Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


7. The coffee Shop

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
As I run down the street, my feet pounding on the footpath, I replay the argument in my head.
Drey was in the kitchen, and she couldn't reach a jar at the back of the top shelf in the cupboard.
"ViVi!" She cried.
I ran into the kitchen, worried.
Drey was standing in front of the cupboard, glaring at it.
This causes me to giggle.
"DreyDrey, you know there's no point glaring at an inanimate object. So why do you?"
"Because it's being mean." She whined in a childish voice.
"Gimme a second, Drey." I walked over, and reached up onto the top shelf, grabbing a jar of honey.
"Making more biscuits? Another bake sale at the pet shop?" I asked.
"Yeah. And I want to do everything I can to help the poor animals. It's not like they can talk, so we have to help them." I smile at her generosity.
**Time skip ~ 15 minutes later ~ **
"I knew it! I never should have left you in charge! You never listen to me! I told you to keep an eye on the cookies! Damn it, Violet! Now they're burnt, and I don't have any more flour! I can't make another batch! This is all your fault, Violet! Just get out, before I do something drastic!"

Drey was yelling at me, because I forgot to check on the cookies. I was too busy listening to music, but it happens everytime. You think I'd learn. Obviously not.
I ran down the street, to my safe haven.
Coffee Time.
It's a locally owned and run coffee shop. They make the best caramel lattes, and luckily, they're open all night. As I walk in, I notice something different about the aura of the shop. And then, the smell hits me. Two pure blood vampires, a vampire/siren and the one that surprises me the most, an angel.
I rush past them all, before they can notice me, and take my usual seat, at the back of the shop.
I take my laptop out of my bag, and start surfing the net, while I wait for my drink I ordered.

~~ Raven's P. O. V. ~~
Jace was in the middle of telling us all a story, but none of us were really listening. Mia was staring off into the distance, Ash was half-asleep, mindlessly sipping his coffee, and then there was me. Sitting in between Jace and Ash, across from Mia, sipping my mochaccino, in the hopes it might wake me up, so I can pretend to listen to Jace's story. I stiffled a yawn, and layed my head down on the table. I wish Mia would talk more. I start to drift off to sleep, when the chime on the door was moved. Someone walked in. A werewolf. Brilliant.
I got out my phone, and hit play on my favourite playlist. Misery Business by Paramore started playing. I started singing along.
"I'm in the business of Misery,
Let's take it from the top.
She's got a body like an hourglass,
It's ticking like a clock.
It's a matter of time before we all run out,
When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth."

Jace, Ash, Mia, and the werewolf girl were all staring at me.
I blush, and apologize.
I must have been using my Siren voice.
The werewolf girl walked past us, talking in a low voice on the phone. It looked like something was wrong. Jace noticed, and walked up to her.
"Are you alright?"
She turned around, and we all saw her tear stained face.
"Y-Yeah." She chocked out, before running out the door.
Out of all of us, Jace looked the most concerned.
Something is deffinately going on.
Aren't Angels and Werewolves enemies, or something?


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