Here I am

Winter. The perfect time to find a new love, to fall in love and trip into the unkown in the arms of someone. But love at first sight isn't what it could be... Sometimes there is a dark side to it. Love is not as simple as it's said to be. Death comes and everything is thrown away but what if you have a destiny to fulfill? What if your life is cut too short? What if your love does not move on?


1. First Dance, First Love

The snow fell, resting on the ground smothering anything that blocked its path. I have always loved the snow, amazed at how something perfect can be ruined so quickly with the obstruction of life. Bringing reality to everything, a moment stolen away before you can fully appreciate it.

"Elizabeth dear, you must get ready for the ball sharpish," my mother declared entering my room disturbing my silent thoughts. I sighed lightly, I could not move without my mother breathing down my neck.

"Of course mother, I am just waiting for Katelynn to come back with my ball gown. No need to stress, you shall present me as your perfect daughter to the whole community like I promised." I replied dismayed at how arrogant my mother had become since my father's newly found position as our local M.P. My mother shock her head as Katelynn walked in with my dream ball gown in her hands, my face brightened up as my mother was ushered out of the room so I could prepare.

"Katelynn, did you hear whether or not she has found me a suitable 'companion'?" I questioned almost regretting asking as Katelynn looked away, trying to not look me in the eye.

"I am unsure ma'am," Katelynn quietly replied as my dress was placed upon me. I looked in the mirror as Katelynn tied up the corset showing my petite figure. I turned to face a mirror of which my father had brought back from Italy on one of many of his trips he took. I smiled, pleased with my appearance as Katelynn fixed the bow and helping me to step into my new shoes. I felt amazing, almost excited to be presented since five years. I was now eighteen and to be wed, when a gentleman presented himself to me and I was able to accept his hand in marriage. I had many promises but my father never accepted believing he would be able to find a much more high class suitor. Even if I believed they were perfect if my father did not agree they were out within seconds. 


"Ma'am, you must go!" Katelynn announced helping me to my door to be met by my nanny since I was crawling. She was more a mother to me than my real mother; she had been there through everything while my mother was rolling in her new found fortune.

"Nanny," I ran into her arms as she admired me, smiling as her face shone with pride.

"You look lovely m'dear, are you ready?" She asked even though she already knew the answer, I shrugged lightly as she walked me to where I was to walk down and present myself then join my father's side as he spoke about a subject I couldn't care less about.

"Go on m'dear," She commanded leaving my side as my name was announced and everyone applauded for my entrance, I placed my hand on the shining staircase taking a deep breath then walking down. The hall was busting with people the majority I had never meet before, when I set my eyes on someone I recognized but was unsure of his name. He wore a royal blue suit chatting to his accomplish taking no notice of me until his friend told him to. He stopped amazed at my appearance making me smile slightly as I joined my father's side receiving a light pat on the shoulder before he started to speak once again. 

My father took my petite hand in his pulling my attention away from the gentleman, “Now who will have the first dance?” My father questioned loud enough for the whole hall to hear, making me blush severely as I looked round to see many gentleman raise their hands or stepped forward to be acknowledged. I saw the gentleman in the royal blue suite raise his hand, hoping that my father would pick him first as many of the other looked dreary and dull.

“You, young sir, shall have the honour of my daughter’s first dance,” My father announced as to my surprise and pleasure that my father had in fact picked the gentleman I had wished for.

“It would be a great honour,” he said taking my hand and leading me towards the centre of the hall that had now become empty except for couples ready to dance. The music started as he placed his arms tightly round my waist as though to stop any distance between us as I placed my arms lightly round his neck, blushing when I realized it was not the correct dance, “my name is Robert Pennyfather,” he said answering a question I had not the courage to ask, “I must say, you are breath-taking, Lady Elizabeth.” I blushed lightly and smiled at him as he spun me round, making me forget the dance steps I had spent ages perfecting for this specific night.

“Why thank you Lord Robert, please call me just Elizabeth. I must say you seem familiar but I am unsure of where from.” I replied, trying to find out why he was so familiar.
“My father is a close friend of yours; you see when we were much younger we accompanied one another to many events such as this. In which, we would cause havoc apparently,” as he explained we both smiled as I remembered many summers of running around much to my mother’s disproval.  “I moved to Spain a few years back as my father was asked by royal decree to attend an arrangement in her majesties place. Recently, we have moved back to London with my father’s hope to start a new and he heard that your father was holding a ball in your honour and made me promise I would attend.” He further explained as the music came to a slow end, I sighed knowing this was the end of our conversation. I was about to get whisked away into another man’s arms, but before I could Robert promised me to save him time after I had finished dancing so we could catch up further.

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