Because of you...

Because of him my life sucks. Niall Horan broke my heart. Why would he care. He was meant to be my best friend. Why me? What did I do?

Nothing against Niall!


4. 4

Roses POV The 1D boys cmustve noticed me crying. All I can hear are voices. Be quiet. I want my mummy back, I want my mum back. I shouldn't have left. I'm so dumb! UGH! If I didn't move mum will still be alive, I would have a mum, her friends would be happy, it would be perfect back there. I tried to get up. Niall started shouting, Shut up. I want to go die in a whole and be with mum. I ran off. Ran as far as my legs could take me. I could hear some running footsteps be hind me. I ran faster, turned, turned again and hit behind a bush. One deep breath. Take a breath at a time. I could hear the footsteps getting closer. I didn't dare to look who it was. The footsteps turned the other way. Good. Actually, not good, my life is a broken. Mums gone and Nialls here with his stuiped band mates. I got up. Tears streaming down my face. 'RING RING RING' ugh. My phone. I checked who it was... The police. "Hello *sniffle* Rose Jones talking" "Hello Rose. You need to return back home to speak with your lawyer about the heritage. We need you here in the next 3 days." "Ok. Bye" I hung up. I started to walk home. I need to book tickets. I saw the snobby 1D boys walking in the apartment. "I wonder what happened to Rose." Said a British accent "Yeh. Same. Must of been bad" said Louis. "Summer was nice." Fucking Niall complemented summer. I waited until they where in the elivator and went inside. I went to my room. I bet one of hood 1d boys r gonna be there
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