For Whom It Was Written

Are you prepared for this tale of mystery? This tale of tragedy? And this tale of truth? If not, I suggest you find another book, but if you are prepared for the adventure of this tale then open this book to page one. If you choose, keep your eyes on the page at all times. If you choose, finish this story. This story will take you on an adventure, at least in the hopes I have created. I promise you nothing, but all you have to do is take your chance, and see For Whom It Was Written.


2. Stay Away.

Age 5:  


"She walked into the dark hallway and called out 'W-who's there' but there came no answer, she looked around waiting for a reply. She knew that the killer was inside this house." "

What happened next?" I asked.

"She kept walking down the hallway when something grabbed her arm. She turned her head and screamed but it wasn't the killer it was just a loose piece of wood."

He stood up and walked around me.

It was pitch black outside and we were the only two on the porch. 

"She heard something come up behind her... then..." He grabbed me and shook me.



"Kade... Don't scare me like that... Now I'm really scared and can't go to sleep..." He laughed at me and picked me up taking in the house.

"Everyone's asleep so we have to be very quiet, okay Angel?" I nodded. He took me up the steps and into my room.

"Alright now you have to get some rest okay?"

"But I'm to scared to go to sleep! someone will come and kill me..."

"Shhh..." He laughed a little but sat next to me on my bed.

"Alright I'll protect you from all the bad guys but you have to get under the covers and close your eyes, okay?" I nodded.

I jumped under the covers and closed me eyes.

I felt Kade get up off my bed. "


"Shhhhh, I'm right here" He laid down next to me on my bed.

I smiled.

"Goodnight Kade" I said kissing him on the cheek.

He smiled and kissed my four head. "Goodnight Angel"       




 Present Time:    


         I heard foot steps walking around upstairs so I got up to see who it was. I opened my door slowly. I looked out. It was my mom. 

"Hey, what's up? why are you walking around up here so much?" I asked walking out to her.

"Kade called and said he couldn't make it on Friday so he asked if he could come over tomorrow, So I'm cleaning the house so it won't look like a pig-pen" She said picking up a few books that were lying on the ground.

I felt my heart skip a beat when she said he was coming over tomorrow. Why does it have to be so soon? Why does he have to come at all...? I walked back to my door and opened it.

"What time is it?" I asked as I scratched my neck.

"10:30 honestly how can you sleep this late?" 

"I-I was up late... doing stuff..." I said whispering that last part.

I walked back into my room and grabbed a sweatshirt and my bag; which had my drawing book and writing book in it, and ran down the stairs to the kitchen table. I grabbed some cereal and ate fast. I put my bag around my shoulder and walked out the door,

"I'll be back later!" I said as I closed the door behind me.   


I walked down the sidewalk all the way to the park which was a few blocks away. The park wasn't a big park, just a small park that no one every really went too. It isn't really a park, just a water fountain with a beach on the other side of it, a few benches and just a big open field. Nothing special- well not anymore... This used to be our... Spot? I guess you could put it like that. Kade, when he was good friends with everyone in the family an we all went out to picnics or walks or anything, we would come her a few times. Everyone. But while everyone was eating, Kade would sneak me away for the other side of the water fountain to teach me how to draw. Every time we came here, he took me to the side of the big water fountain and we sat there, he watch me sketch the sunsets, the water, everything. He helped me with my drawing. I keep coming here to draw the sunrises or the sunsets or just midday. I don't understand exactly why I keep coming here... I mean yeah to get better but I-I still don't understand why I come here... I should have just left this place in my memories along with all the other fun times we had... But this one always stuck with me. I sat down on the bench in front of the water fountain an looked out at the ocean, I saw all the waves. I looked up at the sky, the light blue cloudy sky. I closed my eyes and smiled. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes again. I took my drawing book out of my bag and began to sketch the scene before my eyes. I did small strokes and long strokes. I looked up from time to time to make sure what I was drawing was in the right place.    After a while of sketching, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked at it. A message from my mom.    From: Mom To: Alecia You've been out for quite a while, everything alright?   I looked at the time 2:30. Wow... Usually I don't stay out this late. I usually would have noticed because I would be getting hungry... But I guess I just wanted to stay away from the house... I put my book back into my bag and replied back to my mom.   From: Alecia To: Mom I'm on my way home.   I put my phone back in my pocket and stood up. "Alecia!" Yelled a voice from the distance. I looked up and saw a figure far away running towards the fountain where I was standing. "Alecia!" I walked behind the fountain so they couldn't see me but poked my head out to see who it was. It was Kade. What is he doing here? "Alecia are you here?" He yelled looking around. I didn't answer him. He sat on the bench that I was sitting on sketching. He held his head in his hands.  "Alecia... Where are you?" He sounded... Worried? My phone vibrated again and I opened the message from my mom.    From: Mom To: Alecia You finally answered! I sent Kade after you! I didn't hear from you for a while so I got worried...    I looked at my inbox to see if she sent other messages before then.   >28 MESSAGES   Oh... I put my phone back in my pocket an walked out to where Kade was sitting. "I'm okay... I was just o-" "Alecia!" Kade yelled jumping up and running over to me.  "I'm fine. I was just out here ske- thinking..." I said taking a step back. "Alecia, your parents have been so worried, we've all been worried" Kade said looking at me with worried eyes. "I told you I'm fine." I said quietly.  "And I'm gl-"  "Stop." I said looking at him with hurtful eyes. I dropped my bag on the bench in anger. "You couldn't careless about me." "That's not tr-" "Stop! I don't want you to do what you did before! Not again!" I yelled. I ran. I didn't know where I was going I just ran. My eyes filled with tears. One by one they slipped out of my eyes.   


Finally I reached a point where I need to turn around and head home. I know where I am so it won't be hard to get home. I walked slowly on the sidewalk.  My bag! I face palmed myself. I walked in the direction back to the fountain. As I walked I checked the time on my phone 3:28. That was a long run... I kept walking and found that I didn't actually run that far... I just kept running in circles. I made it to the fountain and walked over to the bench. My bag was gone... Ugh! Great someone took it. I kicked the bench and sat down putting my head in my hands.  "This is just great..." I said aloud. "What is?" Asked a voice to the right side of me. I jerked my head up and saw a boy about the same age as me. He had brown hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a normal green t-shirt. He was standing by the bench.  "Nothing" I said standing up and starting to walk away.  "Hey! Wait." The boy said walking after me.  "What?" I asked turning my head.  "Do you come here often?" He asked scratching his head.  "Yeah." "I'm Carlos"  "Alecia. I have to go... Uh..." "Okay, sorry for holding you up" he said half smiling. I didn't know what to say. So I just waved and ran back to my house.  


Finally made it to my development. Kade's car was in my driveway. Greattt. I walked up the stairs to the door an opened it. Everyone was sitting in the kitchen talking. I heard little conversations. "She need her time alone I told you that" Kade said to my parents. I walked to the stairs. The first few steps were okay but a little further they got very squeaky. I made an awkward face. "Alecia? Is that you?" Asked my mom getting up from the table and walking out. I ran up the stairs to my room. I shut the door and locked it. I jumped on my bed and hid my face in my pillow. "Alecia?" Someone knocked on my door.  "Go away" I said, my voice muffled by the pillow.  "Alecia, I have your bag"  I walked over to the door. Opened it fast took the bag out of Kade's hands and shut the door in his face. "Hey! Wa- Alecia... I'm sorry" Kade said. I leaned my head against the door. My bag dropped to the ground and my hands tested on the door.  "I really am sorry... I- I guess I should just give you sometime..." He started to walk away.  "Ka-" I stopped myself. I can't do this again. I turned around and slid all the down the door hitting the ground. My eyes filled with tears. I covered my face with my arms and started to cry. He's bringing me back into this again! I don't want to go through that again! It was so painful...   


Time passed as I cried on the floor.  "Dinner" my mom said from down the stairs. Do I really want to go down there and see Kade again? I stood up and opened my door. I walked to the bathroom first. My eyes were a little puffy and red. I splashed water on my face and proceeded down the stairs. My foots steps were quiet. Everyone was in the kitchen talking some laughing... Kade was with everyone. He helped set the table... I got to the end of the stairs and slowly walked to the kitchen. They saw me and stopped. Everything and everyone went completely silent.  "Glad you could join us" my mom said putting the food on the table. Everyone was sitting at there seats. Mom and Dad were on the ends. My three older siblings on one side of the table and my younger sister and Kade on the other. There was a seat open for me to take right. Next. To. Kade. I slowly walked over to the seat and sat down. Not looking at Kade. My hands began to get sweaty. I whipped them off on my jeans.  "Let's say grace" my dad said holding out his hands. We all hold hands when we say grace. I have to hold Kade's hand... I slowly took his hand. He took my hand gladly. We bowed our heads and thanked God for friends, family, food, and finally having Kade back in our lives... We finished the prayer and began to eat. During dinner everyone asked Kade questions. I stayed quiet. Finally my younger sister took her turn to ask Kade a question.  "Kade, did you used to play with Sissy a lot?" She was talking about me... "Yes, Angel-"  As soon as I heard Angel I stood up fast an ran up the stairs to my room. I shut the door and locked it again. So Angel wasn't his special name for me? He calls every little girl Angel? I started to cry again. I decided I wasn't going back down stairs, so, I changed and just sat in my bed waiting for sleep to take my away. I wanted to be out of this awful world. I wanted to be away from Kade... I don't want to hear his name! I don't want to hear his voice. I don't want to- to- see his- face... The tears kept falling and finally my tiredness took over and I fell into a deep sleep.       "My Journey for today has ended but a new path will show it's identity to me tomorrow."  

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