I Have To Say Goodbye

I have to say goodbye. You tore my heart into and I cried to many tears ,So this is the final goodbye.


1. I Have To Say Goodbye

I have to say goodbye

 I don't want to

I have to

No other choice do I have


My heart has been in pain

Far way to long

I look annd doon't see

I found and lost


From the first day

We fell in love

Our prayers was answered

We were not alone


Then it happened

We were together so long

I thought it was

Going to last forever


Theen you walked away

Without a word

I still don't know why

Guess I never will


The tears I have shed

Fell like rain

But never washed away

The pain


My feelings are gone

I'm lost and don't

Know what to do

All I do is think of you


The memories we made

Time can't erase

No matter how far or near

I wil always be here for you


I have cried to many tears

So Darling

It is time for me to let go

I waited for you to come back


But since you have not

This is the final goodbye

I will still think of you

Always love you to

But I have to say goodbye


I have found someone new

Who is kind and loving

That will love me

The way you used to


I will love him

Be loyal and true

Stand by him

Not walk away


He won't take your place

No one ever will

You will always

Be in my heart


But I won't hurt him

I will love him

Give him the best

I can


You tore my heart into

Made me have doubts

Scared to trust again

I have to say godbye


I have to give him my all

Love him with all my might

Not let him see the tears

I cry for you


Cause you have made it plain

Your not thinking of me

You won't be back again

To hold me and love me


Or tell me to smile

That even when your not here

Your always thinking of me

That you love only me


I will never be able to whisper

In your ear I Love You Darling

And I always will

Ever again


So I have one last

Request to make

Please Darling, don't ever forget me

I know I will never forget you



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