Here I am

Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


3. Getting away

“My lady,” I heard Katelynn say knocking politely on my door to see whether I was asleep still.
“Good morning Katelynn, please do come in,” I responded politely whilst stretching to see I was alone in my bed, I felt my heart skip a beat wondering where Robert had gone. He must have slept in my bed as it faintly smelt of him. “Good morning ma’am, Lord Robert told me to tell you he has gone down to the stables to see whether he will be able to ride and to join him once you are dressed.” I nodded in response, climbing out of bed to see my riding clothes had been laid out for me. I smiled as I started to get dressed into my riding dress that I had not had the chance to wear since summer. Every chance I get I will be out on Quartz just getting away from everything, being able to think without my mother breathing down my neck. “Thank you Katelynn, please take some pennies from my purse in father’s office and treat yourself to something, please!” I told Katelynn as she grabbed a shawl and leather gloves and boots for me on my way out. She nodded politely as she followed me out with some laundry as it was the day it was done. Our life was very structured for my mother; she loved to have everything under her control. I had to stop myself running down the stairs to the stable just to be with Robert once again. “Oh Elizabeth dear,” I heard my mother call as I reached the front door and turned round to face her, “please do be careful whilst out in that brisk weather it’s awfully chilling,” I nodded in response wondering why mother took a sudden care in my actions. I pulled open the door to be hit with a chilling wind sweep round my petite body, I shivered pulling my coat tightly round me and speeding up to reach the stables near the back of the house on the grounds. I followed the path leading behind many bushes encircling our grounds of many acres I did not even bother to count. Mother and father love to gloat holding events just to show off anything they could hold in their vast land and quarters. I reached the stables as a comforting smell of hay and damp, I smiled as I pulled open the door to see Quartz and Clyde next to one another; they were both my horses from the day they were born. I loved them from the days I set eyes on them both brothers, always there for me to ride as I grew up. “Why hello Lady Elizabeth,” Henry announced, he was an old family friend who was our horse-hand. He was a brother to me always watching over me if I become ill or withered. “Hello dear Henry, how are you bearing up?” I questioned walking to join him as he finished brushing Quartz. It was great to see he loved the horses like I did. “Perfectly fine m’lady but I do so hope the snow continues it looks awfully breath-taking!” He replied as I smiled in agreement to hear a loud bang and the horses nearly spooked.  I walked to the sound to see Robert standing next to a beautiful horse with pale white fur and black spots on the rear and nose. It was magnificent! “I’m awfully sorry for such a noise,” Robert said as I stepped closer to stroke his horse, “this is Caspian, I have had him for only a few years but he is grand!” He told me as I stroked the beautiful horse, I smiled at Robert. “What a lovely horse you have!” I replied as he walked towards me and placed his arms round my waist.
“Isn’t he? My father bought him while we were away and I pleaded him to allow me to bring him home. He is very reliable and not easily spooked; he can ride in any weather!” Robert almost boasted as I lend into his masculine body, feeling his warmth was comforting in this cold stable. I wanted to ride, as I pulled away from Robert I asked Henry, “Henry dear, could you please set Quartz ready for riding if you may?” I asked politely, as I walked towards Clyde patting him, knowing he did not enjoy the snow like Quartz did. “Of course my lady,” Henry replied bowing making me smile even more. I turned to Robert, “will you be accompanying me on my ride Lord Robert?” I asked keeping up an appearance even though only Henry was around. Robert walked closer and bowed, “I would be delighted to accompany you Lady Elizabeth,” he responded taking my hand in his and kissing it lightly.
“That would be grand, now you must get Caspian ready as well Henry if it is not too much trouble?” I questioned Henry.
“I am capable of doing it myself Lady Elizabeth,” I heard Robert say making me smile and I nodded in response.

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