Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


20. School

~~ Jace's P. O. V. ~~
As Violet, Raven and I walk to school, we are met by Logan and Rose, holding hands. I'll admit, they're cute, but it's obvious Logan hasn't told Rose about him kissing Violet behind her back.
I had to tell her.
She had a right to know.
We soon arrived at school, met up with Mia.
The girls were all discussing their outfits for the day. 
Violet looked really cute in her flannel shirt, blue skinny jeans and red converse. And to top it off, her hair had been dyed full, bright red, yesterday, when the girls went out. She had a wolf bracelet, which looked awesome. Her white bag amazingly fitted all of her books in it.
Raven wore a one shoulder grey, medium sleeved top, with her black denim shorts, grey stockings, black converse. She wore some eyeliner, making her eyes look even bluer, if it were possible, and her hair was braided, along the top. French braiding, I think. I don't know, I'm not a girl. She had a black bag.
Mia wore a grey, one shoulder long sleeved top, with her black skinny jeans, Black flats, and her blue rose studs and mustache necklace. She was carrying a white bag, and her hair was in a messy bun.
Rose had a black singlet and a peach coloured blazer, blackish-blue denim shorts and a black bag, with her black combat boots and her mustache studs. She got her hair cut into a side fringe, and layered, yesterday.
Logan and I stood around the girls, as they made idle chat. When we heard the bell go, we walked to homeroom, where we were given our schedules. We compared classes and I was with Rose, Violet, Mia and Ash for english, too bad Ash isn't here today, I was with Violet for ancient history, Raven for Math, everyone for science, and Rose for software technology.
I would tell Rose about the kiss today, last period, in Software technology.
~ Skips to Software technology ~
"Hey Rose." I greet, smiling brightly.
"Hey Jace. How's it going?"
"Pretty good. Hey, can we talk after class?" I ask, as we walk in and find our seats.
"Sure," Rose said, flashing me a quick smile, and looking at the board, begining to copy the notes.
~ Skips to the end of class ~
Rose and I pack up, and walk out of class together.
"So, what's up?"
"Uh, well, it's about Logan." I begin, not knowing how exactly to put this.
"What about him?" Rose stopped walking, and rose her eyebrows at me.
"Well, it's just.. You see.. Uh..."
"Spit it out."
"Logan kissed Violet." I saw quickly, relieved to have said it. Rose's face fell, and she looked down at her combat boots.
"I should have known this would happen. He's been distance from me lately, and he spends a lot of time with Violet." Rose said Violet's name with as much hate as possible, "She should have known making a move on my man was the wrong thing to do. I'll just have to go teach her a lesson."
I called out her name, trying to explain that it was Logan who made a move on Violet, but she ran off. I ran after her, but by the time I found her, I couldn't stop it.

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
Raven, Mia and I were standing out the front to the school, waiting for Logan, Rose and Jace. Logan got there shortly after Raven, Mia and I, so we stood around, talking about our day.
"So, did you guys have fun today?" I asked, tiredly.
"Yes." Mia said, sounding almost as tired as me.
"No!" Raven and Logan cry.
We all start laughing, and I see Rose and Jace running towards us.
"Hey guy-" I get cut off by Rose, slapping me across the cheek. What the hell?!
Rose started screaming at me, calling me a boyfriend stealer, and a whore. What did I ever do to her?! Rose went to hit me again, but Logan held her back, and Jace stood in front of me.
"Piss off Logan. Don't ever touch me again. We're over. Done. Finished. You can go back to your whore now." She seethed, then stormed off.
"What the actual fuck?!" I yell at Logan.
"I don't know, ask Jace."
I glare at Jace and he looks down at his shoes.
"Jace!" I scream. "This is all your fault!"
"I'm sorry. I didn't know she'd react like this.. I just thought she needed to know Logan kissed you, behind her back."
I glared at him, and started walking home, Raven following behind me. Logan started arguing with Jace, and Mia went to her car, and drove home.
Once I got home, I ran into my room, and slammed to door. I crashed onto my bed, and sobbed into a pillow. There was a soft knock at the door, and I walked over to the door, opening it a crack. It was Raven. She engulfed me in a hug, and grabbed the box of tissues, wiping my eyes.
"Well, you won't need to beat up Jace now." Raven said, and I gave her a quizical look. "Logan did that for you."
"You heard me. Jace should be getting home soon." Just then, we heard the front door open and close, and someone walking up the stairs. There was a soft knock, and I burried my face in my pillow. I heard Raven get up, and open the door. The door clicked again, and I felt my mattress sink slightly, indicating someone sat on my bed.
"Violet.." It was Jace.
"Go away Jace," I sniffled.
"Please, just hear me out."
I sighed, "Fine, but it better be good...."
"I didn't know she'd act like this. I just thought she should know that Logan kissed you, and she was supposed to be mad at Logan, not you."
I remember Raven saying Logan started beating up Jace as I left. I looked up from my pillow, and saw Jace.
His lip was cut and bleeding, and he had a black eye forming. His shirt was torn, and he had grazes on his arms. His knuckles were bleeding.
He must have seen the worry on my face, because he said, "If you think I look bad, you don't wanna see Logan." I groaned and hugged Jace.
"I'm gonna kill you.." I mutter into his chest. This made him chuckle.
He hugged back, and leant back, as I snuggled into his side. We fell asleep like this.

~~ Raven's P. O. V. ~~
(So many different P. O. V.'s... o.o)
Jace and Violet were in her room, talking, so I went downstairs and started cooking something for dinner. Might as well feed 'em, I thought.
I finished making the bolognese and started making the spaghetti.
Once the spaghetti was finished, I put equal amounts of spaghetti and bolognese in three bowls, and put the rest in containers in the fridge. I walked upstairs, and opened the door slightly, to see Violet and Jace sleeping next to each other. Jace was leaning back, with his arm protectively around Violet's waist as she snuggled up to him. I decided to let them sleep for a bit, and walked back downstairs. I ate my dinner, and left the other two bowls in the fridge. Shortly after I finished cleaning up my bowl, I heard the sound of footsteps and saw Violet and Jace walking into the kitchen/living area, rubbing their eyes sleepily.
"Good evening." I grinned.
"Hey," Violet yawned. Jace smiled sleepily.
Jace and Raven re-heated their food, and we all sat in the living room, eating and talking, except, I finished eating.
"Raven, can you stay tonight, too? Sorry.." Violet asked in almost a whisper.
"Sure, let me just call Dad." I smile.
I get up and walk into the kitchen, and pull out my iPhone. I dial Dad's number and bring the phone up to my face. Dad answered on the first ring.
"Raven, where are you, why weren't you home yesterday, Ally was so worried!" He yells into the phone.
"I was at Jace's place, with Violet. I stayed the night, because I missed curfew already. Pfft, when has she ever been worried about me. She's too busy spoiling her little 'pureblood' vampire daughter. Don't even try to convince me she likes me enough to care. She abuses me, but you never listen, and I'm over it. I'm coming over tonight, to get my stuff, and then I'll be out of your lives for good. You'll have the 'perfect' family you've always wanted." I scream, hanging up.
I walked back into the living room, as Violet and Jace were having a conversation about all of the different creatures that were at our school.
"There's a vampire in my Math class," Violet added, "Her name is Silver. She seems pretty cool."
"Oh yeah? Awesome. There's a vampire in my Math class too. His name is Damon. He's not bad either."
"Yeah? Well, there's a werewolf in my Art clas- Raven, why are you crying?!" Violet shouted the last bit, as she ran up and hugged me.
"C-Can I stay here for a bit, Jace? I've left home.." I manage to say through sobs.
"Of course! Stay here as long as you need to. You can have the spare room."
"T-Thanks. I'll be back, I've just gotta go get my stuff. I'll be back in 20-30 minutes."
"Want me to come and help?" Violet asked.
"No, I'll be fine. Thanks for offering though."
I walk out the door, and into my black Holden Barina, and drove home.
Once I got home, I walked into the house, through the front door, and came face-to-face with my step-mum, Ally.
"What do you think you're doing back here?" She whispered, her voice full of venom.
"I'm getting my things." I spit, full of just as much hate.
"I don't think so. As soon as you told your Father you were leaving, I had Annabeth clean out your room, and put everything in boxes. She's going to move into your room, and her room is turning into an office. You have no place here anymore." Ally spoke barely above a whisper, and it was in a deadly tone. She pushed be back, so my spine was diging into the doorframe, and she slapped me. She motioned her head towards to the pile of boxes next to the door, and stalked away. As tears blurred my vision, I left the house, that was never really a home to me. Driving back to Jace's house, I turned up the radio, and "Little Things" by One Direction started playing. I started singing along silently.
Once I got back to Jace's, I took my boxes into the spare room, and told Jace and Violet I was going to bed early, because I was tired. I noticed how quickly everything was packed, and realised they must have been trying to get rid of me for a while now. This made me start crying, and I cried myself to sleep.

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