Because of you...

Because of him my life sucks. Niall Horan broke my heart. Why would he care. He was meant to be my best friend. Why me? What did I do?

Nothing against Niall!


3. Chapter 3

Roses POV

Summer grabbed my hand and started pushing in. "Please!"I begged. "no! Please i want to meet them!" Summer begged. "Fine i'll get a table!" I answered. I got a table far as way from them i can. "Rose come!"' Summer shouted from the boy's table. Louis saw me and gestured me to come. I dragged my self to their table. Niall looked at me. "Rose this is Niall, Harry,Liam, Louis and Zayn." I just waved. "Shes lives next door from us!" Louis said. "Yep." Summer's jaw drpped to the floor. "OMG! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she fangirled. "Not a fan?" i think Zayn asked. "Nup, sorry. Never heard of you." "What about you and Niall. Weren't you two friends." Niall told Louis. "I know him" i answered. My phone rang. I walked away saying ill come back. "Hey Rose speaking." I greeted "Hi Rose. This is the police. Your mum has been in a car crush. I'm sorry, she didn't make it." "No! She ahs to be alive!" i cried. ''I'm sorry'' and the police hang up. I started crying. Summer saw me. "'What happened?"

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