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Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


2. Lord Robert

It felt like hours had passed as I was passed on like a parcel between gentleman I barely knew, until I fell into the familiar arms of my father thankful that I could depart after our dance, “Elizabeth how are you finding the dance?” My father questioned. I just nodded in response as I saw Robert in the corner talking to the same man he had been at the beginning as he caught my eye and smiled gesturing to the drawing room, I smiled back and nodded.
“Pleasant father, I had the pleasure of dancing with Lord Robert as he explained to me that you were once close with his father and how we spent our childhood together.” I responded wishing that the music would come to a finish.
“Oh how wonderful, I haven’t spoken to his father in a very long time. I must send them an invitation for dinner.” My father responded as I heard the music come to an end. I smiled leaving my father to make a brief exit to be in the company of Robert once more. My heart was racing and it felt as though I had butterflies in my tummy as I reached the drawing room, the door was open a crack as I entered to see Robert facing the window that showed our grand garden in which my mother took great pride in due in the summer as the flower beds bloomed showing so many types of flowers that you could not set your eyes on in this country. “Fascinating isn’t it?” I asked joining Robert by the oak window, looking out the undisturbed snow glistening in the moonlight.  He turned towards me, “I adore this time of year, everything is so picturesque almost impossible.” Robert replied while walking towards one of many loungers placed in the room. I slowly followed taking a seat next to him flattening my dress, “It is my favourite I must say, and I love the beauty of the snow. I always have, mother always detests it believing it is a nuisance but I only see the perfection of it.” I replied as I slipped my shoes off now realizing they were aching from the long night of dancing. Robert nodded, placing his arm around my shoulder as I shivered; the drawing room was much cold than the hall, there was no heat from multiple people. I felt Robert place a blanket lightly round my shoulders, “Oh my, I never thought you could look more beautiful but the moonlight has made it possible.” Robert said looking me deeply in the eyes as I saw his deep brown eyes glisten.
“You are far too kind,” I responded feeling more confident now we were alone. As he just laughed, sounding, like music to my ears.  We sat there in silence enjoying one another’s company; we did not have to speak to know we were having more fun than being swapped between dance partners for the rest of the night. As I looked out the window I saw snow falling heavily, delighted at the sight I grinned; unaware of how much more snow we would receive this year I was pleased by any. “It looks beautiful,” I said facing Robert who was transfixed on the snow falling.
“It does, but I have to ride home as my father needed his carriage. That is not good weather to ride in,” Robert replied as I heard him sigh heavily and I knew it was extremely dangerous to ride in the snow. I looked outside once again, “you must stay here for the night until the snow has passed. We have many spare rooms I am sure my father would happily offer you a room for the night.” I responded hoping he would agree as I loved his company.
“If that is fine with your father I must take the offer as it is at least an hour ride in decent weather.” He said as I got up to find my father and ask him whether Robert could stay the night, Robert closely followed not leaving my side even when we reached the still busy hall as people started to leave wanting to avoid the worst of the weather that was to come. “Father!” I called as I saw him stand next to my mother wishing many of the guests a safe journey home. We reached them swiftly, “father is it possible if Robert stays tonight as he rode here and in this terrible weather it is far too dangerous to ride back,” I questioned as my mother took me in her arms to my dismay.
“Of course, he will have to stay in the joining room to yours as many of our guests have a similar problem if that is fine for both of you and Robert I must talk to your father it has been too long!” My father responded pleasing me as Robert nodded in response and replied as I started to walk towards the stairs leading to the room he would be staying in. I felt his arms fall around my waist as I reached the top of the stairs, “where am I sleeping?” Robert whispered in my ear as I turned round to face him. Smiling at him, then breaking away and leading him to the door of his room which was on the left to mine with a joining door. I pushed the door open ready to say goodbye as Robert pulled me inside with him. I giggled slightly as he shut the door closely behind us, “what a lovely room, shame you have to leave to sleep in yours.” He said as he pulled me close looking into my eyes, smiling cheekily.

“Oh yes what a shame,” I said as I leaned closer to him only centimetres away from him, he cocked his head slightly and leaned in, I felt his lips lightly press against mine as sparks filled my body. Love at first sight. I pulled away as someone knocked on the door, “Master Robert, I was requested to bring you some old clothes of the Master’s so you would be able to sleep in them.” I heard Katelynn say from behind the door.
“One second,” Robert replied as he hid me behind the door and opened it, “thank you.” He said taking the clothes from her arms and quickly shutting the door behind him, dumping the clothes on a chair placed to the right of the door he turned round facing me, “where were we?” He questioned flirting with me slightly, I pushed him away smiling as I walked towards the adjoining doors, “well, I need to get ready for bed and so do you.” I responded playfully, walking towards my door and opening it to see him closely following, “maybe I was having fun though,” he said sounding like stroppy baby. I lightly laughed and shook my head as I closed the door behind me entering my room, I smiled knowing that I had him under my control but I felt something inside me… I couldn’t be in love with him already I mean I guess I knew him but not as well as I would like to. I loved his lips against mine, it was just perfect but honestly I must keep my feelings in or I could end up getting hurt. I called for Katelynn as she entered my room and helped me to undress, “did you enjoy the ball m’lady?” She asked politely as she undone my corset, “this is one of few I did Katelynn as I was in great company with Lord Robert.”  I answered smiling at her as she nodded as though she knew. I pulled my night gown on and laid in bed feeling tired quite quickly after all the dances. “Good night Katelynn,” I called as she exited my room quietly taking my dress with her.
“Good night ma’am,” she responded as she went. I smiled feeling happy that Robert was just next door and was happy to be in my company. I heard a light knock on the door, “enter,” I said loud enough for the guest to hear. The door adjoining mine and Robert’s rooms opened to show him in my father’s old night garment which were far too big on his muscular body, I chuckled at the sight of him as I sat up in bed and readjusted my pillows. “Oh please, do I really look that bad I am a laughing stock?” He questioned as he took place next to me on my bed. I nodded as I could barely talk from laughing so much, the linen gown drowned him and went past his knees barely showing the trousers that were far too long but I could see he had tried to roll them up. “I assume it is only for one night that will not be so bad, I just wish I did not feel like such a lady with this long gown flowing past my knee.”
“Well, you are a very masculine lady if I must say. You would be one very disturbing women to say the least.” I responded chuckling as he shook his head as I climbed out the covers and rested on the pillows once again.
“I must say you look radiant in that flattering gown of yours, I would look much nicer in it I think.” He announced making me giggle even more. Robert was such good company that I would happily let him try one of my night garments on just to see what he would look like. “Why thank you kind sir, you are welcome to try one on if you believe it will fit.” I replied giggling still I must sound like such a child to him however I still giggled.
“Hmm that could be simply amusing to try I must say.” Robert almost bragged as he pulled me close and laid me down on my bed. I pulled him close as his warmth encircled me, keeping the cold out.
“How are you so warm in such terribly cold weather?” I questioned almost shocked by his perfect heat and body.
“Well, Lady Elizabeth it is known as wearing suitable garments, in which will keep you warm and cosy in these very harsh winters!” Robert replied sarcastically tickling me lightly. I just shook my head as I heard a light knock on my door, “one minute please,” I called as Robert hurried back to his door just before he left he kissed my cheek and I smiled pushing him to his own room. I walked to my door to see my nanny standing outside; I smiled at her opening the door wider letting her in. “Now my lady, should you not be resting as the night grows late?” Nanny questioned politely, walking to my bed and patting the space next to her. I took my place next to her, as though I was commanded. “Well nanny, I have just had such a delightful night I am unsure whether I will be able to rest my eyes at all tonight.” I responded as I flattened my night gown and nanny tapped my leg. “My dear, you always detest the events your father tends to hold, what has made such a difference this time?”
“Have you heard of Lord Robert, his father is an old acquaintance of my fathers? He attended the ball tonight to see me and we spent the night together. It was magical! I honestly believe I may be in love with him!” I busted out smiling at just the thought of Robert. I looked up at nanny to see a wise smile spread across her face, she nodded and responded, and “Well I better let you get back to this magnificent gentleman, shall I?” She briskly left as Robert entered close behind her. He sat beside me taking my petite hand in his, “I do so hope this is the beginning of something very special,” he said confidently as I pecked his cheek to welcome him. I felt lost without him only for such a brief amount of time. “I do so hopes you are right my lord,” I replied smiling lightly whilst yawning.
“You must rest Elizabeth; I shall leave you if you want?” He questioned I hoped he would stay so I shook my head in response, he laid down next to me as I pulled the covers round my petite body and his own. I felt warm inside to know that he would spend the night with me and I would be in his arms for as long as he would stay for.  I felt my eyes grow heavy, reluctantly I started to fall asleep peacefully in Robert’s arms, “night my princess, I love you…” I heard Robert whisper as I fell into a deep sleep. I would wake up in his arms, how grand that would be!

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