Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


21. Memories

~~ Violet's P. O. V. ~~
"Violet, what's the happiest memory you have?" Jace asked me, playing with my hair. My mind wandered to a picnic my parents, 'Drey and I had about two years ago.
"Audrey and I ran across the field, laughing and kicking the soccer ball between us. Mom and Dad sat at the top of the hill, watching 'Drey and I play, and enjoyed each other's company. After a few more minutes, Mom and Dad called us for the picnic lunch we had brought along. Bread, salads and meat adored the picnic blanket, as we stared at the food. Mom handed us all paper plates, and Dad passed around the plastic cutlery. We all sat around talking and eating for the afternoon. After that, ‘Drey and I played soccer for a bit more. Mom and Dad joined in, too. Mom was on my team, and Dad was on ‘Drey’s. Mom and I won, and Dad and ‘Drey were sore losers, which made it ten times better for us. We went home, and watched a movie. We ordered Chinese take-out, and then played board games for the rest of the night. It was the best day of my life."
Jace smiled at me, and I hugged into his side. "So, what's your happiest memory?" I ask everyone else in the room. Jace, Mia, Ash and Raven all think hard, and Raven finally pipes up.
"When I was four, my real Mom and Dad took me to the beach, before Mom died. We made sandcastles, and I learnt how to swim. We were all talking and laughing. But then, about a week later, Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. After she died, Dad remarried, to Ally, of all people. That's the only happy memory I have." Raven looks down sadly.
Mia, Jace, Ash and I all hugged her.
"Well, my happiest memory was coming home on the first day of school. Remember how we were put into separate classes, Mia, and we were so upset about it, we wouldn't let go of each other's hands? And then when we got back from school that afternoon, we told each other about our day, and then I dragged my blankets into your room, and we shared the bed." Ash speaks up after a few moments of silence.
"Yeah, that was the first day we've been apart. It was horrible." Mia added.
"I remember. When I first met you, you were crying, Ash. Because your sister was put into a different class to you. I was made your buddy, and we've been mates ever since. That's my happiest memory too." Jace piped up.
We all sit around and talk about trivial things, for a while. Soon, it's late at night.
"Well, it's getting late. We'd better go." Ash says, getting up, Mia following suit. We all say goodbye to Ash and Mia.
"Well, I'm gonna go play Minecraft in my room for a bit, then go to bed." Raven said, yawning and getting up.
"Okay, see you tomorrow Raven." Jace and I chorus.
"So, do you wanna watch a movie before we hit the hay?" I ask.
"Sure, but first, I want to talk to you." I give him a suspicious look, but nod anyway.
He takes a deep breath, and clears his throat.
"Violet, I know you're having problems, with Logan, but I want to help you through that. I want to make all of your problems disappear. You are my everything. Will you be mine?" He asks. I let out a shaky breath, and nod. 

"Yes! Oh, Jace. I never thought you'd like me, but you do. I'm just so happy!" I throw my arms around his neck, and nuzzle into his neck.
He kisses my forehead, and we snuggle together, and watch the Toy Story trilogy. Before I go to bed, Jace whispers in my ear, "I have a new favourite memory now. Tonight, with you."

A/N: Just a cute little filler for you. Love ya minions. ♥ xo

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