Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


17. The Transformation

~~ Rose's P. O. V. ~~
As I step out of my silver Audi, and breathe in the fresh New York City air, I gag. A lot worse than I remember. I walk towards the house Logan told me to meet him at. It was an apartment, actually. Very well done up, from the outside. It was white sandstone, with black pillars out the front of the two story apartment. There were three windows on the top floor, so I'm guessing there are three bedrooms, and two windows on the bottom floor, which I could see joined together to make an living/dining/kitchen area. I walked up to the redish brown hardwood front door, and knocked.
"Rose is here!" I immediately recognised Logan's voice. "Hey babe! How are you?" He asked, opening the door, and picking me up, swinging me around.
"Logie Bear! I missed you so much!! I'm better now I get to see you. How are you?" I ask, hugging back tightly.
"Come in. There are some people I want you to meet." He was smiling widely.
He took my hand, and walked me inside. Sitting on the couch in the living room were two blonde boys playing COD and on the floor next to the couch were three girls, one with red and black hair, one with blonde hair and red streaks in it and one with long black and blue hair.
"Rose, this is Ash and Jace," Logan said, pointing at the two blonde boys, "Violet," the girl with the red and black hair, "Raven," the girl with the black and blue hair, "and Mia," the girl with the blonde hair, and red streaks. They all smile at me brightly, and I smile back, slightly waving.
We all sat down, and the boys went back to video games while us girls started talking.
"So, Rose, you live in Ohio? That's awesome!" Mia said.
"Yeah, it's nice there. And I met Logan, which is awesome." I reply.

~~ Ash's P. O. V. ~~
Rose is nice, but she's dating Logan, so why was Logan flirting with Violet so much if he was dating Rose?.. I will never understand werewolves. I think, as I play COD zombies. I look over at the girls, and see them talking quietly, occassionally giggling. I wonder what they're talking about.
"Mate, we better get ready. It's almost sunset." Jace said, putting away his Xbox controller. Logan and I follow suit, and we all walk into the upstairs spare bedroom, where we will be staying for the night.
We barricade ourselves inside the room, and Logan and Violet prepare for a torturous night ahead. Jace and I keep an eye out for the city's werewolf pack, while Mia, Raven and Rose make sure Violet and Logan are ready for the long night ahead.

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
Mia, Rose and Raven were setting up me and Logan for the night. We would be barricaded in the lounge room, and they would stay in the room right next to it. Once we were settled in, and the girls had left, I punched Logan, who was sitting right next to me, hard in the arm.
"What was that for?!" He cried.
"You have a girlfriend, but you kissed me! How could you! She'll hate me, if she ever knew! You idiot!" I whisper/yelled, hitting him over the head.
By now the sun had set, and the moon and stars were comng out.
"Look, I'm sorry. It was a spur of the moment thing, it just happened," he exploded. After that, we just sat in silence.
"It's time.." Logan finally spoke up, and I looked out the window. The moon was up, and the last clouds surrounding it were moving. Soon, we would be hit by the full force of the moon, and turn into our wolf form.
I felt a sharp pain in my back, spreading quickly throughout my whole body. I balled my hands into fists, and arched my back in pain. No matter how many times it happens, the pain is always the same. It never seems to get any better.
I look over and see Logan turning into a chacolate-brown wolf. I look into his hazel eyes before I get pulled under by the black.

~~ Raven's P. O. V. ~~
I hear growling in the living room. They must have transformed already. I poke my head out of the bedroom, and sneak a peak into the living room. Behind their barricade, they were pacing, and growling at each other. There was a chocolate brown wolf I'm guessing was Logan, and a red and black wolf I'm guessing was Violet.
I walk outside to Jace and Ash.
"They've transformed already. Keep an eye out for Nicky and his pack, Mia, Rose and I are gonna try and get some sleep. Wake us when you need some sleep." I say.
"Sure, sleep well." Jace replied, and Ash just nodded.
I walked back inside, and fell asleep on the floor, next to the bed, and Rose. Rose and I were sleeping on the floor, and Mia was sleeping in the bed.
I woke a few hours later to the sound of crashing and whimpering. I ran into the living room, and saw Violet and Logan still pacing, occassionally fighting with each other, but they were fine otherwise. Then, I ran outside, to see Jace and Ash fighting a pack of werewolves.
"Thought you'd have all the fun?" I joke, running over to them. Luckily I fell asleep in my clothes from yesterday, a pair of denim shorts and a blue tank top, and my black low top converse. "Listen to me!" I shout, using my siren voice, "You will leave Violet, Logan and the rest of us alone for the rest of your lives. We have done nothing wrong. Now go home!"
Once all of the wolves had left, Jace just looked at me and smiled evily. "You think you can get away with stealing out prey, huh? Well, maybe we'll just have to tickle some sense into you." He ran forward and started tickling me, Ash following behind. They carried me inside, and dumped me on the bed in Violet's room.
"Sleep here for the night." Jace said, walking out. I saw him walking past the room again, carrying Rose into his room. He walked back past, and I heard him sighing. I shrugged it off, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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