Because of you...

Because of him my life sucks. Niall Horan broke my heart. Why would he care. He was meant to be my best friend. Why me? What did I do?

Nothing against Niall!


2. Niall

Nialls POV

It's her. The girl i loved and crushed. "You two know each other?" Louis asked. "Unfortunately..." Rose answered rudly. My heart sank. I thought she might of missed me a bit. Niall, yeh right get back into reality, i thought. "I have to go. Bye" Rose just shut the door on us. "Wow! Dude what happened to you guys. Where you like together?" 

"Best friends." I answered blankly. What i did to her was really mean. "Lets get the boys and go to Nandos." Louis said. I nodded. 


Rose's POV

Louis seemed nice, not Niall. I want to forgot him. I decided to go for a walk. I grabbed my purse and coat and headed out. I started to walk around. I was pacing a Nandos and a bunch of girls where screaming. A girl around my age asked me "Ya know whats going on?" "Nup, wanna see?" The girl nodded. "So whats your name?" I asked "Summer, you?" "Rose" i smiled. Summer seemed nice. I needed a friend. We pushed through all the girls. "Oh i see them! OMG! AGGHHHH ITS ONE DIRECTION" Summer started fangirling over. Niall= One Direction


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