Okay Barbie

This might seem like a clechay and it probably is. Raven lives in a house with her aunt after her parents died in a bushfire in their old coastal town. She's been shipped off to now bunk with Aunt Stephanie in her tight villa, who isn't as pleasant as she sounds.


6. Opposite the witch

Aunt Stephanie chewed with gritted teeth, a lamb chop in her cheek. 
"Could you get the gravy out of the fridge?" She spluttered through lime cordial. 
"You can't get up?" 
Aunt Stephanie rolled her neck. "Okay - what's with all this new attitude? I don't tolerate bitches in my house, do you understand? Now you get up and you get me my gravy." 
I was sitting opposite Auntie Stephanie, lightly cutting off cubes of meat. "Why is it in the fridge?" 
Aunt Stephanie huffed. "Why have you got to be so damn difficult? Get up now and get the gravy and I'll make you sit in your room all day tomorrow."
"Alright - alright." I rose from my chair and took a cup of gravy from the refrigerators top shelf. 
"Heat it up." Aunt Stephanie spat lamb juice over the table cloth. I rolled my eyes and stuck the cup in the microwave. 
"Put it on my lamb. ALL of it." 
"Why all of it - why don't I get some?" 
"Oh Gawd, just put it on mine now Raven." 
As I tipped the cup to drizzle the entire gravy over the lamb chop, I had a rush of feelings. The cup slipped further down and gravy spilt all over Aunt Stephanie's church dress. 
"Aaah! Lord Raven!" 
I stood silent, holding the empty cup of gravy in my sweaty little hand. 
"You clumsy orphan! What on earth do you think you're doing? Clean me up!" 
I threw the cup onto the tiles. "Go to hell!" 
I ran up the staircase, tripping on my nightgown. I could hear the thump, thump, thump of Aunt Stephanie's man-feet jogging up the stairs after me. I fell into my room and slammed the sticky door into it's frame, gasping nervously. 
"Ooh!" I shrilled, realising what I had just done. 
"You fool, you get out here right now. Right now I say! Raven, don't ignore me; open this door immediately."  Aunt Stephanie hollered strictly. I shivered to the core, my nightgown slipping off my shoulders. I bit my thumbnail down hard, wishing and hoping Aunt Stephanie would leave. 
"Open up NOW!" 
I fell away from the door and flopped beneath my bed covers crying. "Please Aunt Stephanie, go away! Go away! Go away Aunt Stephanie."
I could feel hard heavy hits coming down onto my back. I cried harder. It felt like Aunt Stephanie was swinging a crowbar out there and bringing it down onto my back like the cane. I squealed and screamed, trying to get away. I wriggled out onto the floor, out of my bed covers. Aunt Stephanie grabbed me by a tuft of hair and dropped the fire poker on the floor. 
"What do you have to say Raven? You spilt hot gravy over your Auntie's favourite church frock and I don't see that as very polite." 
"Ow-w-w-w!" I groaned, holding my hair. My scalp was burning. Aunt Stephanie pulled harder. 
"What are you trying to say Raven? Are you trying to apologise?" 
I punched at her shins and slapped at her feet and felt the fire poker come down onto my again, around the neck. Lights were out and I thought I was dead.......


but it was much worse than that. 

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