Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


14. Saying Goodbye

~~ Jace's P. O. V. ~~
I woke up with the sun warming my face. It would have been a beautiful morning, if it weren't for the funeral that would be taking place later that day. It's been two weeks since the fire, and Violet was staying with me. Logan would come over and visit almost everyday. I'm trying to be nice to him, because he seems like a decent guy, but something about him doesn't feel right. I have nothing against him being a wolf, but something about him gets on my nerves. He treats Violet perfectly, and they have history together. To be fair, he's probably a better partner for Violet than me, but I don't care. Ever since I saw her in the coffee shop, I knew there was something special about her. No matter how sappy that sounds, it's true. I feel broken, seeing her with Logan. But there's nothing I can do.
I get up and shower quickly, the warm water waking me up, and heating my body. I get out and dry off, before wrapping a towel around my lower half. I walk out into my room, and throw on some black jeans, before walking into the kitchen, and turning the kettle on. I hear giggling from the lounge room, meaning Violet and Logan are awake. Logan slept over last night, to comfort Violet. The kettle finishes boiling, so I pour myself a coffee and walk into the lounge room, to see Logan and Violet kissing on my lounge. They hadn't noticed me, so I slowly walked back into the kitchen.
I heard whispered voices, and snippets of their conversation.
"What the hell?!"
"Why did you-?"
I hear a slamming of a door, and walk back into the lounge room. Logan is sitting by himself on the two seater lounge, and I walk over to the single seater.
"So..." I start awkwardly.
"Yeah?" Logan asked, slightly annoyed.
"What's wrong with Violet?"
"I-I... I don't know," Logan said, looking down. It was obvious he knew. I knew! But if I said that, he'd know I was spying on them.
"I'm just going to go check on her then," I say, getting up.
I walk down the hallway, and hear a smash.
"Violet!" I yell, rushing into her room. She was standing in the middle of her room, holding her hand, which was balled into a fist. I looked across, following her line of vision, and see a broken mirror.
I engulfed her in a hug, and she hugged back. I held her, as she told me what had happened. Logan had kissed her, and they argued. She ran back into her room, and she punced the mirror.
I helped her up from the floor we were sitting on, and left her in her room to get changed.
She came out in a black, strapless dress, with black ballet flats, and stockings. She looked absolutely stunning, and I saw Logan all but droolling. I chuckled at this, and hugged Violet.
"Ready?" I ask.
"As I'll ever be."
"Well, lets go then.." Logan cleared his thoat, and Violet glared at him. He shrunk back, and she hugged me. I couldn't help but look smug.
We walk out the door, and all climb into Raven's car, making our way to the cemetary.

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
I stood up, shaking, and took Raven's hand. We walked up to the stage-like place that had been set out for us to talk about Audrey.
"Thank you all for coming, and I'm sure Audrey would have loved to see you all coming today." I managed to say, before Raven took over. I was greatful for that. I saw Jace, Ash, and Mia sitting in the front row, dressed in black. The I saw my parents in the row behind, their eyes shining from tears.
"Today we would like to sing a song for you. Audrey's favourite. The Mortician's Daughter."
Raven and I start singing together, in harmony, to Audrey's favourite song.

I open my lungs dear,
I sing this song at funerals, no rush.
These lyrics heard a thousand times, just plush.
Baby boy you've held so tightly, this pain it visits almost nightly.
Missing hotel beds, I feel your touch.

I will await dear,
A patience of eternity, my crush.
A universal still, no rust.
No dust will ever grow on this frame,
One million years, I will say your name.
I love you more than I can ever scream.

Booked our flight those years ago,
I said I love you as I left you.
Regrets still haunt my hollow head,
I promised you, I will see you again.

I sit here and smile dear.
I smile because I think of you, I blush.
These bleeding hollow dials, this fuss.
Fuss is made of miles and travels when roadways are but stones and gravel.
A bleeding heart can conquer every grudge.

Booked our flight those years ago,
You said you loved me as you left me.
Regrets still haunt your saddened head but I promised you, I will see you.
We booked our flight those years ago,
I said I loved you and I left you.
Regrets no longer in my head,
But I promised you and now I'm home again, again, again, again, again, again.

I'm home again.

We then sat through everyone's speeches, and then the coffin was burried, but I felt like I wasn't there. I was off in my memories. When Audrey and I were happy together. I was sitting next to Jace, and leaning on his shoulder. I drifted into sleep.

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