Here I am

Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


7. Unknown

After an hour or so of reading, I called for Frank for my mid-day hot drink. He came at first call taking a seat opposite me joining me for his break, it was a tradition we always done since I was around thirteen. Frank was a massive gossip and I loved to hear about all the recent news from the village a few miles away. “Frank my dear, did you propose to Hayley like you promised me you would?” I questioned interested to see what he would say.
He smiled and replied, “Yes I did my lady and there is another set of good news… Hayley is around four months pregnant!” I squealed happy for the both of them knowing they have both wanted children for a long time. “Now enough about Hayley and I, what is happening with you and Lord Robert? Do not say nothing otherwise I will slap you, there is obviously chemistry!” He announced making me blush as I tried to avoid the subject about Robert.
“Okay, well do not kill me Frank but I am in love with him… like so badly. I think he feels the same, but you know what my parents are like. He’s told me he loves me and that he will never leave me again…. I cannot stop thinking about him…” I explained in one big rush as Frank just smiled knowingly and he hugged me before he got up and left, I knew that was not the end of that conversation. I went to pick up my book I had discarded when Frank walked in to see Robert standing in the doorway, I smiled acknowledging him as he walked in closing and locking the door behind him. I started to read my book and act as though I did not miss him like I did, “I am sorry that took so long m’lady, I tried to escape as quickly as I could. I missed you far too much in that small time we were away from one another!”  Robert announced as he sat where Frank had been sitting just minutes before, I once again discarded my book with no hope of reading anymore. “It is completely fine milord, I know my father likes socialise at the best of times. I just hope he did not bore you close to death like he does very often,” I responded.
“Oh he does like to talk I must say but honestly it was not a problem it was mainly based on you and if I had any ideas of marriage in the future, which I shall not tell you what I said in response.” Robert teased slightly as he placed his hands on my legs running them soothingly up and down. I just shook my head at him, I would find out eventually.
“I guess I will have to wait and see to learn what you two were talking about, if it was about me it must not have been of much interest.” I replied as I made space for him next to me, he took the place next to me and placed his arm lightly round my shoulders. I relaxed as I felt warm and comfortable in his arms once again with the fireplace roaring lightly heating the room perfectly. You would never have known it had been snowing; the library had no windows only one door to leave. It was small but in other ways never-ending, there were rows and rows of books of many I must have read as I have always had my head in a book. It was my escape from the world, getting lost into a world of fantasy putting myself in the character’s shoes or sometimes if I did not read I would write. I hid all my works away in Frank’s room as he was the only person allowed to read them as my writing held all my emotions and thoughts, I think if someone else was to read them they would be horrified at how different my writing was portrayed to how I presented myself.

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