the little snow girl

its a story based on Hans Christian Anders'es farytale about the little match girl.

its like the story just in this century.

i hope you enjoy it


1. the snow girl

It was a cold December night.
A girl walked around in the snow.

She had black hair, black as the sky in the darkest night
the skin were light, light like the snow there fell around her.
She was on the way home from a party.
The Girl were just a little girl on 13, but dressed up like an 18 year old girl.
She had a short little skirt, a black top there goes just above the belly bottom, and high tiny heels.

The little girl was drunk and high. No one should have let her left the party alone, but the little girl were so negligible for the rest of the party, that they didn’t even known that she had been there.
Her family wasn’t rich of important. Her dad wasn’t even rich. For the people to the party she was just a poor little girl. Of course could all the boys use her, but the next day they couldn’t even remember her name.


The little girl wouldn’t go home to her family this evening.
Before the little girl had left the house, had she token a gravity test, it were positive and she couldn’t tell her family.
The little girl would keep the child, but she knew that if she came home they would order her to get an abort.
The family was Catholics so it would bring shame down at the family.


The little girl was drunk and she didn’t know what she was doing, walking around the streets half past midnight. It was a beautiful night. The sky was bright and shined up at starts, and the moon were full.

The little girl needed a little break. She sat down as a brick wall near the school. She thought that everything was better then life, even dead. The little girl would forget the pain and all the evil things. She would just be a normal girl, whit a dad who didn’t drank and a mother who loved her.
She decided to go over to the school.
She sat down on a bench. On the little table the where, she made 4 little stripes of cocaine.

When she first have token the one she saw a big birthday party, and it were her they where celebrating.

When she token the second she saw herself whit all the popular boys and girls, and she were the most popular of them all.
But in the third the all went black. And the little girl did never see the world again.

The little girl was more popular then ever. But she wasn’t there to see it. She was dead, and so was her unborn child. A child who never had the

chance to see the world, and a girl who never saw herself popular.


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