For Whom It Was Written

Are you prepared for this tale of mystery? This tale of tragedy? And this tale of truth? If not, I suggest you find another book, but if you are prepared for the adventure of this tale then open this book to page one. If you choose, keep your eyes on the page at all times. If you choose, finish this story. This story will take you on an adventure, at least in the hopes I have created. I promise you nothing, but all you have to do is take your chance, and see For Whom It Was Written.


4. I Won't Leave You

Age 6:

"Come and get me Kade!"
"Oh I will!"
He laughed as he ran after me. I ran up the slide on the play set and reached for the bar but I missed and ended up falling instead.
Time seemed to slow down. I was falling.
I felt something behind me which I hit and fell on top of.
But I didn't have a hard landing.
I opened my eyes, which I had such because of the fear of hitting the ground,  Kade was there... Beneath me.
He had caught me.
I landed on him.
"Kade?! Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, Angel" He said with a side smile as he sat up and held me in his arms "Are you alright?"
I nodded my head.
I looked away from him and began to cry a little. 
"Angel what's wrong? You said you were alright, Did you get hurt?"
I shook my head. 
I did get hurt but I wasn't going to tell Kade after he tried to save me. I had to pretend that he got to me and saved me with out me getting hurt.
"Why are you crying?"
I tried to stop crying but I couldn't. 
"Angel... Where are you hurt?"
His voice was gentle and I knew that he really wanted to know, even if it mean't he couldn't get to me in time. 
"I'm not hurt!" 
I screamed. I jumped up from his arms and landed on my feet.
"See? I'm O-" 
I fell to the side and felt my leg start to hurt worse than it had ever felt before. 
"Angel! your leg, why couldn't you tell me?"
"I-I'm o-okay..."
"No you're not, let me take you inside"
I moved back and felt my hand hit something sharp. 
I lifted my hand and look at the ground. There was a locket stuck in the ground. 
I dug it out and looked at it.
"Angel... Can I Ple-"
"Look! I found something!" 
He looked at my dirty hands and saw the locket. 
At first he just had a plain face on his face but a few seconds passed as he starred at my smiling face and he smiled back. 
"You really are something, Angel, lets go inside and we can clean off the locket, sound good?" 
I nodded my head fast. I tried to stand up but my leg till hurt. Kade picked me up and carried me in.

He placed me on a chair and took the locket. 
He cleaned it off and brought it back.
"I'll make this into a necklace and you can wear it!" 
He laughed at my comment.
"Will you wear it Kade?"
He looked at my questioning face and smiled.
"Of course."
He kissed my four head and I smiled up at him.


  Present Time:

Day's passed. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. And now Monday come's around. Since it's during the summer I have no school no nothing. But I decided that today since tomorrow I would again see Kade that I was going to do something to get him off my mind. So I set out to take a walk. 
"I'll be back soon" 
I took my bag with my sketch book and pencil in it and headed to the usual spot. I've notice over the years that I've gone there quite a lot. I don't know exactly why but I always find myself walking there. It just clears my head. 
The walk was a usual short and nothing interesting. The normal day. I sat on the bench I always sit on and pulled out my sketch pad. I was just about to start drawing when I heard someone talking. I didn't think they were talking to me so I didn't listen. 
"Hey!" apparently they were talking to me because before I knew it they were in front of me "I'm talking to you!"
"Sorry, what did you say?" I asked looking up at them. I had never seen this person before it was a boy who looked to be a few years older than me. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. 
"I said," He placed his hand on the water fountain behind me "Are you here alone?"
I was confused as what he was asking me but answered with a plain "Yeah"
His smiled which was more a smirk got bigger. I felt a little frightened by him. I have the feeling I should walk away right now. 
"But I'm leaving now." I was about to put my sketch book into my bag when he knocked it out of my hands. "HEY!"
"What? I didn't do anything" He said stepping on my book.
"STOP!" I yelled I got up and pushed him back he stumbled a little. I didn't look up but I could sense that he wasn't happy. 
"What the heck is your problem?!" He grabbed me by my shirt so I was eye level with him. 
"What's my problem? What's your problem?" I pushed him off me again but this time he fought back. He grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground. "What the heck?!" 
I hit my arm on the concrete and my head on the bench. 
"When did I ever do anything to you?!" I stood up to hit him back but remembered it wasn't was I should do. I lifted my fist but quickly put it down. I knelt down to pick up my book again but the guy picked it up before me and opened it. Guess what page he opened it too? Yup. The page of Kade. 
"Who's this? your boyfriend?" His words sounded so annoyed. 
"NO. Give me my book back." 
"Or what?" He asked. 
I put my fist in the air again but I had no time to punch him because he pulled the page out of my book before then, letting my book fall to the ground. 
"What are you doing?" my voice was quiet. 
"What does it look like?" He asked. Once again a smirk appeared on his face. He slowly tore my drawing over and over until it was only tiny little pieces of paper. He tore my drawing... and I don't even know this guy! I tried my best to keep my anger from rising but it was too much when he picked up another one of my drawings and ripped it up as well. He was reaching for another paper when I jerked my hand towards his face. 
My hand made contact with his face and he stumbled back, but he quickly regained his balance. 
"Wrong move girly." He grabbed my shirt and threw his fist at my face. It made contact and I fell hitting the ground with a sound I'm sure my body isn't suppose to make. I screamed out a loud yell of pain. I held my face where he punched me and surely there was blood. He walked over to me and grabbed me by my hair. 
"You made the wrong choice by punching me." 
"And you made the wrong choice by ripping my drawing, now you're going to pay" 
"Oh, what's little miss weak going to do about it?" He asked with that same smirk on his face. 
He lifted his fist to punch me again I saw it come it and closed my eyes. he left go of me just in time for the hit to make me fall back a couple feet. I was preparing myself to hit the ground but before I did someone grabbed me. I landed on who ever it was. When I knew the moving was over I opened my eyes, and who I saw was not exactly who I wanted to see. Kade. His arms were wrapped tightly around my beaten up body and we had hit a tree. 
"Who the heck are you?!" The guy walked over towards Kade and I. 
Kade unwrapped his arms from around me and set me against the tree. He stood up and looked at the guy. 
"I'm her protector. And if you ever lay hand on my Angel again, I swear I will hurt you" His eyes were different than usual. The guy's face turned from his smirk to fear within two seconds. "Now return the sketch book." 
The guy nodded and ran towards the book. Kade turned towards me and during this time I couldn't move. In one of the punches the guy hit me with I either hit something or tripped over my own foot but now I couldn't stand. I didn't really want to be in the position where I had to stay still while Kade came towards me but I had no choice. I couldn't see his face at first but soon I saw his worried eyes come out from under his bangs. 
"Are you alright, Alecia?" I saw his scan my body for any serious injuries. 
"I-" my voice wavered so I cleared it "I'm fine."
"Can you stand?" 
"Of course. Why th-"
"Then stand."
I was silent.
"Stand up if you can." 
I looked up at him, his eyes were no longer showing emotion. I didn't know what to think. Was he worried, did he even care anymore?
I slowly lifted my feet to the ground and helped myself up by holding the tree. I looked at him as he watched me stand on my feet. 
"I told yo-" before I could finished my sentence the pain surged through my entire body and I fell back to the ground. 
"What were you saying about being able to stand?" He slowly knelt back down in front of me with a slight smile on his face.
"Why would it matter you anyway? You don't even care anymore! Just leave me alone! Get out of my life!" I screamed from the top of my lungs.  My eyes were tightly squeezed shut and tears were slipping from my eyes. As soon as the sentence left my lips I felt Kade's are wrap around my hurt body. 
"Do you really believe I don't care about you?" He asked with a hurt sounding voice. 
"Of course you don't care about me! You left us behind! You left me behind! How can you say you're mine protector when you weren't here to protect me for seven years!? Just stop all of your crap and get away from me!" 
"I can't." My eyes opened and my breathing stopped for a split second "I can't get out of your life. It's because I wasn't here for those seven years that I can't leave you again. Alecia... I am so so sorry... I know you can't forgive me. I know that you will always be hurt by me leaving you... But please try to see that I'm here now. I'm here for you now. And from now on I will always be. I won't leave you again. Even if you end up hating me... Even if you already do hate me... I will protect you for ever and always. I will not abandon you again."
I made no reply. There was only silence between us for what seemed like hours. He just stayed there, hugging me. He wouldn't move. I couldn't move. What was I suppose to say? What was I suppose to do? My mind has gone blank, all I could do was sit there and be silent. 

Finally after what seemed like forever he pulled away but not to far, he had his four-head against mine. His eyes were closed but I could tell that he, Kade Conner had shed tears. His voice spoke up. It was full of sadness. 
"Will you ever be able to find space in your heart once again... for me? Will you ever find the strength to forgive me? I know that it will take a long time... But maybe... just maybe.... You could at least... try?" 
I still didn't answer but I think he knew I couldn't answer. He pulled away from me and wiped his face. He walked over to my book and put it inside my back. He then walked back over to me and handed the bag to me. 
"Let's get you back and cleaned up." 
He put me on his back and carried me back to my house.

"I'm sorry" I said just above a whisper. 
"What did you say?" He asked with surprise full in his voice. 
We were in my room, I was sitting on my bed and he was in front me with a wash cloth, bandages, and a first aid kit. He was washing off my blood that stuck to me when I hit the ground, tree and bench. 
"Nothing..." My voice wouldn't get any louder, it was as if the shock made me loose it. He didn't say anything, he just went back to washing my wounds. Silence came between us again until he broke it. 
"I'm Sorry" 
"What?" I asked shock fully recognizable in my voice, although is was still only slightly above a whisper.
"I'm sorry." He said again "For leaving you."
I bowed my head not responding to him. 
"I hope that some time soon you will be able to trust me and depend on me like you used too." 
Still I didn't respond. 
"And lastly... I hope that some time I will be able to tell you my reasoning for why I had to go." 
"I'm sorry..." I cleared my throat this time "I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry Kade!" 
He looked up at me full of surprise but didn't respond, I don't know exactly what I'm sorry for but I'm sorry... I think you've apologized enough... I think sometimes... you are just apologizing for me... I'm sorry...

When he finished bandaging my wounds, I laid on my bed and cried. Kade knew exactly what to do, He laid on my bed next to me and wrapped his arms tightly around me.
"Don't worry Little Angel... I'm here"

"My Journey for today has ended but a new path will show it's identity to me tomorrow."
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