For Whom It Was Written

Are you prepared for this tale of mystery? This tale of tragedy? And this tale of truth? If not, I suggest you find another book, but if you are prepared for the adventure of this tale then open this book to page one. If you choose, keep your eyes on the page at all times. If you choose, finish this story. This story will take you on an adventure, at least in the hopes I have created. I promise you nothing, but all you have to do is take your chance, and see For Whom It Was Written.


1. The Beginning Tells It All

Age 5:     
"Come back here!"  "NO!!" "I've got you!"  He tackled me to the ground with his arms around me protectively. He tickled me as we laid on the grassy ground. 
I laughed as he kept tickling me. My stomach hurt from laughing, I couldn't breath. I tried my best to wiggle out of his grip but he was to strong, a 13 year old is stronger then a 5 year old. He kissed my four head then stood up.
"I think we should head in now"

He swooped me up and carried me all the way to the house while I screamed and laughed. He blew on my tummy making a funny noise, I laughed. He ran through the door and up the stairs to my bed room. He placed me on my bed and sat next to me. I jumped up and jumped on top of him.
"Oh no!"
He fell to the bed, I laughed. He grabbed me and pulled me down with him, then he held me out in front of him and moved me around like an airplane. I giggled. Then he put me down on my bed.
"Alright time for you to go to bed."
"Yes, I'll see you tomorrow little Angel"
"You better come!"
"I Will"
He kissed my four head and put me under my covers.
"Goodnight, Angel"


Age 7:

"You promise to stay here with me forever?"
"I promise" 
"Pinkie promise?"
He laughed but intertwined our pinkies then kissed my four head
"Yes little Angel I promise to be here with you forever."
I smiled and hugged him. He will stay here forever and be my protector!


Age 8:

"Angel, I can't stay any longer" 
"But you promised me!"
I coughed
"I know... but I can't stay, I wish I could but something is making me go, I want to stay here with you forever... But..."
"NO! I won't let you go!"
I got up out of my bed, sick, and ran to him across the room.
"You're my protector, remember?" 
"I know.... and I always will be"
"Then you have to stay with me, forever!"
"You need to get back in bed Angel, your sick"
He picked me up and laid me in bed. I coughed again. I felt tears slip out my eyes
"Please don't leave me here like this, Please!"
"Angel... Please listen to me... I have to go... I promise you I will be back... It will be just like this... I promise you... I will be back"
He got up from my bed and opened the door to my room.
"Goodnight Angel, and goodbye..."
I saw a tear slip from his eye... the first I'm I ever saw him cry.
I got up from my bed and ran to the door, I tried to open it but it wouldn't open. I cried by my door that night, and many nights after that.
He was gone.



          I was going to a "Special class" kinda thing, my mom dropped my off and I walked through the double doors while my mom drove away. I walked through the middle section with everyone staring at me. Even our teacher who was a friend of the family. When I was younger he would always be the one to play with me, tell ghost story's or just comfort me, but ever since I turned eight we hardly saw him anymore. I saw an empty seat at the front of the class and sat  down next to a girl who looked to be 16 or so and a boy who looked to be 17.
"Time to start" our teacher said. Everyone was silent as he talked. "Well my name is Kade Connor and I will be your teacher for this special class, I know what your all thinking, 'why does he look so young?' Because I am young, I decided to teach this class and I'm only 23. Are there any questions before we start?" 
He looked across the class room looking at each person, there were only 13 of us in this class, there were 2 girls and 11 boys... If you can't tell I am one of the girls. Everyone looked at Kade waiting to start. I looked up at him and saw that he was looking at me. He had light brown hair and light green eyes. His lips curved up into a smile and he kept scanning the classing for questions. 
"Alight then let's begin" 
Time slipped by as the class went on. Four hours in this one class room isn't fun... Even if it isn't for a boring subject, I had to keep moving in my seat to get comfortable. But half way through Kade made us pick partners. I looked around the room for a partner, but everyone was taken. The girl, who I was going to partner up with had been partnered up with a boy who looked similar to her, they must be siblings. All the guys had partners. 
"So I see we have one with out a partner, alright then, I'll be your partner." He said, all the kids laughed. "What so funny?"
No one answered. It seemed to me that all the kids in this class were older then me. I was the only 15 year old. I wasn't paying attention much so I had no idea what we had to do. I looked around and everyone was walking out of the class room. 
"Are you coming?" Kade asked. I nodded my head and followed everyone out side. "Now everyone look and see what inspires you, what you would like to draw." 

That's right. This class is for artists. I came here wanting to learn how to draw better. But I forgot my drawing pad. 
"Did you forget something?" Kade asked looking at me with a slight smile on his face. I looked down at his hands, he was holding a drawing pad and two pencils. "I guess you'll have to use this. Come over her and choose something to draw." 
I walked over to him and looked around. trees, birds, leaves, just nature filled my vision. I smiled at everything surrounding me. I sat on a log in front of an opening in the forest. Kade came over to me and put a hand on my shoulder. 
"I'll be back I have to check on the rest" he said smiling at me.
I nodded and he walked off. I started drawing the scene before me. After about a half hour I looked at my picture and it was more then half way done. I looked over at Kade who was standing against a tree looking up at the sky, I smiled and flipped the page in the sketch book an I began to draw him. I had a picture of him like that in my mind. I took my time on the picture. All of a sudden I heard foot steps crunching leaves. They were coming towards me. I quickly flipped the page back to my first picture. 
"You're drawing very well" Kade said bending down in front of me. "We're all finished with that so you can finish that later if you'd like. Could you flip to the next page."
I began to get nervous. Oh no... He'll see the picture...
"Something wrong?" He asked
I shook my head. I grabbed the page then began to use my head. I grabbed another page with it. I flipped and the picture of him was hidden. I smiled to myself and looked up him. 
"Now, Everyone with your partners you are going to draw something." He said then he sat down in front of me. "Begin, Now what would you like to draw?"

The hours slipped away. the drawing we did together was just a picture of a leaf floating in a small river. We all then went back to the class room and finished up the last of the class.
"Now that we're finished with day one I hope you are all looking forward to next weeks class" Kade said as he packed up a few of his books that were laid out on his desk. "Now before you leave I'd like you all to leave your drawing books on your desk."
My drawing book? oh no... I opened the sketch book under the table. I got to the picture of him and ripped it out as quietly as possible. I looked up and saw Kade standing there. 
"Are your parents coming to pick you up?" He asked 
I shook my head.
"What's the matter? You haven't said a word all day. Something wrong?" He asked grabbing a chair and sitting in front of me. All the other kids had already left.
I shook my head again. He knows exactly why I wasn't talking.
"It's been a long time since I last saw you. You've grown quite a lot" He said with a smile on his face. 
I looked down at my hands which were holding the picture of him. I slightly nodded my head. 
"Would you like a ride back to your house? It would be nice to see everyone again." Kade said. I quickly grabbed my bag and put the picture inside of a note book. I stood up and turned around. 
"I'm fine" I said quietly as I walked towards the door. I pushed on the door and it opened. It was raining. Great. I walked out towards an opening which led to the road.  
"Wait!" Kade said as he walked out of the room and towards me. "I'm already heading towards your house let me give you a ride, plus it's raining. I can't let you get sick."
I just kept walking. I wasn't going to talk to him anymore, that's what I promised myself seven years ago.
"Alecia," said Kade grabbing my hand, I quickly pulled it out of his grasp and began running towards my house in the rain. Why? 
As I ran I slipped and fell, I cut my knee but I didn't start crying not here not now. My knee was now covered in blood but I didn't stop running. I finally made it to a bus stop. This is what I'll be doing for the whole summer every Tuesday. Get a ride to the class then run to the bus stop for a ride home, no one could come get me, at least for next nine months.
I sat at the bus stop under the small shelter out from all the rain. I pulled out my note book which had the picture of Kade. I look at it and remember the times we had when I was four, five, six, seven, and the worst when I was eight. I felt tears poking at my eyes. I crumpled up the picture and just held it all crunched up like that. I looked up at the sky then I placed my arm over my eyes so no one could see that I was crying.
"Alecia!" I heard his voice. I looked straight and saw Kade. I quickly through the crumpled up paper in my bag along with my note book. Then I went back to having my arm covering my eyes. "Alecia your knee!"
He ran up to me and bent down looking at my knee. He was soaking in the rain. 
"I have to get you to your house. Lets go Alecia." He said calmly and kindly. He held out his hand but I didn't talk it. "Alecia... Please... I can't just sit here and watch you with a bleeding knee like this. Let me take you home."
I still didn't take his hand but I stood up and slowly nodded. I started walking to his car which was in front of the shelter. My knee started to shake and it started to get hard to walk on. I started to limp. Kade noticed this but I didn't let him help me. I opened the door to the passengers side as got in while Kade got in the drivers seat. 
"Stop saying my name like you are my big brother!" I snapped. I can't believe I just said that... I sat there shocked at my myself. Then I looked out the window with tears falling down my cheeks. 

After a few minutes of silence as he drove he said "I'm sorry."
I didn't respond, I should have apologized. 
The rest of the ride was silent. Finally we made it to my house. I opened the door quickly and jumped out, Kade turned the car off and got out. I started walking to my door but stopped because of the pain in my knee. Kade came up to me put one of my arms over his shoulder and his arm around my waist supporting me, even though he's a lot taller. I didn't say anything. We walked into the house and my mom saw my knee. 
"Oh gosh! I'll go grab some bandages!" 
Kade and I kept walking towards the kitchen. Just like when I was younger... 
Kade sat me up on the counter, even though I was 15... He got the bandages from my mom and turned to me. He rolled my pant legs up carefully, until they were above the wound. I winced at the pain when he touched the wound but I didn't cry. 
"Sorry" he said looking at me. He used a wet wash cloth and cleaned my knee then wrapped it up. He finished then looked up at me smiling. "Just like old times, eh?"
He kissed my forehead like he used to, too. I want to go back to those times. No pain, no troubles, just fun times with Kade. But that all ended when he left us. He started to walked towards the kitchen where my parents were sitting. 
"K-Kade..." I said quietly, at first I did want him to hear me but now I wish I hadn't said his name...
"Yes?" He asked turning back to me. He placed his hands by my legs on either side, on the counter where I was sitting. 
"I-I uh..." 
"What is it?" He asked looking into my eyes as he smiled at me "Please tell me, I thought you were done talking to me forever and if that were true I'd be very sad, so please continue talking to me."
"Never mind." I said quietly. I got off the counter and walked up to my room. I wish I had never said his name. From this point on, Kade is no longer Kade, I will no longer talk to him. I jumped on my bed and covered my face with my pillow. I sat up and the pillow fell off. Well this day didn't turn out like I thought it would... I stood up and grabbed my iPod seeing if I had any notifications. Nothing. I fell back on my bed. My bag... I jumped up and ran down the steps, I ran to the kitchen my bag wasn't there... Oh no... Kade's car... I walked towards the kitchen. I can't talk to him again. I turned back and decided to see if his car was unlocked. I walked out the door. I walked over to his car, It was locked and it was still raining. I scream and stomped my foot. 
"Just like old times" I heard Kade say from behind me. "I thought you would remember your bag"
He unlocked the doors. I opened the 
passengers side door and grabbed my bag. Then I turned to run back inside. but I bumped right into Kade.
"Sorry" I said moving around him.
I walked up the steps and opened my front door. 
"I'll see you Friday." He said. I looked over at him confused. "I'm coming over for dinner, and I'll hope that I am welcome, by all your family, that includes you Alecia."
I walked inside and shut the front door hard. Maybe you would Kade... 7 years ago. I walked up to my room and threw my bag on my bed then fell on my bed. This day could not get anymore crazy. I opened my bag and reached in for the crumpled up paper. But it was gone. I jumped up and walked to my window. I looked out and Kade had already left. Great. I jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow. 

After dinner I spent my time on drawing, and writing. I was working on a story. I wasn't quite sure what it was about right now, but I'm working on it, along with drawing the characters for it. I changed into my pajama's and laid in bed typing on the computer all my new idea's for my story, then I started drawing some more people for my characters. but none of my pictures were turning out okay. I gave up and just laid down in my bed. I looked at my clock which read 1:37 I should have been asleep a long time ago... I got under the covers and got comfortable. I closed my eyes and waited to fall asleep finally after thinking of many things I would do the next day I fell into a dreamless sleep. 

"My Journey for today has ended but a new path will show it's identity to me tomorrow."

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