Rachel and Tyler's Story

Rachel Garcia is beautiful, but she's never believed it. That is until Tyler Carson came along. Tyler isn't just so handsome it's breath taking but he's kind and warm and he's the only person, other than Feya's adopted mother, who has ever stuck around.


1. Chapter One-


Chapter One-


     Tyler Carson was breath taking. He had short, dirty blonde hair and the most amazingly beautiful pale green eyes. He was slightly tanned. His jawline was strong and his lips were the perfect size. His shoulders were broad and his biceps were rippling due to the harsh workout he forced himself to do every day. But he wasn’t all just looks, he was sweet and caring. On the first date we had gone on he not only took me to my first county fair, paid for everything, and insisted on opening every door, but he complimented me all night long and even after almost five years of being together he still did all of these things and never failed to tell me he loved me every morning and every night. He still took me out on adventurous dates and spontaneous trips. When I was sick he made me soup and every morning he bought me a chai tea latte from the Starbucks down the street, even though I woke up at eight in the morning and he didn’t need to wake up until nine thirty. He put up with my mood swings and jealousy. When it was that time of month he went out and bought my tampons and chocolate and always made sure I had a heating pad when needed. He is perfect and I’m so imperfect that sometimes I think he’ll leave me for someone better, which leads to my jealousy. I wasn't controlling or possessive but I sometimes freaked out if our waitress even smiled flirtatiously at him because there was nothing keeping him from leaving me. I wasn't special or unique. I had long, wavy, black hair and pale blue eyes, my skin was almost too pale and my breast were annoyingly large, at almost a DD. I was curvy and had a nice butt but that’s all there was to me, my body. My face was plain, or at least I thought so. Tyler always told me I was gorgeous and that he wished I could see what he saw.

“Hey babe, what are you doing up so early?” Tyler walked out of our room and into the kitchen. We lived together, along with his best friend Josh and our new roommate Amber. I didn't like her but Josh really did and was excited about having a new challenge though she wasn't at all interested in him. She was constantly flirting with Tyler and acting like his girlfriend.

“I’m not feeling good, I was going to run to the store and get some cough drops and soup, my throats sore.” My voice was raspy from coughing all night; I’m not sure how Tyler hadn't woken up.

“I’ll go to the store. Go lie down and get some rest. I’ll pick up stuff to make soup too.” He kissed my forehead and told me he loved me before going to the store. I loved him so much and it scared me, everyone I had ever loved left. He was the first person to stay through all of my crap. I had been in and out of foster homes all throughout my childhood and when someone who really wanted me adopted me when I was thirteen; she died of cancer five years later, to me Esme Foster would always be my mother. She hadn’t been married and she was only 35 but she had been the most amazing mother, she was loving and caring and she didn't care that I was older and that I wasn't a baby or a toddler like so many of the other families had, she loved me unconditionally. When she passed I got everything she owned, I had been the only person on her will. I got her car, her pictures, every last dime she had but what meant the most to me was her journals, she had one for each year she had me and everyone was written to me, explaining how much she loved me and that she hoped I loved her just as much as she did I. I missed her and thought of her every day. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts because Tyler arrived home in what seemed like minutes.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked while I lay in bed.

“She was beautiful you know, you would have fallen in love with her. She had the most amazing laugh, and she was always smiling. She had gorgeous long golden blonde hair that looked like it was literally made of gold. Her eyes were this intense green color that was almost emerald.” I showed him a picture of me and my mom when I was seventeen.

“She would be proud of you Rachel. I know you miss her and I know you’re afraid I’ll leave you like everyone else has but I’m not going anywhere.” He kissed me.

“I’m sick; you’re going to catch it now.” I whispered.

“Then I’ll catch it.” He kissed me again.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you, I have from the moment I met you.” We stayed like that until I fell asleep and when I woke up it was dark out. He went out to the kitchen to make the soup. I followed and sat on the couch, he bundled me in blankets and I watched him as he cooked. It was almost eight o clock when Amber walked out in her long, midnight blue, silk nightgown. It clung to her every curve and her small, but perky, breast stood proudly with no bra.

“Hey roomie.” She placed a lingering hand on Tyler’s bare arm.

“Hey.” He said, unphased.  I stared at her with disgust.

“So there’s a Christmas party at my work if you and Josh wanted to come” She looked at me, “and Rachel too of course.” She said unwillingly.

“We can’t, every year for the past five years me and Rachel go to my families cabin for Christmas. It’s kind of a tradition.” Tyler said. I smiled to myself, remembering the last few Christmas’s.

“Shame. Well will you be back for New Year’s?” She asked, hopeful. She was falling in love with my boyfriend, it wasn't just flirting anymore.

“Yeah, but me and Rachel spend it with my family.” Tyler wasn't into partying, he never had been.

“Well if you change my mind, let me know.” She walked back to her room, swaying her hips in hope Tyler might look but he didn't. He did, however, look back at me and smiled at me watching him.

“It’ll be done in a half an hour. Do you want to start the Christmas movies?” Every year we watched the Christmas shows that played this time of year. He sat down next to me on the couch and brought me close. I must have fallen asleep again because when I woke up I was laying on the couch with a pillow propping my head. There was whispering in the kitchen.

“Are you seriously making a move on me? My girlfriend is asleep on the couch.” Tyler sounded repulsed.

“Come on Tyler, I don’t understand why you want her over me.” Amber whispered.

“I love her.” He said, as if that were explanation enough.

“Why? She’s pretty and everything but she’s got a fucked up past. I could love you and I don’t have any baggage.”

“Don’t. You don’t get to talk about her like that. She doesn't have baggage. That’s her life and even if she had all the baggage in the world I would never, even for one minute, think about choosing you over her because there is no choice, it’s her and it always will be. About a year ago Rachel and I had an argument and she left for about three days, I didn't sleep once during that time because I can’t sleep if she’s not next to me. When I think about what my life would be like if I lost her, it scares and I’m not afraid of much. I love her because of how strong she is. I love that she gets jealous so easily, because it shows me she cares. I love her because sometimes she talks in her sleep and because when she laughs, really hard, she snorts. I am so unbelievably in love with her and everything about her that I haven’t even looked at another girl since the moment I realized I loved her four and a half years ago. There is nothing you could say or do to change that. You can wear your skimpy little clothes around the apartment and throw yourself at me all you want but know that I will never want you, let alone love you. What I would do to make the breath taking woman sleeping on the couch is endless, so don’t mistake me being nice as me being interested in you because I’m not, I can promise you that. Show some respect for my girlfriend because if you can’t I will not hesitate to kick you out on your ass. So the flirting, dressing in lingerie, and the touching needs to stop, not because it has any sort of effect on me, but because it makes Rachel uncomfortable and feel like she had competition when she doesn't.” Tyler said.

“Why is she so damn special? I don’t get it, what keeps you so in love with her?” She sounded so bitter and hurt that I almost felt bad for her, than I remembered she was trying to steal the love of my life.

“Do you want to know what’s so special about her?”

“Yes, I do.”

“The way her face lights up when I bring her chai tea lattes in the morning, the way she smiles at me, the way she laughs at my jokes even though I know they’re horrible, the way her hair looks in the morning all crazy and out of control, the way she bites her bottom lip when she nervous. What makes her so special is the way she sings, loudly, in the shower and when she dances while she cooks; it’s because of the way my family loves her and how amazing she is with my niece Isabel, it’s the way she sometimes talks in accent just to be goofy. It’s also the way she loves Christmas, and how she hates getting gifts but loves giving them and how every thanksgiving she volunteers at the shelter, and how every New Year’s she’s the one I get to kiss at midnight. I love her because she loves watching the Christmas movies and because she still watches the Saturday cartoons every single Saturday, and how she loves any movie from the 50’s. What makes me love her is the way she prefers to hand write letters, invitations, thank-you notes, over emailing them. It’s because she re-do’s her nails every other week because she can’t stand when they’re chipped. It’s the way she’s so willing to forgive and love people and the way she accepts people for who they are. I love when she mumbles my name in her sleep and how she randomly tells me she loves me. The way she so shamelessly tells girls to back off and how when she looks at me I feel like I have a purpose the way she makes me feel needed and wanted. It’s not just the fact that she loves to read, or the fact that she can kick my ass at any given video game or that she is so unbelievably beautiful but most of all it’s because when I look at her, I know, I know that one day I’ll ask her to marry me and if she says yes I’ll be the happiest man to live and if she were to say no I’d still never love anyone even half as much as I love her. Those are only a very small amount of reason why I would never do anything to hurt Rachel. If you’d like me to go on, I can but it doesn't matter what you say or do because my heart belongs to her and it will until the day I die.”

“I’m never going to have a chance with you.” It wasn't a question.

“Not even the slightest chance Amber.” He moved toward me and I closed my eyes.

“Hey, babe, wake up.” He shook me lightly and I slowly opened my eyes and smiled at him.

“The soups done, how is your throat feeling?” He asked.

“It’s a little bit better.” I sat up when Tyler handed me a bowl of steaming soup.   

“I love you, you know that right?” He sat next to me on the couch once we had finished our soup.

“I know.” I smiled profusely.

“You heard me and Amber talking didn't you?” He asked. I nodded and his expression changed to something unreadable.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, completely serious.

“I told her that one I was going to ask you to marry me.” He looked scared and young and so vulnerable.

“And when you do I’ll say yes, but that’s when the time comes. Why are you so afraid that I know you want to marry me?”

“Because if you say no I’m not sure what I would do.” He looked away from me.

“I can promise you I’m not going to say no.” I grabbed his hand.

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