Demonic Love

Violet and Audrey's parents died in a car crash a few months ago. This is their story.


5. Ash Shadows

I'm Shadows. Ash Shadows.
I'm 17 years of age, and I'm a guy
I have brownish-blonde hair, and hazel eyes that change colour.
When I'm angry, they go red.
When I'm in love, they turn blue.
I have pale skin.
A tounge piercing.
And a wolf tattoo on my neck.
I am a vampire.
My favourite colour is green.
I usually wear jeans with a random top, and my converse.
I can control fire. Which is pretty cool.
I have a twin sister, Mia, and am friends with Jace and Raven.
Well, gotta go.
Jace is calling me.
See ya!

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