For Whom It Was Written

Are you prepared for this tale of mystery? This tale of tragedy? And this tale of truth? If not, I suggest you find another book, but if you are prepared for the adventure of this tale then open this book to page one. If you choose, keep your eyes on the page at all times. If you choose, finish this story. This story will take you on an adventure, at least in the hopes I have created. I promise you nothing, but all you have to do is take your chance, and see For Whom It Was Written.


5. All Gone

Age 8:

"I heard Alecia was getting sick, is that right?"
"I'm afraid so."
Alecia was asleep in her room as her parents and Kade talked.
"Is she getting any better? Is it a serious sickness"
"No she's not getting any better... it's not very serious so far... but we are afraid that it might get more serious as time goes on"
"What does that mean?"
"I think you know."
There was silence for a short time until Kade finally spoke up.
"I don't know what I should do..."
"For now we should keep quiet, she is sleeping and we mustn't wake her. Let her rest as much as she can"
Kade looked over at Alecia's sleeping figure.
"I-I'm so sorry... Angel."
He knelt down next to Alecia's bed and moved the loose hairs away from her face. 
He placed his four head against hers and put his hands around her small head.
He lifted his head and turned back to Alecia's parents.
"I know what must be do-"
Her voice was quiet and sounded like it was hard to speak.
He sat next to the bed and ran his fingers through her hair trying to make her fall back asleep.
"K-kade... can y-you stay with m-me till I-"
she coughed vigorously into her hands. Kade laid his hand on her shoulder with a sad expression on his face.
"I'm sorry Angel"
"I-it's not your fault..."
She removed her hand from her mouth and showed the blood on her hands. Kade was startled.
"I thought you said it wasn't serious!" 
"Shh, Kade, Please keep your voice down" Alecia's mother came running over to Alecia's side.
"I'm okay, Kade... I'm ookay, really I am" 
She smiled weakly at Kade.
"How can you say that... and smile at the same time?... Alecia...."
Kade's eyes filled with tears. 
Alecia's face changed from a weak smile to confusion. 
"You called me by my name n-not Angel-"
She coughed again reveling more blood. Her mother wiped her daughters hand with a washcloth and then her mouth. 
Kade's facial expression was surprised then became even sadder. 
He bowed his head and took Alecia's hand in his.
"I'm sorry Angel... I'm so so Sorry"
His tears slipped from his eyes as he brought her hand to his four head.
Over and over Kade repeated 
"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry"


Present Time:

  Tuesday Morning.

The morning of the special class now is when I start to regret signing up for that. Even if I don't want to go, I have too. My mom payed for me so I can't waste her money. I got my bag and stuffed my sketch book and pencil inside. I won't forget those ever again. I started on my way down stairs. I heard voices in the kitchen. 
"Mom?" I got no reply so I walked towards the kitchen. She was sitting at the table talking to someone at the other end. "Are we gonna get going?"
"Oh Alecia!" She stood up and put her hands together with a smile on her face "Kade has just offered to take you to these classes every Tuesday! Isn't that great?" 
Kade came around the corner with a smile on his face too. I just stared at them for the longest time. I was in too much shock to answer. 
"Alecia?" Kade was starting to walk towards me. I stepped back and let out the breath I had been holding. 
"No." I said turning away from them "I'd rather walk!"
I opened the front door and walked out. 
"Alecia!" Kade came walking out the door behind me. "Wait!"
I didn't stop and I won't stop. 
"Alecia! Come on! I'm not going to let you walk all the way there, just let me give you a ride" Kade grabbed my arm and tried to stop me but I just yanked my hand out of his grasp.
"Just stop it already!" I yelled at him. "If I don't want a ride from you, you should just leave me alone!" 
Kade stared at me in surprise. He didn't reply. He just stood there staring at me. 
"I'm leaving and you can't do anything about it." He still didn't reply. I started walking down the sidewalk. I didn't hear Kades foots steps behind me so I decided to look. He was gone. I stopped where I was and just stood in surprise. 

He actually left.


As time passed the wind started to pick up. I made my way to the class but it was taking much longer than I expected. At this rate I'll get there late. I might even miss the class... I stopped. I might miss the class. I stayed where I was and smiled a little to myself. 
"GOOD!" I yelled. But no one was around to hear me... Why was I yelling? "I'll miss the class good!" 
Something in my mind... Wouldn't let me completely believe what I was saying. 
"No... Mom payed for it I might as well go... Even if- even if- if it means I have to sit around as 'he' talks..." I kept walking. Making my way to the class. It was about 15 minutes in now. I checked my watched a few times as I continued to walk. 

The small building was now in sight and I checked the time one last time, 25 minutes late. I sighed heavily and kept walking. I was at the door now and my hand was on the handle. Alright I said to myself on the count of three open the door.. I breathed in and let it out one... Again I breathed in than out two... once more Thr-
My thoughts were interrupted with someone opening the door and walking out.
"Oh, I'm sorry, excuse me." it was the other girl. She walked passed me and the rest of the students inside were following. I moved off to the side so everyone could pass me. Once everyone is out I'll slip by and go to my desk. My plans don't always work out... 
All the students were out and I started to walk into the room quickly, who I didn't wait for was who I bumped into... Kade. 
When I bumped into him he grabbed my arms to keep both of us from falling. I looked up and he looked down at me. For some reason it seemed like time froze... Just standing there. Move! I blinked and pushed away from him and walked around him. 
"Alecia!" He grabbed my arm before I could get all the way inside. I didn't say anything, I just kinda... stood there. He didn't say anything either. It was just silent. 
"Are you going to say something?" I asked. He just held me there not loosening his grip. My stomach felt weird and I couldn't think of anything to say, I couldn't look away from him. He stared at me for a short time then let go of my arms.
"Sorry" He walked away from me and over towards the rest of the class. I watched him as he walked away then walked inside of the room. I went over to my desk and put my bag down. Why did he stop me? Why did my stomach feel like that... I started to sway a little. My vision was getting slowly blurry, my knees started to shake. I put my hands out to grab the table. I missed and stumbled as I fell to the ground. I shut my eyes then re opened them. My vision came back and I grabbed a table to help myself up. 
"What was that..." I whispered to myself. I stood still staring at where I had fallen. 

I opened my bag and got my pencil and sketch book out. It seemed like everyone was going outside to sketch again. I walked towards the closed doors. Should I even go out there? Should I even be here if I'm this late? I stood there with my hand close to the handle. What should I do? I couldn't make up my mind. I probably should though... I can't just sit in here the whole day... I forced myself forward and grabbed the handle. Don't turn back. I pushed on the door and it opened. The sun was just above the trees. 

Everyone was sitting with partners once again drawing what ever Kade had told them to draw. Kade saw me, I know he saw me, but he didn't walk over to me. He was walking around looking at all the things people were drawing. I felt something grip my stomach. I put my hand over my stomach as I watched Kade. He didn't look back at me. Not once. I was left without a partner. But I don't want him as a partner anyway... I shook my head and started to walk over to where the girl and her partner were sitting. They both had their own sketch books. 
"Hey," They both looked up at me as I spoke to them "What is it we're suppose to draw" 
They didn't answer me, they just kind of stared at me. I waiting for an answer but it didn't seem like they were going to say anything. I gave up on them and went on to another pair. 
"Do you know what we're suppose to be drawing?" I asked 
Again they didn't answer. 
I went on to more groups. 
No one answered me. They all just stared at me with blank faces. 

I gave up and walked back to doors. I turn one more look back at the group. Everyone drawing and Kade just looking over the shoulders, observing what they were drawing. I shook my head and walked back inside the building. I slammed my sketch book on the desk and a few loose pages flew out. 
"Great..." I knelt on the floor and reached for each page. "Not only do I not want to be here but I don't even feel welcomed"
I felt tears poking at my eyes threatening to fall. I collected all my pages and rested my back against my desk. I brought my hands that held my drawings in them up to my forehead and my knees up to my chest. 
"Please...just stop torturing me..."
And one by one each tear fell. 


After everyone returned to the room we didn't have much else to do. Kade told us a few things that he had drawn, some tricks he picked up, some things he finds useful, ect. I couldn't pay much attention though. I kept feeling the strange thing tugging at my stomach and chest. It wouldn't go away. 

Finally the class ended and everyone was free to go. I took my time packing my things up. I knew I had a long walk home. I knew I wasn't getting a ride...unless it was from Kade. I didn't want that ride. I decided I'd take my time on the walk home. No need to rush. 

Everyone had already walked out of the building the only ones left were Kade and I. I didn't want to stay longer then I had too in this place with him. I put my bag around my arm and headed for the door. 
"Please don't walk out of here yet" His voice wasn't demanding. 
I stayed where I was. Although my mind was telling me to get out of there my body wouldn't let me leave.
Kade gathered his things and started to walk towards me. He stopped as he reached my side. 
"Is this how it's going to be from now on, Alecia?" He sat on a desk top as he looked at me. I kept my eyes forward.
"I don't know what you mean" I answered as I rested my hand on the desk beside me.
"Yes you do" His voice was still calm and steady.
I didn't say anything to him. I crossed my arms and stared at my feet. 
"I'm not exactly sure what I should do" He said with a puff of air escaping his lips. I looked up slightly and saw that he wore a sad smile. "I don't know how else to show you that I'm sorry... I don't know why you won't accept my help" 
I began to chew on my thumb nail, a habit when I get nervous. I could feel the beginning of tears fill my eyes. 
"I don't know how else to say I'm sorry... What do you want me to do?" 
He stood up and put both his hands on my shoulders. I avoided his eyes. Stop torturing me...
"Do you expect me to just tell you how much I missed you and forget the whole seven years you left me alone?" My voice was quiet and I wasn't sure he even heard me at all
"Of course not..." I heard a tremble in his voice. "But please... at least... let me give you a ride home?"


The air blew passed me and I sat on our old swing set in out backyard. I hadn't used this thing ever since Kade left, it brought back too many painful memories. Now all those memories had already returned there was nothing I could do to get rid of them...
Kade decided that after he gave me a ride home that he could stay and talk to my parents. Why does he think it can just go back to normal? I don't understand... After all this time...

"I'm going to get you!"
"Help me Kade!"
"Your savior and protector is here to help you!"

Kade put me on his back and ran around the yard running after my brother who was the villein
"You will never get her!"
Kade thrust his imaginary sword into my brother and he fell to the ground with a fake death
"We did it Angel!"
He put me on the ground and started to dance around in a circle with me
I laughed
and laughed
So much happiness...
so much joy...

Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I felt something clenching my stomach once again. I felt pain throughout my body. I was on the ground uncontrollably crying. What's going on...? I saw the back door open and my family rush out. My arms were around my stomach trying to make the pain go away. Mom. Dad. John... My older brother, the one who would always be there for me...and Kade... 
The tears never stopped. I began to shake. What's wrong with me...? Everyone surrounded me. They were all saying something but I couldn't hear them. I reached my arm out for my Mom. She grabbed my hand and put her other hand on my head. I could feel John's hand's on my hair as well. Both calming me. Dad was wiping my tears, but there was no point because knew ones replaced the ones he dried. Kade was sitting next to my head saying words I couldn't hear. I could see tears in his eyes though. John put one hand on Kade's should saying something to him. Kade's eyes never left mine.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The crying started to slow down. Why was I crying in the first place? What happened to me? One minutes I was sitting on the swing and then I blacked out... I woke up crying and shaking uncontrollably.
I looked around and everyone's faces. Mom was saying something, I'm guessing trying to calm me down, Dad was saying something to my mom. John was still speaking to Kade with his hand still resting on his shoulder. Kade was still looking at me with his sad eyes, I saw a tear fall from his eyes and slowly make contact with my face...

That's all that I remember before I blacked out... Everything was gone. I was in darkness. No more pain. No more feeling. Everyone was gone. I didn't see Mom or Dad's calming faces. I didn't see John's strong protecting face. 

I didn't see Kade's sad face... I didn't see his tears.

It was all gone.

  "my journey for today has ended but a new path will  show it's identity to me tomorrow"
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