Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


24. Silver main

Why, hello there. I’m Silver Main. My twin brother and I just turned 18 a few weeks ago and we’ve just moved back to our home town of New York. Damon, my twin brother, is younger, by a minute, and I’m not letting him forget it. Ever. Hehe, I’m so evil. Damon and I are vampires. I control shadows, and Damon can control fire.  I have long pink, white and blue hair and blue eyes. I have naturally brown hair. It was from Mum. Damon has it too. But it reminded us of her too much. I have her eyes, too, so, I don’t like looking in my reflection much. Dad blames us for Mum’s passing. Like we can stop brain tumors..  Umm... I don’t dress girly, just colourfully, and I’m more tomboyish, probably from hanging out with Damon so much. Usually, I’m wearing a pair of coloured jeans or shorts, and a coloured shirt. Yeah, I like colours, deal with it.  I like that pinkish purple colour that I’m using right now. It’s my favourite. That or dark purple.  I’m about 5” 9, so, I am tall. But Damon’s taller. It’s so freaking annoying.  Damon and I fight, but it’s usually just play fighting. Don’t get me wrong, he drives me insane sometimes, but he’s the only family I’ve got left, pretty much, and I love him. Dad’s been abusive, mostly yelling and swearing, but sometimes, if he’s really angry or drunk, he’d hit us. Until Damon and I ran away. Back to our home town, New York. Well, I’m finally at wherever Damon told me to meet him at. Later. 
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