crazy, laughing and Gemma was crying. I pull her into a hug, saying "You like them don't you?" Gemma nods and I pat her on the back. After about an hour the girls get up to leave, but Niall catches Lacy's  wrist, "Can I have your number?" He asks and she hands Niall her phone, Niall hands his to her, they exchange numbers and they leave. 

"They were adorable" I mumble and leave to go upstairs for a nap...

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