Here I am

Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


4. "I did not want to leave"

Henry saddled Quartz up at the same time as Robert, I climbed on happy to be riding once again as I lead Quartz out of the stables. “We shall be back later Henry,” I called as I left with Robert hot on my tail. “Where shall we go?” I questioned curiously, hoping Robert would have somewhere in mind already as it was his idea. “I know just the place my lady, I shall lead!” Robert responded as he trotted ahead. We rode for around an hour to reach a picturesque lake frozen over and decorated in snow. “It’s beautiful!” I announced stunned by my surrounding and how I had never been here before. Robert climbed off Caspian and helped me down, leading the horses to a make-shift hut a few metres away. I stood still taking in my surrounding, dazed at its beauty. “Do you not remember this place my lady?” Robert questioned making me jump slightly as he walked towards me.
“I cannot say I do, even though I assume we have been here before,” I replied as he took his hand in mine admiringly.
“Yes we have, we were young around five or six I suppose. It was the first ball we were allowed to and my suit was far too large being a reject of my older brother, Thomas and you in an elegant crimson red dress. I must say you looked flawless even at such a young age. I think that’s when I fell in love you… we spent the whole night running round, playing and getting to know one another. We promised to never leave each other’s side no matter what!” Robert explained as my heart fluttered at what he said. Was he really in love with me still? “Oh I do remember that was a grand night one of the best throughout my whole life. I fell in love with you as I grew to know you more and more, you seemed so perfect even though we were young and foolish. Promises were broken.” I said feeling almost heart-broken remembering how he left me so quickly from my grasp, leaving me without a best friend, someone I loved. I felt anger hit me but took a deep breath, it was no way Robert’s fault he had to follow his father into his footsteps making him the gentleman he is today, the man I loved more than I ever thought I could. He stroked my cheek as I looked away from him on the edge of tears, “I am awfully sorry Lizzie, and I did not want to leave. I detested my father for a long time for him separating us. Maybe everything would be different if I did not leave you like I did. I vowed to myself the day I left I would come back and find my first love and prove to you there was and never will be anyone else for me but you!” He told me making my heart miss a beat, I was his first love and he was still in love with me. “That is why I must ask if you shall give me a chance to prove myself? I understand if you do not want to but I will always love.” I shivered and looked deeply into his eyes speechless at what he just said, so I done the only thing I could think to tell him how I felt. I leaned in still looking into his eyes as our lips met he encircled my face with his hands lightly, and then pulled me closer by waist. I smiled against his lips as he done the same. This moment could not be more perfect. Here I was with a man I had loved since I truly knew him about since thirteen years ago. I thought about him nearly every day and never thought I would once again be in his arms. We pulled away smiling at one another, we heard the horses neigh from behind us bringing us regrettable back to reality. I stood up as Robert done the same, putting me in his arms kissing me before we walked towards the horses. Our picturesque peace was over for the day, I just hoped we would have another chance soon to be alone with each other. “We must get you home my lady before your father starts to worry where you could have strayed off to.” Robert said as he helped me onto Quartz, I started to ride immediately as the cold hit me friskily making me shiver. I cantered reaching the stables briefly to see Robert close behind. “Thank you Henry,” I said as Henry came to my assistance quickly and took Quartz and Caspian off to brush them. I turned to Robert smiling as he lead me towards my house my smile fell, now to face my parents and household when all I wanted was to be back at the gazebo with Robert. “I do so wish we were still in the gazebo,” I admitted shyly. Robert pulled me close stealing one more kiss before we were in view of the house, I do not know how I would cope having to act as though I was not in love with this man. “Me too Lizzie, but I promise we will be alone once again very soon!” He replied as he let go of my hand as we neared the house.

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