Here I am

Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


6. Dismissed

“Lizzie, Lizzie… Wake up please!” I heard Robert call as he lightly shook me pulling me away from my sleep and my dreams. “Good morning beautiful,” he said as my eyes fluttered open. I smiled at him loving the fact he had come to me and made the effort, “Good morning Robbie,” I replied as he smiled at me as I sat up and kissed his cheek lightly. “How are you this morning?” I questioned still worried about last night and the fact he did not even say ‘goodnight’, “I am much better now I have seen your beautiful smile, I am very sorry about last night my father just knows how to annoy me easily.” He replied as I stretched then placed my hands in his, our fingers entwining. “It is fine sweetie; I was just worried about you last night that’s all. I could tell you needed your space last night.” I said in reassurance squeezing his hand slightly. He smiled kissing me lightly on the lips and pulling me off my bed on to his lap, “you are and always will be the only girl to ever understand me like no other!” He announced making me laugh, happy we were back to our perfect daydream until it was broken with a sharp knock on my door. My mother entered just as I jumped off Robert’s lap and he stood up, “good morning to you both. Your father would like both of you to join him in the drawing room once you are dressed.” I nodded in response and ushered here away. I closed the door and sighed heavily, I really was not in the mood to talk to my father one bit. Like Robert’s he knew how to push my buttons and could drive me up the wall very quickly to the point I want to throw something at him. I kissed Robert one more time then pushed him through his door as he tried to give me puppy-eyes; I shook my head and gave him a look that he had to wait. I got dressed quickly not wanting to catch my father in a bad mood, I dressed in a peach day gown, reaching my ankles flowing round my waist, slim fitted complimenting my hips to the top with a corset secured to show my figure tastefully. It was my father’s favourite as he spent a lot on it just for a meal with my grandfather, he always smiled every time I wore it calling me his ‘little angel’, he still believed I was the unaware fifteen year old I was three years ago. How he would be shocked if I truly spoke my mind in front of him or mother, it would be unspeakable to confront my parents like I sometimes thought about doing. I walked towards my door and opened it to see Robert leaning on my door frame with black cotton trousers with a cream linen shirt and a fine jacket. By our outfits we would never guess it was winter to be quite honest. Robert wolf-whistled as he looked at me making me blush a strong red, he smiled lifting my head up as I tried to look away from him. I looked into his eyes as he pecked my lips until leading me downstairs towards my parents. This should be interesting! We reached the door of the drawing room; I knocked lightly to hear my father command use to enter. “Good morning Lord,” Robert bowed as he walked in I thought it was peculiar to see Robert bow for my father but everyone does it as my father is very ‘high class’ I guess, he has an extremely high status. “Good morning father,” I also curtsied in the presence of my father seeing him acknowledge my dress and smile, I hoped it would mild his mood slightly.
“Good morning to you both, I hope your stay is comforting Lord Robert. As you know I was talking to your father and found that you were not getting on recently, we finally came to the agreement you shall stay here for as long as you want with your father still travelling and you wanting to settle down to make your own life and stamp.” My father announced, as it all became clear to me why Robert quickly lost his temper with his father round. I made a mental note to ask him in detail when we were alone to find out what was actually happening as I knew father would not share that sort of information with me. “Thank you so much my lord. It will be lovely to spend time here getting to know old friends I have lost and settle down may be if I am lucky,” Robert replied looking at me when he said the last bit as I blushed once again. My father nodded as Frank, our butler, came in with a tray filled with steamy drinks and our best biscuits home made in our own kitchens, in which my mother started to sell at a small profit to her ever-growing social group. He placed the tray nodding at me and smiling as I smiled back, Frank had recently been severely ill and I begged father to pay for the medical attention he longed for. Now he was in full health back in our household but under my close supervision to make sure he keeps warm and does not work too hard. I was close to all the household ‘servants’, they were more family than anything as I knew most of them since a very young age I grew up with them. They knew my secrets, which reminded me I must see if Frank proposed to our old laundry maid Hayley as they fell deeply in love before she was transferred to another local high-class home where they were able to offer her more work as we were so over-staffed but I did not allow anyone to be let go I could not bear to lose any of them in my lifetime. “You may leave now Elizabeth I need to talk to Robert privately,” I was dismissed as though I was an unwanted object I got up reluctantly and longed for Robert to follow. I went back upstairs to my private library picking a book I had read many times before not knowing how long Robert would be.

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