Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


2. Audrey Heathy

Hello. :)
I'm Audrey, but, feel free to call me 'Drey.
My twin sister, Violet, does.
I'm 17 years young and loving life.
Well, there is one set back.
I'm a werewolf.
I've got normal length, aurburn hair. It's kinda wavy.
I have blue-ish green eyes, and pale skin.
My favourite colour is pink.
I tend to wear bright colours, and dresses and skirts. In winter, I'll usually wear my bright coloured skinny jeans, with a plain coloured top, and a football jacket. Summer, I usually wear dresses and skirts a lot. Anything colourful, really.
Wherever I go, I'm wearing Vans. They're just so comfy. Although, occasionally, I'll steal a pair of Violet's Converse.
I'm short. Only about 5"4. Short, I know. :(
I've been told I'm bubbly, outgoing and friendly, but, I don't mean to be. That's just who I am.
I'm not the smartest, but, I'm not an idiot.
I'm Violet's twin. Younger by two minutes.
We lost our parents a few months ago, in a car accident.
Well, I gots to go.
I can't reach a jar, at the back of the cupboard, and I need it to make dinner. :/
Violet to the rescue!!

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