Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


18. Mornings

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
The sun streamed through the window in my room, and onto my bed. I rolled over, and looked at the clock on my bedside table (Room~ ) 7am. Nice time to wake up. Today was Sunday, and I have school tomorrow. Senior year! And I get to go to the same school as Jace, Raven, Mia and Ash. I walk downstairs, into the kitchen, and start to boil the kettle.
"Morning Vi," I hear Jace call from the living room.
"Morning, Jace."
I hear footsteps, and I feel arms wrap around me.
"Hey Raven! I didn't know you were here!" I turn around and hug Raven tightly. Over the last few weeks Raven and I have gotten really close. Like sisters.
"Well, we're going shopping today! We need some new clothes for school!" Raven was grinning so much it hurt just looking at her. I groaned. I strongly disliked shopping. It was something Audrey and I would do together.
"Oh.." Raven understood.
"No no no. I'll come. It's fine. Just let me get ready," I say, making a quick coffee, and running into my room to get changed while it cooled down.
I changed into an off-the-shoulder grey butterfly top, black denim shorts, red low-top Converse ( I grab my coffee, drinking it quickly, and then wash out my cup. I run into the living room screaming "BATMAAAAN!" causing Raven and Jace to have a fit of laughter.
"Well, are we going, or what?" I asked, after Raven had recovered from her laughing fit.
"Yeah, yeah, calm down. I thought you didn't like shopping anyway," She said, waving me away as she walked into the kitchen to get her bag.
We said goodbye to Jace and Ash, who had just got there, and walked out the door."To the Batmobile!!" We yell, before bursting into giggles again.
We got into Raven's black Holden Barina and Raven drove us to the shopping centre, and we went to the food court, and bought a smoothie. We sat down at a table and talked for a bit, waiting for Mia and Rose to meet us there. As I finished my mango smoothie, and Raven finished her strawberry one, Mia and Rose came running towards us. Mia was wearing a pair of blue denim shorts, with black ballet flats, and a red crop top, with a music heart pendant. ( Rose was wearing a grey I heart NY hoodie, blue skinny jeans, black high-top Converse, and mustache studs. (
I looked at Raven's outfit, a Superman top, blue denim shorts, and Black high-top Converse, with a pair of sunglasses and a fedora. She had also put on a trench coat when she and I left Jace's house. (
I linked arms with Raven and Rose, and Mia linked arms with Raven, and we all walked into our favourite store, Forever21.
Raven went over to the dresses, while Mia went to the jeans. Rose and I walked over to the accessories. She picked out an owl pendant, and I found a wolf braclet. Raven walked over to us, carrying a blue dress, and Mia walked over with a pair of black skinny jeans. We walked around the shopping mall for a little more, picking out our clothes for the first day back at school. By the end of the day, we all got back to Jace's place with a few outfits. Mia had bought a black tank top with "I don't have to out run zombies I just have to out run YOU" written on it, and a black shirt with blue writing on it, saying "Come at me bro". She also bought a pair of blue ripped jeans, some more black ballet flats as well as a mustache necklace. Rose bought a black skirt and a pair of black leggings, a pair of black skiny jeans, a nice blue button up blouse and a plain grey t-shirt and some black combat boots. Raven bought a blue one-shoulder top, with "I hate you" written one the front in black text, some black tights, a pair of dark blue denim shorts and some grey stockings. She also bought a ring in the shape of angel wings and some bright red ballet flats. I bought a black shirt, and ripped blue skinny jeans, some black combat boots and a black leather jacket, a Black Veil Brides necklace and extra high top black Converse with pink laces. I also brought a blue flannel shirt, and black skinny jeans.
"Got enough black clothes, girls?" Jace asked, leaning in the doorway of my room, smirking.
"Nope," I joke, popping the 'p'.
'Well, come on. I'm hungry, and it's late. I'm getting some chinese food. I suggest you guys find some food too. It's gonna be an early night tonight."
"Yes, Father." I say, poking my tounge out at Jace, before checking to clock.
Damn. We've been in my room for a few hours, comparing clothes, trying them on and just generally talking.
We all walk downstairs, into the living room, and order some chinese food.
When it get here, we all attack our food hungrily. After we finish eating, Mia takes Rose to Logan's and goes home, but Raven asks if she can stay the night.
We clear away the empty chinese containers, and then mummble goodnights to each other. Raven lays on a mass of blankets on the floor next to my bed, and is soon asleep, I quickly change into my pyjamas, a black tank-top, and a pair of red shorts, and climb into bed. I soon drift off to a dreamless sleep.

(A/N: Hey Minions!! Have to say this, OMFG SO MANY LINKS! .-. Just saying sorry for the filler. :) Love ya! xo)

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