Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


22. Bands and Sirens

A/N, >:D LONGEST CHAPTER EVER!! Hope ya like it, Minions. ♥

~~ Jace’s P. O. V. ~~

“Ohmygod! JACE!!!” Violet came running into my room. It was 7am. On a Saturday, and I was tired.

“What, Vi. What was so important that you had to disturb my rest for?” Violet just started squealing and tackled me into a hug.

“You’ll never guess!”

“Okay, so tell me.”

“You have to guess, silly!!” She said, poking her tongue out at me. Of course, being the mature, responsible you adult I am, I retaliated, poking my tongue out at her.

“Okay.... You found my pet unicorn, and now you’re freaking out? Because if you are, don’t worry! It’s just a horse with a cone stuck to its’ head. And an inflatable one at that, so chill!” I say.

Violet breaks down in a fit of giggles, and her laughter is contagious, so soon, I’m laughing too. After a few minutes, we calm down.

“Why would you have an inflatable horse with a cone taped to its’ head for?” She asked, before she was overcome with a fresh wave of laughter.

“Why not?” I chuckled, “Now what did you want to tell me?”

“Black Veil Brides, THE Black Veil Brides, are having a concert in New York!!” Violet squealed again.

“OH MY GOD! WHEN?! WE HAVE TO GET TICKETS!!” I scream, excitement overtaking me.

It was then, that Violet’s face fell. “That’s the thing. They’ve almost sold out.” Violet said.

“We’ll find a way, Vi. Now c’mon, I need to get up, and you need to get dressed.” Although, she looks awful cute in her batman pyjamas, if we’re going out to get some tickets, she might need to get changed. This brightened her mood, straight away.

“Okay, now, get up!! We’re getting some tickets to BLACK VEIL BRIDES LIVE IN CONCERT!” She screamed that last bit, fist-pumping the air. We both started laughing again. Violet leaves my room, and I get up. My feet shuffle on the carpet, as I walk to the bathroom. I strip my clothes off, and into the warm cascade of water. I can’t believe we can get Black Veil Brides concert tickets. I can’t wait. After I finish in the shower, mainly because Violet was banging on the door, yelling at me to hurry up, I wrap a towel around me, and open the bathroom door, which Violet was leaning on. She falls into me, and we both fall onto the ground. I look into her sweet, blue eyes, and she looks into mine. I quickly glance at her sweet, pink lips, then back into her eyes. I start to lean forward, and she mirrors me. I graze her lips with mine, and I felt sparks, fireworks, NUCLEAR BOMBS. The butterflies erupted in my stomach, as she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I snaked my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me, deepening the kiss. After a minute or too, we pull away, and Violet’s cheeks redden. I realise I’m lying on the floor, half-naked, with a towel wrapped around my manhood, next to Violet, breathless from kissing her. I feel the blush spread across my face, as I get up, tightening the towel around me, and helped Violet up. There was a comfortable silence, as Violet wrapped her arms around my waist, and I held her in my arms.

“I’d better get dressed,” I mumble into her hair. Violet nods, and we slowly detach from each other. “I’ll be out in a moment.” 

I quickly walked into my room, and grabbed some shorts, pulling them on. I run around my room, trying to find a clean shirt, and finally pull on a Falling In Reverse “Raised by Wolves” muscle shirt.


~~ Violet’s P. O. V. ~~

The kiss left my lips tingling, butterflies in my stomach, and me wanting more. I wait for Jace to emerge from his room, and I make sure to be leaning next to the door this time. Of course, last time wasn’t too bad; I didn’t want to fall over again today. I hear the door open, and Jace stepped out. He looks damn good in black shorts and a blue Falling In Reverse muscle singlet. His sunkissed muscles were toned. I stared for a bit, but he snapped me out of my trance, by saying “You look cute, Vi.”

I could feel the heat spreading across my face. I was wearing blue denim shorts and a Superman shirt. My hair was curled and left out, and I had blue low top Converse on.

“We gonna go get some tickets or what?!” I yell, as Jace walked into the kitchen.

“Hell yeah we are!” He yelled back, fishing through the cupboard for some CoCo pops. He poured himself a bowl of CoCo pops and coated them in milk, I did the same.

“Jace, why are we going out, we could just buy the tickets online?” I ask, realising how stupid we have been.

“Damn it,”Jace said, reaching for his laptop. He logged onto his laptop, and opened internet explorer. He went onto (A/N, made it up, so original. :P) and looked for tickets online. After a while, he closed the laptop, looking upset.

“What’s wrong, Jace?”

“They’ve sold out.” Jace said, hugging me.

“Damn.. Wanna go out today, instead?”

“Sure,” Jace said, his expression brightening immediately. “Where to?”

“The skate park?” I suggest, putting my empty bowl in the sink, Jace following behind.

“Sounds good, just let me go grab my Vans and my board.” He said, smiling. He kissed the top of my head, and ran upstairs to his room. I walked into my room, and grabbed my board,
and saw Jace putting on a pair of black Vans. He grabbed his board,

And we left, our hands intertwined.


~~ Raven’s P. O. V. ~~

Ring... Ring... Ring...

“Hello?” I mumble into the receiver of my phone.

Raven? It’s Jace, I have a favour to ask,” and in the background, I could hear Violet giggling. I heard Violet call Jace’s name, and he said he’d be there in a minute.

“Sure, what is it?” I ask, walking downstairs, into the kitchen.

I know it’s sold out, but can you get some tickets to see Black Veil Brides tomorrow night? I really want to take Violet out, and she’s been looking forward to this concert for months. The tickets only came on sale this morning, and they were sold out about an hour later. Oh, and sorry we left, Vi wanted to go skating, and you weren’t home,” Jace explained in a hushed tone. Probably didn’t want Violet finding out.

“Yeah, sure thing, I’ll go to the venue as soon as I finish my coffee. It’s fine. Sorry, I was at Starbucks with Mia. I still can’t believe that little coffee shop we used to go to on Main Street shut down. I mean, think of all the memories. It is where we met Violet, after all.”

I know, it totally sucks. Well, I’ve gotta go. Bye Raven! Good luck and thanks!” And with that, the phone clicked, and I put it back in my pocket. I gulped down the rest of my mocha and grabbed my car keys.

Driving down the main street, I saw the venue that Black Veil Brides would be performing at for the next week. It was a tall building, made of cream coloured bricks, seeming to reach up to the cloudless, blue sky. The doors were made of what looked like oak and tinted black, standing out against the cream of the bricks. I walked inside, to the lobby. The floor was covered in vibrant red carpet, and had bright red lounges spread around the wide room. The walls were hardwood, and there were paintings and awards spotted around the room. Across from the door I walked in from, was a ticket desk where a boy, about 15 or 16, was manning the desk. This should be a piece of cake, I smirk. Walking up to the desk, I wink at him. He blushes scarlet, and looks down.

“How may I help you, ma’am?” He mumbles, since he was still looking down, trying to hide his blush. His windswept, dirty blonde hair was in his crystal blue eyes, as he looked up. I giggled.

“Can I have two tickets to see Black Veil Brides live in concert tomorrow night?” I ask, in the sweetest voice I have.

“Sorry, ma’am, but the entire Black Veil Brides tour is sold out. Didn’t you know?”

Using my siren voice, and puppy dog eyes I ask, “Can’t you spare two more tickets? Please? You know you want to.”

When his crystal eyes cloud over, he nods, and says, “Of course I can spare two tickets for a pretty lady like you. Here you go, don’t worry about paying,” He said, handing me the two tickets and winking. I wonder where these tickets came from. Oh well. Jace should be happy.

“Thanks, so much. You’re so sweet!” I giggle again, at his stupidity, and lean over to kiss his cheek. As soon as I do that, his eyes go back to normal, but he remembers nothing of the last few minutes. Perfect.

“Bye!” I call, as I walk calmly back out through the black oak door, and to my car.

“Wait!” He calls, as I’m about to enter my car. He hands me a slip of paper with a number on it, and signs ‘Call me’ with his hand. I sweetly smile, and turn back to my car. Once I get into my car and drive off, I roll my eyes. Dude, I’m like, 3 years older than him. Seriously.

I scrunch up the paper, and toss it in the bottom of my black leather handbag. Idiot. After I get back home, I text Jace, telling him I have the concert tickets, and then I go for a skate at the park. As I’m about to leave, Jace and Violet get home.

“You look nice, going somewhere?” Jace asked, being the overprotective, brother-type he is.

“Yeah, just going to the skate park for a bit. Wanna come with?” I ask, looking down at my outfit, a black shirt with neon-blue writing, saying ‘Come at me bro’ on it, and black denim shorts with my black high top Converse.

“No thanks, we’ve already been.” Jace said, and Violet nodded, “Yup,” she said, popping the ‘p’.

“Okay, catch you later.” I say, discreetly putting the concert tickets, face down, on the table next to Jace, nudging him, so he’d notice. He picked up the tickets and stuffed them in his pocket, mouthing‘Thank you’. I smile, and pick up my board,

And walk out the door.

Skating to the park, I notice the boy from the music venue. Unfortunately for me, he sees me too, and recognises me. Shit.

“Hey, babe. I was wondering when I’d see you next!” He said, walking over from his mates and kissing my cheek. Ugh.

“Look, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but get off me.” I say, pushing him away.

“Oh, but you were all over me at the ticket venue. I’m so sorry I didn’t have any tickets for you.” Smirking at this, I walk away.

“Hey, babe, where you going?” He called, running after me, and slinging his arm around my shoulder.

“Who are you calling ‘babe’?” I yell.

“Why, you, of course. It’s obvious you’re into me, and I’m into you. We should get together. We’d be the perfect couple.” He said, winking at me.

“Okay, let me get this straight, you think I’m into you, because I tried to buy Black Veil Brides tickets, and you’re into me, even though we just met this afternoon? Bullcrap! I don’t even know your name!” I yell, causing people to look at me strangely.

A cute guy with straightened black bangs framing his face, finishing just below his earlobe, walked up to us.

“What’s going on? Dylan, you better not be causing any trouble again,” the black haired guy said. So his name’s Dylan.

“Course not, Damon. I’d never make trouble,” Dylan said, smirking. He roughly kissed my lips, and I gasped in surprise. I pushing him off me, and walked away.

“Babe, come back, you know you wanna,” Dylan winked again. Ugh, I’ve known him for what, half an hour? And he’s a total ass.

“Doesn’t sound like she likes you, Dylan. You’d better back off, if you know what’s good for you,” Damon threatened, before walking after me.

“Hey, are you okay? Dylan can be a bit of an ass, but he’s not that bad of a kid. There’s a lot worse around here. You shouldn’t be here by yourself, in this part of the neighbourhood. Let’s get you home.” I was speechless. Lost for words. Lost in his hazel eyes, his steady gaze upon me, worried. I blinked, regaining my cool, and nodded. Damon grabbed his board, and we skated back to Jace’s house.

“You live here? By yourself?” Damon gaped at the house.

“Oh, no. I live with my friends, Violet and Jace. I think Jace is in your Math class.” I say, smiling.

When we were skating back to Jace’s house, we started talking, and Damon goes to our school, and is in our grade. Jace and Violet were talking about Damon, and his sister, Silver, that night, after school, when my parents threw me out. Damon seems like a really nice guy.

“Oh, I know him. We get along pretty well, considering he’s an Angel, and I’m a Vampire.” Yeah, he’s a vamp.

“You should come inside. I’m sure Violet would love to meet you, and Jace and you seem pretty tight,” I joke.

“Sure. Do you mind if Silver comes, I promised her I’d be home soon.”

“The more the merrier,” I say, opening the front door. “Honey, I’m home!” I yell through the house, and Violet looks up at me from her book. She’s sitting on the couch in the living room, reading some book for English.

“What the fuck, Raven?” She asks, giggling.

“I don’t know,” I say, plopping down next to her. “Damon will be here in a minute, he just had to call Silver.” I say, grinning.

“Damon, hey? Is he cute?” Violet giggled again.

I felt myself blush, and nod. “Very.”

This made Violet crack up with laughter, and Jace walked downstairs with a ‘what the fuck’ look on his face. I gave him the ‘I’ll explain it later’ look, when Damon walked out of the kitchen, where he called his sister.

“Is it okay if Silver comes over too?” Damon asked, his hazel eyes pleading.

“Jace? Is it okay?” I gave him the puppy dog eyes, and he chuckled.

“Don’t ask me. He’s your friend.”

“Yes!” I jump up and down, fist-pumping. Everyone started laughing, and Damon went back into the kitchen to call his sister again.

While I was jumping up and down, celebrating, Jace, the sneaky bugger, stole my seat next to Violet, and wrapped his arm around her waist. It was too cute. Damon walked back into the living room with a grin on his face. “Silver will be here soon.”

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