Okay Barbie

This might seem like a clechay and it probably is. Raven lives in a house with her aunt after her parents died in a bushfire in their old coastal town. She's been shipped off to now bunk with Aunt Stephanie in her tight villa, who isn't as pleasant as she sounds.


5. Gum

Aunt Stephanie's yell chewed through the thin walls of my bedroom and rocketed into my ears.
"Hmph!" I rolled over tiredly to hear her more clearly. 
"Come down here!" I heard her cry. I looked up at the roman numeral 1800 ticking clock above my bed and noticed in the gloom of my confined bedroom I noticed that it was 7:45am.
"Raven!" Came another splitting scream. I was half frightened by the tone in Aunt Stephanie's voice. I obediantly wandered down the stairs, taking time on each step. The kitchen smelt spicy, if that's the word you used. Aunt Stephanie was standing by the island table with her foot tapping the floor.
"Yes Aunt Stephanie..."
"Do I look like an idiot to you?" She said sharply, her cheeks scarlet red from the shafted primrose sunshine that reflected off her face.
"No - of course not..."
"Do not speak!"
I spine tingled nervously. Aunt Stephanie had this frightening glare.
"I do not appreciate you leaving gum in places that surprise me when I find gooey bits of it..."
"I don't chew gum!"
"Do not speak!" I swayed uneasily.
Aunt Stephanie pulled out the draw holding the cutlery and threw it on the table with a wallop.
Beneath the draw was a long twisted line of wet gum.
"What have you got to say for yourself?"
I wondered if I should speak at all. But with Aunt Stephanie standing there looking at me, I suppose I had to.
"I haven't got any gum with me so I can't have had it."
"Save it!" Aunt Stephanie hissed. "You'll be scraping every bit of it until I don't see it. If I find anymore gum in places I prefer not to find it in, you'll feel stress."
"Yes Aunt Stephanie."

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