For Whom It Was Written

Are you prepared for this tale of mystery? This tale of tragedy? And this tale of truth? If not, I suggest you find another book, but if you are prepared for the adventure of this tale then open this book to page one. If you choose, keep your eyes on the page at all times. If you choose, finish this story. This story will take you on an adventure, at least in the hopes I have created. I promise you nothing, but all you have to do is take your chance, and see For Whom It Was Written.


3. Unforgotten.

Age 4:

"Alecia! I need you here!"
I didn't listen to my mom I was still playing.
I got off the swing and ran around trying to stay away from my mom.
"Alecia! Come on, we have friends over time to come in!"
My dad came running outside and wrapped his strong arms around my tiny body.
"I've got you now!" He said laughing. I squealed and laughed along with him. He put me on his shoulders and started bouncing back to the house.
"Honey! Please be carful! She's only four" my mom yelled putting one hand to her heart.
He laughed and brought me down. We were at the door and I tried to get away but my dad was in the way. I giggled an ran past my mom to the stairs. I wasn't looking where I was going and so I bumped into a boy.
"Alecia!" Yelled my mom trying To get me back to the kitchen. I grabbed the boys hand and hid behind him. I screamed when I saw my mom.
"C'mon" I squealed. I pulled the boys hand and ran up stairs bringing him with me. "Into my room!"
He was confused but just laughed at me. I ran in my room and pulled the boy with me than I shut the door and ran behind the boy.
"Mommy and Daddy want me downstairs but I don't wanna go down stairs"
"What's the matter?" The boy asked kneeling down so he was my height.
"I wasn't done pwaying"
He laughed and stood up again.
"Alright, I'll make you a deal, if you go to your mommy and daddy and see what they need ill ask to take you back out side, okay?"
"YES!" I giggled and jumped into his arms. He laughed and carried me down stairs.
"How did you get that girl back down here?"
"I told her if she asked what you needed that I'd take her back outside and play with her"
I wiggled out of the boys arms and walked up to my mom. I waited for her to say something. She stared at me for a few minutes smiling.
"Alright, you don't have to do it, go outside and play, and keep an eye on her"
"I will" the boy said smiling.
The boy took me outside and started running around with me. After a little while it got dark so we had to sit on the deck.
"Tell me a story?" I said yawning.
"A story? A scary story or a happy story?"
I jumped up and smiled.
"A scary story!"
He told me a few story's but then we had to go in.
"Time for bed Alecia" my mom said
I yawned and the boy picked me up. I laid my head in his shoulder and he took me up to my room. He laid me on my bed and set next to me.
"You look like a little Angel when you lay there like that"
I yawned and smiled.
"KADE! We need to be going"
The boy stood up.
"Can you come over tomorrow and pway with me?"
He smiled and kneeled down so his face was by mine.
"Of course"
He kissed my four head.
"Goodnight, little Angel"


Present Time:

Well today's Thursday and since Kade couldn't come over tomorrow, and even though he had dinner here last night, he's coming over for dinner tonight. I decided I wouldn't be here for dinner, so I'm going over to my friends house and sleeping over... That's if my mom lets me.
"Mom," I said as I walked into the kitchen where she was doing the dishes.
"What is it?" She said not caring to look over, she was cleaning the house for Kade, so she didn't have time to look at me.
"Can I go over to Gwen's house and sleep over?" I pleaded.
"Of course not." My hopes were crushed.
"Why not!" I asked
"You know that Kade is coming you two should go out back and tell story's like you used too, play with Julia for a little." Julia is my little sister, the one Kade called Angel. I stomped my feet as I walked to the stairs. Just then the doorbell rang, I sighed and walked to the door and lazily opened it. Kade. Greaaaaatttt.
"Alecia!" Kade said smiling.
"Oh! Kade you're here already!" My mom said surprised. "I wasn't finished cleaning"
"That's fine Mrs. Kirkwood, you don't need to clean on my account" Kade said walking in.
I walked up the stairs. "Wait, Alecia,"
I walked into my room and shut the door and I laid down on my bed my face in my pillow.
I turned over then stood up. I grabbed my drawing book and pencil and walked to my window. On the outside I was able to get onto the roof so I opened the window and sat on the roof with my drawing book and pencil in my hands. The wind blew softly and I started to sketch, little did I know that someone had opened my door and walked in. I had started to draw Kade... Why? I have no idea. I guess with him being here just made me... Think of him. I wish he would just get out of my head! I hate this! I felt warm breath near my neck... I turned around fast and my lips slowly moved across Kade's cheek... Not a kiss! It was accidental! He wasn't suppose to be in here. Didn't I lock the door? I moved back and put my hands to my lips.
"I see you've been drawing me" Kade said with a smile. I moved back a little more and my pencil and book fell out of my hands and down the roof almost falling off. I turned to them and tried to catch them but I was to late. I started going down the roof to get them.
"No! Alecia! You're going to fall come back"
"I'm fine! Leave me alone!" I yelled at him. I slipped a little but quickly regained my balance. I was close to the edge now, I think I can reach it. I reached for it, then I heard Kade getting out the window.
"Go back! I don't need your help! Leave me al-" I was leaning to far... I started to fall off the roof. My breath was gone so I couldn't scream. Kade jumped towards me on the roof and reached for me. He grabbed my arm an pulled me back onto the roof close to his body. I couldn't react so I was just sitting there in Kade's arms trying to catch my breath. Kade was also catching his breath.
"I told you not to try and get it yet you did, I told you you would fall and what happened? I didn't want you to get hurt Alecia" finally I caught my breath and I could move again. I pushed away from Kade and grabbed my book.
"And I told you to leave me alone, yet you didn't"
"If I did you would have fallen!" He yelled at me.
"No because if you would have left me alone my books wouldn't have fallen!" I screamed back at him.
He was about to say something when he stopped.
"I'm sorry." He said dropping his head. I climbed past him and to my window. maybe I should just lock him out, he's tall enough to jump down. As soon as I got back in and turned around Kade was there his face in front of mine.
"Alecia please... Will you ever be able to forgive me?" He asked as he placed a hand on my hand.
"No" I said closing my eyes and about to turn away.
"Alecia, I had my reasons for leaving, good reasons. And one day you'll understand." He said as he put his other hand on my cheek. I pushed his hand away.
"I don't need to understand! I don't care why you left anymore! Just leave me alone!" I screamed as tears started to fill my eyes. "You left and you forgot all about us! I understand that! You didn't think about us for seven years! I get that! What's there to remember?! I- I don't care anymore...."
My tears fell one by one. I closed my eyes and Kade got in the window standing up and wrapping his arms around me.
"No Alecia... I didn't, I didn't forget about you. I wanted to come back every day..." Kade whispered. I didn't reply and I just stood there crying in his arms. "I promise you Alecia you are unforgettable, I thought about you everyday that I was gone... I wore the necklace you made for me when you were little, and I still am"
I looked at his neck and saw the necklace I made for him, it was an old locket that had broken so I took it and fixed it up a little, then I put two pictures of me and Kade in there, one where he was holding me from behind smiling and I was giggling and one where I was on his shoulders laughing with him smiling up at me. He- he still where's it... He really didn't forget about me? I dried my eyes.
"So I guess 'Angel' is-wasn't you're little nick name for me" I said pushing away from him and walking to my bed trying not to look at his face.
"Why would you say that?" Kade asked sitting on my bed and looking at me.
"Because you called Julia that at dinner!" I screamed at him as I turned and looked at him, my eyes started to get glossy. Dang it! I'm so weak! Stop crying Alecia! Stop it!
"No..." He whispered standing up and placing his hands on my shoulders. I took his hands off an laid on my bed putting my arm over my eyes. "I was explaining to her when she asked if you and I used to play together I was answering "yes, Angel and I did play together a lot" but you left before I could finish. I gave out a small laugh but then started to cry with no noise, just the tears and my chin quivering. Kade sat on my bed again then laid next to me. "Do you believe me now, Angel?"
That's when I started to make noises as I cried. I turned to the side and grabbed my pillow and cried into that. Kade then put his arm around me and hugged me. His head was by mine as he tried to calm me down. We stayed like that until Finally when my tears started to stop, I wiped my face with my pillow.
"So why did you leave then?" I asked quietly.
"That's something I can't tell you... At least not yet."
I couldn't answer because someone had knocked on my door.
"Alecia? Could you and Kade take Julia out to the park and play with her for awhile, some of your Fathers fellow works from work are coming over to talk with him, okay?"
I didn't answer, I felt tired from all that crying. Kade stood up and opened the door.
"Sure, well go now." Kade said smiling at my mom. She looked past Kade and saw me on the bed with red eyes, she whispered something to Kade he whispered something back she nodded then left. Kade turned around and looked at me. I snuffled then sat up. I rubbed my eyes and dried them, Kade walked over and knelt down in front of me. He placed his hand on my knee, I stood up making his hand fall and walked past him to the door. I walked out and walked into the bathroom. I washed my face then walked back into my room. I put my shoes on then walked out of my room, waiting out side my door was Kade and Julia, Julia was in Kade's arms. I walked past them an walked down the stairs. My dads friends or whatever they were, were already here so I walked out the door and Kade followed. We decided to walk to the park. I didn't walk next to Kade i was far in front of him. I still haven't forgiven him. Not yet. Finally we made it to the part. Kade put Julia downs and sat on a bench, he patted the bench he sat on, the spot right next to him. I rolled my eyes crossed my arms over my chest and sat down. He looked at me with a smile.
"I still haven't forgiven you" I stated watching Julia as she ran around.
"What do I have to do to get your forgiveness?" He asked as his smile turned into a frown.
"Explain to me why you left."
He didn't answer.
"Alecia! Didn't think I'd see you again..." Who was that? I looked over and saw the boy from before, oh uh... Caleb? Um... Cameron... What was his name... Carlos!
"Oh, hi Carlos" I said waving.
Kade stood up and smiled at Carlos then he stuck out his hand for Carlos to shake.
"Hi, I'm Kade, a former friend of Alecia, how long have you known Alecia for, Carlos?" Kade asked shaking Carlos' hand.
"We'll actually I just met her yesterday, here in the park, she seemed upset" Carlos said as they stopped shaking hands.
"Well it's nice to meet you Carlos. How old are you?" Kade questioned. I stood up and walked away, going to watch Julia closer, I don't care what these two talk about I was done listening to Kade talk.
"I'm 16" Carlos said. From that point on I couldn't hear them.

"Hey Julia, you ready to go home?"
Kade and Carlos have been talking for quite awhile, wonder what they have been talking about. Julia nodded her head and I picked her up. I walked past Kade.
"We're leaving" I stated as I kept walking.
Kade said goodbye to Carlos and ran to catch up with me.
"Wow there Alecia, try and slow down, it's hard keeping up with you." Kade said with a small laugh as he walked next to me.
"Good" I stated with little caring in my voice.
"So do you have any idea what we're having for dinner?" Kade questioned as he put his arm around my shoulder. I moved away from his arm and turned so I was facing him back kept walking.
"No Kade I don't! So stop talking to m-"
I bumped into some making my arms open an Julia to jump out of them. I fell to the ground landing on my hands and knees.
"Watch where you're going little girl!" Screamed a man from behind me.
"Are you okay Alecia?" Asked Kade getting down on the ground to help me up.
"I'm fine" I said getting off my knees. I saw blood on the side walk so I looked at my knees. Both cut. I sighed then went to pick up Julia but Kade picked her up before me.
"I got her" Kade said help me all the way up. We turned and saw the guy standing there.
"Wow, you can't just bump into me and not pay the price" he said. This guy was tall and had big- no huge! Muscles.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to now can we get past?" I asked trying to go around him. He put his arm out and pushed me back making me stumble and almost fall down again but Kade caught me.
"Sorry but we don't have time for a struggle" Kade said giving Julia to me. He turned back to the guy. "You and Julia start going home, this guy won't hurt you"
I shrugged and walked past the guy.
"Oh no you don't!" The guy screamed about to grab my shoulder. Kade grabbed his arm and kicked his leg making him stumble and fall on one knee. "So it's a fight you want?"
I ran on ahead and looked back. The guy and Kade were fighting both hitting each other. They were yelling things that I couldn't hear. Finally I made it home with Julia and walked inside.
"Good your back just in time" my mom said.
"Mom, I need a wet wash cloth"
"What for?" She asked walking out to see me. She saw my knees and grabbed a wash cloth and wet, then she handed it to me. I took it and sat at the table and dabbed my knee getting the blood off. Then I got some bandages and wrapped my knees up. Just when I was done Kade walked through the door and limped all the way to the kitchen, he was half smiling with a long gash up his left leg and a few cuts and bruises on his face.
"Oh my!" My mom gasped and got another wash cloth. She got a bunch of bandages and handed them to me then she took Julia upstairs to put her in his room. I walked over to Kade who was sitting on a chair with his eyes closed and head back. I looked him over for a few seconds then knelt down near his leg. I winced at the pain in my own knees but didnt show how much it hurt. I started to dab at Kade's gash his eyes opened his head moved forward when he noticed I was cleaning his wound. I didn't look up at him I just kept cleaning his wound. When the blood that I could get off was gone I wrapped up his gash carefully.
"Thank you, Alecia" Kade said as I put the stuff back in the box. I looked back at the gash still not looking up at him.
"Yeah whatever"
He took my chin in his hand and looked directly into my eyes.
"I mean it Alecia, Thank you... Not just for this.. For everything" Kade said as his face seemed to get closer. I didn't understand what he meant. I pulled my face out of his hands and threw the wash cloth at his chest.
"Clean your face in the bathroom."
I walked to the stairs and watched as Kade walked to the bathroom. I should have helped with his cuts on his face too... I shook my head and started walking up the stairs.
"Nope, it's dinner time to stay down here" my mom said smiling at me. I rolled my eyes and walked back out to the kitchen. I set the table and Kade came back out to help.

Dinner went by fast and it was time for Kade to leave. He was giving everyone a hug and saying goodbye. I HAD to stay down stairs to give him a hug. I'll see him on Tuesday! I don't need to give him a hug! And after everything he put me through, I sti- my thoughts were interrupted as Kade put his arms around me in a hug and didn't exactly hug back I just stood there. He let go then smiled at me. Then smiled at everyone.
"Well until I see you next time," Kade said smiling and waving at us.
"Goodbye!" Everyone said except for me. I turned and walked to my room. I ran to the window and opened the curtain a little to see him leave. He saw me. He waved and smiled at me. I quickly shut the curtain and walked away from him. Time to go to bed after a loooooonnnnnngggg and stressful day... I said to myself. I changed and after I finished all my things I laid in bed. I remember what happens with me laying here and him hol-hugging me... I tried to forget that an go to bed but it was hard. It was stuck in my head and when I finally did get to sleep... That was my dream.

"My Journey for today has ended but a new path will show it's identity to me tomorrow."
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